Saturday, January 26, 2013

Get your FREE Costa Rica Discount+ Card!! A GREAT deal fo Tourists Visiting Costa Rica looking to Rent a Car, 4x4, Go Fishing or Take Tours!!

Till February 28, 2013 (or they run out)
Costa Rica Travel
Discount+ PREMIUM CARDS (PC)!!!*

Costa Rica Discount+

One more time, is moving on.

This time Costa Rica Discount+ are involved in make the process faster for their clients.

They have developed a new system to process the purchase of their
Costa Rica Travelers Premium
PC Discount+ Cards

Their new automated system permits the customer to buy the card online and print it out right away (you can even be in the middle of your trip and get it!!).

You may be wondering: 
"What's the catch?  How can they give away their Discount+ Cards for FREE?"

The answer is: 

All they want from you is feedback•comments about your trip and how you liked using their new automated system.

When your trip is over and as SOON as you return to your country, just email Costa Rica Discount+ and let them know how your visit to Costa Rica was and how you enjoyed their services.



Only 25 FREE
Costa Rica Travelers

are available till February 28, 2013
(or they run out)


What is Costa Rica Travelers Premium
"PC Discount+ Card?"

It's an EASY way to enjoy great discounts on:

Save 20% Off
(they work with Vamos, Alamo, Budget, Mapache, 4X4, CR Save and more…)
(regular card rate - $30)
(This much discount is VERY RARE in Costa Rica!)


Save 15% Off
Many of the best Activities and Tours you'd come to Costa Rica to see!
Canopy  •  Hanging Bridge  •  Rafting+
(they are working hand-on-hand with many of the biggest and best tours around Costa Rica)
(regular card rate - $30 value)

What are the REGULAR PRICES on these Awesome
Costa Rica Travelers Discount+ Cards?

However you look at it, it's a


Are you planning on coming to Costa Rica SOON and

and doing LOTS of tours and/or renting a car?

Learn how to get your card 
FREE Costa Rica Travelers PC DISCOUNT+ CARD

To receive your Costa Rica Travelers "PC DISCOUNT+ CARD"
MUST mention that
"Vicki" Connected you!!
(fyi - I make $0 from this - just sharin' a GOOD DEAL!!)


Please "Share" this with EVERYONE you know that is coming to Costa Rica soon (do not assume they've given away the free ones away - still ask!)


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