Thursday, December 12, 2013

JALAPENO'S CENTRAL Tex-Mex • Mexican-ish Restaurant - Alajuela, Costa Rica

Jalepeños Central in Alajuela has their 
11th Anniversary Party coming up
Tuesday - August 12, 2014 - 11:30am-9pm

Check out details on the activities happening at


Jalapeño's Central Tex-Mex Restaurant

(aka Tex-Mex and Tex Mex - the closest thing we have here to Mexican.  See info on what it is at -
prepared and served with LOVE and FUN!!!
This is a VERY POPULAR ExPat•Gringo Hangout!!

It's the perfect place to go if you're wanting some REAL food while you're waiting for your flight - or you've just arrived and are HUNRY as they're
just 10 minute from SJO•San Jose - Juan SantaMaria Airport!!

Vicki's FAV is their CHEESE ENCHILADA (not easy to find in Costa Rica!)

Monday - Saturday - 11:30am-9pm. Sunday - 11:30am - 8pm


Norm Florez
(make sure to give the Guapo•hottie Norm a BIG HUG from Vicki!!)


(map from Jennifer Sheridan's blog A New Life in Costa Rica [link below])

ALAJUELA (Central)
(about 20 minutes North•West of San Jose and
10 minutes North of the SJO Juan SantaMaria - San Jose Airport)

50 meters South•Sur of the Correos•Post Office (near the church•cathedral)
•   From the Pista General Cañas Highway - coming from San Jose - Get off at the main Alajuela Exit (SJO Airport is on your left. Do NOT get off at the Alajuela exit at the Hampton Inn/Casino).
•   At the exit turn Right (Walmart and the new hospital are on your Right and the Mall International is on your Left).
•   Pass the 2nd light at KFC (on your right) and keep going.
•   Pass the 3rd light (Parque Juan SantaMaria on your right and the Children's Park is on your Left).
•   AFTER that light - go up 2 more blocks to the 3rd light AFTER KFC (Banco Nacional is on your Left and the Central Park•Parque Central is on your Right) - at that light go RIGHT.
•   Go 2 blocks and turn LEFT at the end of the Cathedral.
•   Jalapeño's Central is down 1-1/2 blocks on your RIGHT.
•   Parking is on the street which is not easy. There's a parking lot BEFORE you get there - on the left across from the church (Pops is adjacent to the parking lot) and walk up 2 blocks.



Share this with any of your friends having a CRAVING for the closest thing we have in Costa Rica to Mexican - or at least TexMex  •  Or fresh off the plane at SJO Airport and HUNGRY  •  OR  - Have some time before your flight leaves and are checked in and don't want to eat overly priced airport fast food!!!

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