Sunday, January 20, 2013

VIDEOS on Costa Rica - Geared towards Tourists coming to Costa Rica • People Living in Costa Rica • and people Dreaming•Fantasizing about Moving to Costa Rica (or actually ready to Move to Costa Rica!)

Here are some sites with multiple
Costa Rica

Michael Alan and D'Angelo have created
both for the tourists and people living in or considering moving to Costa Rica!

OFFICIAL Visit Costa Rica style Sites

(not ALL of it is FULLY accurate but it gives you the concept)

 this is one of my FAV videos on the more REAL•Rural Costa Rica
by Patrick Pierson

This is the latest "official" video
"Essential Costa Rica 2013"
(I LIKE the visuals on the video!!  I just wish it didn't mention some of the "less than truths" - especially about the environment - as the word is out there in the international travel community that Costa Rica is NOT all it claims to be on LOTS of levels & MANY people are choosing NOT to visit CR or moving away - which HURTS to REAL people of CR!!)

COSTA RICA Official Trailer

Costa Rica Nature Highlights (HD Audio) - Anywhere Costa Rica

The Best of Costa Rica - Beaches, Jungles, Waterfalls, Hot Springs, Lakes and Volcanos
(I LOVE the music on this!!!!)

Paradise Hunter has some really good videoS for Tourist coming to Costa Rica

Linda Costa Rica Suiza CentroAmericana

A BUNCH of videos:
I REALLY hope Hector starts doing more videos because I REALLY LOVE his videos on
La Paz Waterfall Gardens!
Poas Volcano



This is a less fluff/only showing the good side version:

(MORE sites will be added as I find time to add them!)


This experiment was done in other countries and in Costa Rica decided to try to see what happened with passersby in San Jose.Here the result Become our manager!

 Este experimento se había realizado en otros países y decidimos probarlo en Costa Rica para ver qué pasaba con los transeúntes en San José. ¡Aquí el resultado de Sea nuestro director!

PLEASE "Share" this link with EVERYONE you know considering Visiting, Living In, or Moving To Costa Rica!!

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