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HELP! I (Vicki - owner of this site) URGENTLY NEEDS an Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adaptor for a 13" MacBook Pro!!!

HELP!!!  I URGENTLY NEED an Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adaptor in GOOD CONDITION for a 13" MacBook Pro laptop (I think it was a late '11/early '12).

APPLE brand ONLY - no fake ones!!

(mine got fried in a power surge during one of the recent Nicaragua earthquakes. 

It looks like

or I could use one like these two:
 (NOTE I have the part of the cord that goes into the wall so theoretically I ONLY REALLY NEED part pictured above)

Does anyone have one for sale for a great/cheap price (or trade for something) or at least one I can borrow until I can get one to me from the states (where they're like $27-$40)??
I'm volunteering to help spread the word for 10 upcoming events (most are within the next 2 weeks) for this/my blog hence the urgency - why I REALLY NEED to be online so perhaps you can lend me one
As a last resort - might you have a PC I could borrow since my main things I need to be doing involved Facebook (to get the word out) and emails?
Is anyone coming back from the U.S. in the next 1-2 weeks and coming back to the Central Valley area that could bring one back for me if I have it shipped to you??

If you can help, CALL ME ASAP at 8-378-6679 since I'll be offline (no juice for the computer)

(I'll be passing through San Jose around noon today/Monday or I can pick it up somewhere within the Central Valley - maybe even further).

ESSENTIAL OIL EXPERT in Costa Rica - Dr. Susan Lawton en Costa Rica. She has 40 years of using Essential Oils for Physical • Emotional Healing & Balance

Dr. Susan Lawton  •
is coming to Costa Rica!

She has 40 years of using Essential Oils for Physical • Emotional Healing & Balance

22- 26 Abril • April 22-26, 2014
*Cupo Limitado / Limited Space

*Con traducción simultánea al español
*In English with simultaneous translation

Martes•Tuesday - April•Abril 22

 "Aceites Esenciales como medicina alternativa"
"Essential Oils as Alternative Medicine"

Martes•Tuesday - April•Abril 22 - 6:30-9:15pm
Dra. Susan Lawton

Para profesionales en Medicina / For Medical Professionals  •

Miercoles•Wednesday - April•Abril 23  - 6-9pm

 "Sólo para Mujeres"
" For Women Only"

April•Abril 24

 "Tomando Control de la Salud de tu Familia"
"Taking Control of your Family's Healthcare"

April•Abril 25
"Viviendo Saludables y Felices para Siempre" 

 "Living Healthy and Happily Ever After"

AromaTouch Technique

April•Abril 26

 "Haga y Tome - Manos a la obra" 
"Make & Take - Hands On"

Viviendo Saludables y Felices para Siempre"  •  "Living Healthy & Happily Ever After"

La Dra. Susan Lawton, reconocida autora del libro "Viviendo Saludables y Felices para Siempre" viene a Costa Rica a compartir toda una vida de experiencia clínica en el uso de los Aceites Esenciales y sugerencias para una salud óptima!
Con Doctorados en Psicología Clínica y Química Celular Basal aparte de su título en Enfermería, la Dra. Susan ha trabajado en unidades de Oncología, Neurología y enfermedades Cardiopulmonares por muchos años y tiene más de 40 años de experiencia con aceites esenciales.

Dr. Susan Lawton, renowned author of "Living Healthy and Happily Ever After" is coming to Costa Rica to share a lifetime of clinical experience in the use of Essential Oils and suggestions for optimal health!
With PhDs in Clinical Psychology and in Basal Chemistry (Cellular) besides her degree in RN, Dr. Susan has worked in Oncology, Cardio Pulmonary and Neurological units for many years and has over 40 years of essential oils experience.

** El AromaTouch Technique se impartirá el Viernes 25 de Abril, 2014.  Haga click aquí para más información.

** The AromaTouch Technique is on Friday April 25th, 2014.  Click here for more info.

Aceites Esenciales como medicina alternativa - Essential Oils as Alternative Medicine

Martes 22 de Abril / Tuesday April 22nd
Colegio de Médicos

*Abierto al público / Open to the public

Sólo para Mujeres • For Women Only

Hormonas durante la recuperación - embarazo - depresión - ansiedad.  Lo que se comparte en este evento se queda en este evento...secretos y respuestas para problemas de intimidad, recuperación de quimo, etc

Hormones thru recovery - pregnancy - depression - anxiety. What is shared in this event stays at this event....secrets and answers to intimacy issues, cancer chemo recovery, etc.

Miércoles 23 de Abril / Wednesday April 23rd


Costa Rica Tennis Club



Tomando Control de la Salud de tu Familia 
Taking Control of your Family's Healthcare

Protocolos, tips, sugerencias para los ronquidos, alergias, infecciones y curación personal.
Protocols, tips, suggestions snoring - thru allergies, infections, MRSA, and personal healing.

Jueves 24 de Abril / Thursday April 24th
9am-12pm/mid dia
Costa Rica Tennis Club


Haga y Tome - Manos a la obra 
Make & Take - Hands ON

Para continuar la buena salud y recuperación de lesiones en la cabeza, tinitus, problemas de audición, pérdida del sentido del gusto y el olfato, ansiedad, recuperación de derrames, fístulas, etc.   Carga de inhaladores, sprays y botellas de mezclas especiales incluídas... 
On EO for continuing good health and recovery from closed head injuries, tinitus, hearing issues, loss of sense of taste & smell, anxiety, MRSA, stroke recovery, fistulas, etc. Loading of Inhalers, spritzers and bottles of special blends are included....

Sábado 26 de Abril / Saturday April 26th
9am-12:30pm/mid dia
Costa Rica Tennis Club

Viviendo Saludables y Felices para Siempre 

Living Healthy & Happily Ever After 

Protocolos para la salud emocional y el balance durante transiciones, fijación de metas, alcanzar el éxito, identificación saludable de virtudes y talentos, etc.

Protocols for emotional health & Balance thru transitions, goal setting, success achieving, healthy identification of  virtues and talents, etc.

Sábado 26 de Abril / Saturday April 26th
Costa Rica Tennis Club

8-845-8369  •  8-814-0697  •


Sunday, April 20, 2014

FOR RENT - GRECIA Mountains - Private Furnished 1-bedroom Casitas on Large Property with AWESOME VIEWS - Costa Rica

Private Full-Furnished 1-bedroom
Casitas • Guest Cottages • Cabinas • little Houses on a
Large Gated Property (1.5+ acres) with 
Mountains of GRECIA!!

The PERFECT situation if you dream one day of living in Costa Rica - Grecia and want to experience it without the commitment!!
Completely TURN-KEY - furnished (except TV) with full kitchen, includes pots and pans, Cooking utensils, etc. Queen Sealy bed (includes all bedding and towels)
WiFi•High speed Internet access • Private Phone Line


Non-Smoking environment

Super climate & Great Home Base for Traveling Around

ULTIMATE Climate (in the 70's pretty much year-round) because of the Higher elevation so it's cooler


Gardens • Birds • Butterflies

Secure Parking, Bus or Taxi service comes right to the driveway. 

NO lease required. 


NEIGHBORHOOD - Cajon de Los Angeles:
"Yoga in Paradise" classes or private sessions and great massage within short walking distance.

Rents starts at $375/month for 3 months or longer in Green/Off Season.
Inquire for High Season rates, shorter term - monthly and weekly rates which vary by seasonal variations dates.

Bilingual English-Spanish speaking owner on site.

+506-8-388-9957  •
(tell her Vicki Connected you!!!!!)



FESTIVAL ORGANICO - VIDA SANA • ORGANIC LIFESTYLE FESTIVAL - May 4, 2014 - Costa Rica Center for Conscious Living - Alajuela

 Costa Rica Center for Conscious Living
Centro de Luz para la Nueva Tierra  y  Red Nacional de Soberania Alimentaria -



A homage to Water  •  Homenaje al Agua

Medicina y Comida Natural  •  Feria Organica  •  Masajes  •  Yoga and Meditacion  •  Talleres y Cursos  •  Odontologia Holistica  •  Comunidad Eco-Movil  •  Tecnologias Sustentables  •  Intercambio de Semillas  •  Area de Juegos Para Ninos

Natural Medicine and Organic Food Fair Massage Yoga and Meditation Training Courses Holistic Dentistry Community Eco-Sustainable Technology Mobile Seed Exchange Playground for Kids

Domingo•Sunday - 4 de Mayo•May, 2014 -
Entrada Libre

Sabado•Saturday - 3 de Mayo•May, 2014 - 8pm
Guadalupe Urbina - 
Homenaje al Agua
Entrada $20.  Nationals 8,000-c 

Costa Rica Center for Conscious Living
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Smoke-Free • Alcohol-Free • Drug-Free

Libre de Humo • Sin alcohol • Sin Drogas

(NOTE:  The intention is to have on-going festivals at the Costa Rica Center for Conscious Living so 
"Like" -
to receive future notices
(and tell them Vicki Connected you)



"Helping your Pets with Fleas • Ticks • Mosquitoes • Skin Challenges • Seasonal Allergies Using Essential Oils" - FREE Webinar with Skye Patterson - "The Dog Oiler" & Dr. Dream

"Helping your Pets with 
 FleasTicks • Mosquitoes • Skin Challenges • Seasonal Allergies

"The Essential Oils Show" 
Skye Patterson - "The Dog Oiler"  •

Monday - April 21, 2014 - 7pm
(Costa Rica•Mountain time)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Where are all the People that are supposed to invade the beaches of Costa Rica during Samana Santa•Easter?

I'm Pet•House Sitting in the Playa Tamarindo area and I went down to the beach area around 10:30am on Saturday - April 19 - the day before Easter - during Samana Santa - one of THE BUSIEST times of the year for the beach areas, and there were hardly anyone on the beach, not many people wandering the streets/shopping in town and not lots of cars on the road!!!!! 

Even in the big bus park area where groups park their bus there were only 9 buses parked and I didn't see hardly any parked on the streets or side streets.

I went to buy a bus ticket to depart on Monday and they added 2 additional buses for Sunday and both had seats available on them still. 

I talked to a few friends in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and all said they definitely had less people.

A friend in Manuel Antonio said beaches and parks are packed, BUT not as busy as before and there was still some accommodations availability.

All have said that this year more than ever, not a lot of people are eating out or taking tours.  Unfortunate for business owners. 

Reports had LOTS more businesses open this week in the Central Valley which in the past was literally a ghost town.

Guess many people in Costa Rica are not wanting to part from their $$ as much now.

But what about the tourists???   Next week traditionally numbers go down.  NOT a good sign!!

How is it where you are??

Bill Aims To Regulate “Dangerous” Dogs in Costa Rica

There’s a great deal of confusion associated with the label “pit bull.” This isn’t surprising because the term doesn’t describe a single breed of dog.
(There’s a great deal of confusion associated with the label “pit bull.”
This isn’t surprising because the term doesn’t describe a single breed of dog)

Have you seen this new bill being proposed:

Bill would required owners of dangerous dogs to have a license.

A bill introduced by Partido Liberacion Nacional (PLN) legislator, Ileana Brenes and currently being discussed in Committee, aims to establish regulations for “potentially dangerous” dogs.

The legislator says the introduced the legislation to ensure their safety of people against dangerous dogs.

The law would require anyone possessing, breeding, training, transporting and handling of potential dangerous dogs, to be licensed and carry third party liability insurance. If the license is not obtained, the dog could be confiscated and kept in a shelter until the owner obtains the license.

Brenes says municipalities would be responsible for issuing licenses and creating municipal centre for the shelter of the animals. To finance the program, municipalities could charge a license fee.

Read the rest of the article at:

SPIRAL CUT HAM - Where to find Spiral Cut Ham in Costa Rica

You don't have to wait till Easter•Samana Santa to get SPIRAL CUT HAM!!  You can often find SPIRAL HAM in Costa Rica at PriceSmart. If you don't see any on display, ask someone in the meat department.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FATCA PROBLEMS? Know any American's that have had problems with FATCA - the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act? Journalist would like to talk to you.

American Citizens Abroad,

Jessica Stone, CCTV journalist, is looking to speak with individuals who have encountered problems due to FATCA - the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

Contact information for Jessica - U.S. #s:
Mobile:  1-202-642-7634
Phone:  1-202-393-1850 x 1542
Newsroom:   1-202-639-4800

CCTV America
Breaking global news with an emphasis on North and South America and a Chinese perspective.

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Has this blog helped you? DONATIONS are REALLY NEEDED RIGHT NOW!!! How YOU can GIVE BACK•HELP! Giving Back • Showing YOUR Appreciation.

Has this blog helped you?  Brought you some ease?  Brought YOU some business? 

I spend a good 15+ hours a day gathering information so I can share it with you.

So far this blog has been a free service to everyone on both ends & slowly I'm working towards accepting ads & monetizing it (as I learn to validate MY worth and receiving).

DONATIONS are REALLY NEEDED right NOW (especially because I'm in Nicaragua for another 2 days before my next Pet•House Sitting gig in Tamarindo and my less than 2 years "new" MacBook Pro is MEGA acting up (it's never been "right") and last night the Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adaptor for this late 2011/early 2012 MacBook Pro burnt out and even my Samsung cell phone went and broke on me - GRRRRRRRRR!!!!  It SOOOO feels like a Mercury Retrograde!!).  Added to some physical things going on (nothing serious) - $$s been going out but not coming in.

Might anyone in Nicaragua or Costa Rica have an extra power cord that looks like this one:

Donations can be made via PayPal (left column here - sent to . Best if you could send it as a gift)
FYI - you do NOT need to have a PayPal account - just go into and you can pay with your credit or debit card.

Otherwise - if you have USAA or a MasterCard (NOT Visa) DEBIT card (NOT credit) you can do a "Cash Advance" by calling 1-800-365-8722 & giving my Member # - 2330944 and depositing a "gift" into my account under Vicki L Skinner.

I'll be off my computer much of the day till I can figure out how I can get it re-charged (anyone have such a powercord I can use).

If you want to reach me you can leave a voicemail for me at 1-941-312-7569.  Skype me at VallartaVicki (though it probably won't show me your message unless we're online at the same time) or my cell #s in Nicaragua are - (505) 8-475-9474-MoviStar or (505) 5-756-4599-Claro   or the # at the hotel I'm at (doing a trade for helping them with their Facebook Page) is 505-2-772-6443 - or THEIR U.S # (probably the BEST way to reach me if you need to for now) - 1-512-487-6850-US

ANY size Donation•GIFT or any other way YOU can show your appreciation • share back is GREATLY appreciate and received (ahhhh this journey of learning to receive!!!).

THANX and I look forward to bringing you more information in the future!!   HUGS and MUCH LOVE!!!

Vicki Skinner

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 People seem to be LEAVING Costa Rica like nothing I've seen before


I've shared a few basic hints at:

(Do you have some hints to add?
  E- them to me at and I'll share!)

in Costa Rica LISTED here on 
Living Life in Costa Rica blog

(aka -  and


Free Listings ONLY has your
For free listings, send it to me CENTERED in this EXACT FORMAT or you will not be listed
City (capitalized). 
Next line - Days of Week, Dates and Times
3rd line - Phone Number (NOT email address or anything more for free listing.  See below for additional options).

Example on how to send it to get listed on our site
Saturday - February 15 - 9am-2pm


Add an Email Address and/or Detailed Directions
+$5 Donation for EACH ONE  -  or $7 Donation for BOTH


(so they can contact you directly and you can send them a canned response, etc. making your life easier as they're not interrupting your day by calling and asking you lots of questions)

+$5 Donation
(this saves you LOTS OF hassle WITH EVERYONE calling you for directions.  The more North American DETAILED directions you can give, the better and even consider giving Bus information)
+$5 Donation


 Add a Link to YOUR Things•Photo or Web Site•Craigs List Page
+$10 Donation (plus above Level #2)
Do you have a link to a photo site, Craig's List link or website with your things for sale?
Includes Level #1 info and #2 - plus your Link


Add a Photo(s)
+$10 for the first photo and $5 for each additional Photo.  10+ photos - $3 each
(plus the amount for the appropriate categories above)
(send ONLY in JPG, Giff or PNG)


Would you like ME to enhance it, make it look prettier or easier to read or clearer?
+$15/hour (1 hour minimum)


All of the categories above (other than the free Level 1 which will NOT get listed if it's not exact) are I will add your information as YOU send it - UN-edited - even if it's not so pretty.


Did promoting your sale on our site work for you?
Did you sell something because of our blog?
Please consider showing your appreciation by making a DONATION
(to help keep this blog/information site and Vicki alive!!
See the Top LEFT Column of the blog on how to PayPal us at


Donate at least $20 towards the blog
(includes if it's towards one of the categories above)
Which will also include at least 15 places where you can promote your sale/things for sale at (most are in English) and if you give me your city/area, I'll add a few more Facebook Groups/Pages close to you IF there are some!


"SHARE" this with EVERYONE you know that is thinking of having a Garage or Moving Sale!


EASTER • SAMANA SANTA - Where to celebrate Easter in Costa Rica

with activities for the little ones.

Sunday - April 20, 2014  -  11am-4pm
(seatings at 11am OR 1pm)

Adults - $29.  Kids - $15

2-203-8225  •  2-203-7493  •  7-017-1893  •  8-383-8528
(when reserving - please give them the number of adults, kids and their ages, your phone number and email address and for what seating time - 11am or 1pm)

Cafe Lago
at Zamora Estates
Santa Ana


Do you know of any other events happening for EASTER?
How about any businesses (ESPECIALLY restaurants) open during Samana Santa Week in the extended Central Valley (which becomes a ghost town with LOTS of people going to the beach) (fyi - I find a safe fallback if you can't find an open restaurant - CHINESE Restaurants!!)
Email me DETAILS (like the answers above) to:


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

FIFA World Cup Draw Schedule 2014 in Brazi - June 12-July 13, 2014


ANTIQUES • ANTIQUE SHOPS • ANTIQUEDADES • Tenda de Antigüedades in Costa Rica

Antiques are NOT easy to find in Costa Rica.  Tico's often just pass things on to other family members and most ExPats that come here with antiques - take them back with them when they return. 

How•Where can I find a JOB•EMPLOYEMENT in Costa Rica? POSITIONS•JOBS AVAILABLE around Costa Rica

Looking for a job•work while you are living in Costa Rica?
First thing to note is CAN YOU work LEGALLY in Costa Rica (see the first paragraph below).
If not, you might want to seek a job online where you "TeleCommute" or work "Remotely" (next section down).

After that, I am sharing various jobs•positions I hear are available around Costa Rica.

If this helps you in any way, please consider making a DONATION to this blog to keep this information coming as any job listed does so for FREE.  Help keep this blog going (and me inspired to keep seeking this type of information for you)

Just sharing information here and am not responsible for the content or anything.
It IS ILLEGAL to work in Costa Rica UNLESS you have Permanent Residency or Citizenship or have a Working Visa which is NOT easy to obtain unless you're doing something unique and not taking a job away from a Tico.  Note that the fine for employers hiring "illegals" is has increased this past year.  Article 177 of the legislation says that that fine is between 2-12 wage base salaries of a category 1 clerk - between 443,896-colones/$887.80 and 2,663,376-c/$5,326.75 (just stating this to cover MY tush)

With that said, you might want to see a job where you work "Remotely" • ONLINE • TELECOMMUTE!


Most of these either you pay to join. Some the employer pays.  I know NOTHING about these - just sharin' information.
(MOST people I know seeking remote•online jobs use FlexJobs.  IF I was seeking, THIS is where I'd invest my  $14.95/month. $29.95/3 months.  $49.95/year [NOTE you can often get a discount on the membership by googling - FlexJobs Membership Discount)
Craig's List Costa Rica -

Here's an article on the 100 top corporations in the U.S. that hire people to work remotely:



Craig's List Costa Rica -



American multinational computer technology corporation with an office in Costa Rica (Lindora•Pozos de Santa Ana).

They are seeking ALREADY LEGAL to work in Costa Rica people that have GOOD English Skills for numerous Customer Support positions (please do NOT respond if you do not ALREADY have documents proving you can work in Costa Rica). 

You MUST have AT LEAST a 90+% English proficiency level for jobs on the phone in their Call Center, internet chat, AND email.

It's CRUCIAL that you have a good positive personality and understand and give GOOD Customer Service!!!

You MUST be able to be FLEXIBLE with your schedule since they operate 24/7 (it may including working ON holidays, graveyard shift, nights, mornings and/or weekends)

You must ALSO have GOOD Computer skills

Do you speak Portuguese fluently?  That is a PLUS!!

They are one of the better companies to work for in Costa Rica as not only do they pay the right person WELL


email me DETAILS

It's FREE to list but if you find someone from this blog, please consider making a "GIFT•DONATION" to it!!



Monday, April 7, 2014

U.S. CITIZENS - an IMPORTANT TAX•IRS REMINDER!!! (& a CONTACT for a REASONABLY PRICED Tax Preparer for U.S. Citizens Living in Costa Rica)

(NOT an official statement from the IRS)

Remember that if you owe taxes to the IRS you have until June 15th to file a return but you must pay any taxes owed at that time to avoid incurring interest or penalty.  This is usually done by filing the extension, Form 2350, and paying what you or your tax preparer estimates to be your tax liability at that time.

If you owe no taxes, as a resident of a foreign country you have until June 15th to file the return without an extension.  

Keep in mind that being a resident of a foreign country means you must be physically live outside the U.S. for at least 330 days within the last 12 consecutive months.  This qualifies you for the automatic filing extension to June 15th or the $97,600 Foreign Income Tax Exclusion on earned income,

It may also be necessary to file the FATCA Form 8938, reporting on the value of foreign bank and investment assets owned over certain levels (generally $100,000 to $200,000).  This form must be filed with your tax return.  

Remember, also, if at any time during the year your aggregate foreign bank accounts totaled $10,000 or more (accumulative - not at one time like I used to think [note from Vicki]), you
HAVE to file the FBAR, FinCEN Form 114, by June 30th, 2014.


Tax Preparation-20 years experience
Reasonable Rates

Marlene B. Summers

2-289-6590  •  8-750-2316
(make sure to tell her Vicki Connected you!!)


Enjoy the COOLER Northern Mountains of NICARAGUA!! MATAGALPA - a NATURE • WATERFALL • COFFEE LOVERS HEAVEN!!! Matagalpa has THE MOST Waterfalls in Nicaragua & is home to Nicaragua's Coffee Trail! SUPER SPECIAL at Hotel•Hostal Ulap Yasica!! Escape the Samana Santa heat & Craziness (& jacked up 2-3 times the norm priced accommodations!!) in Matagalpa at Hotel•Hostal Ulap Yasica!!!

Rented out your home for Samana Santa  - or - just want to escape the holiday craziness  -  or the heat?  Want to save LOTS of money and not pay the jacked up holiday hotel prices?

The Matagalpa region is home to THE MOST Waterfalls, Nicaragua's Coffee Trail and the BEST HIKING Nicaragua has to offer!

Does a Cooler Mountain environment and/or communing with nature sound like something you could use!?!?!?


April is the peak of the HOT HOT SEASON in Central America!!  Wouldn't you like to take a break and enjoy a COOLER vacation (at least 10 degrees cooler - and more at night)??

Because Matagalpa is in the mountains, temperatures often run around 10ºF+•5ºC+ cooler than the hotter lowlands! 

Averages in April

Matagalpa:               Daytime - 25º-30º-C (77º-86º-F).        Nighttime - 20º-24º-C (68º-75.2º-F)

Managua:                 Daytime - 33-37º-C (91.4º-98.6º-F).   Nighttime - 27-32º-C (80.6º-89º-F)

Granada:                  Daytime - 30-37º-C (86º-98.6º-F).      Nighttime - 27-30º-C (80.6º-86º-F)

San Juan del Sur:    Daytime - 30-33º-C (86º-91.4º-F).      Nighttime - 26-30º-C (78.8º-86º-F)



MATAGALPA is in the North•Eastern Mountains of NICARAGUA - just 2 hours by bus or car from Managua!
Do you love NATURE??  You're surrounded by nature in this region!! 

Home to the most WATERFALLS in Nicaragua!! 

Great HIKING from easy to extreme!!

Are you a COFFEE LOVER??
Matagalpa is the Coffee Capital of Nicaragua and home of the "COFFEE TRAIL" and Matagalpa has many COFFEE SHOPS where barista's will make you a delicious (and beautifully presented) cup of jo!

Hotel•Hostal Ulap Yasica can connect you with a wonderful guide to see the more rural (non-touristy) side of things to do in our area:

•  Apante NATURE RESERVE where you can do anything from an easy walk through it, an Extreme Hike, even a Hike during the Full Moon.

•  There's even have an overnight CAMPING HIKE where you sleep in tents BEHIND a Waterfall as the water cascades in front of you! (just 15 minutes from us)

•  Hike up to Calvario Mountain for the incredible panoramic views.

•  See where the BLACK POTTERY you find being sold all over is made.

•  Learn about the Coffee Growing•Making process in a tour and you can even include it with a hike up to a Waterfall!

•  HORSEBACK RIDING that takes you through very rural indigenous areas.

•  Visit SELVA NEGRA - one of Nicaragua’s first and premier Eco-Tourist locations!

Explore some of the special sites of our area - from a Coffee Tour

•  P-A-R-T-Y!!!  Memo can even show you the Matagalpa Nightlife•Hot Spots!

and MORE!!

your Home-Away-From-Home
while enjoying the nature of Nicaragua’s North/Central mountain region - so
MUCH COOLER than most parts of Nicaragua!

We are an Eco-friendly and PET-FRIENDLY Hotel•Hostel•Hostal & we offer Restaurant Service • Hot Water (not the typical “Suicide Showers”) • Free Organic Coffee throughout the day (our own label locally grown) • Free WiFi in your room and the Common Spaces • Private Parking • Tourist Info • Laundry Service & More!
SAMANA SANTAEscape the Samana Santa heat & Craziness (and double-triple jacked up priced accommodations!!) to Hotel•Hostal Ulap Yasica in Matagalpa!!!

Hotel•Hostal Ulap Yasica is a NEW ('13) ECO-CONSCIOUS RETREAT that's surrounded by NATURE just on the outskirts of Matagalpa city!  Their intention is to work WITH the environment and recycle as best they can!!  Their Guest Quarters are in an old warehouse and rooms are lined in pine.

We are a Family-Owned and Run business conceived to have a low impact on the environment using local resources and recycled materials.

They have many seating areas for you to just chill and an

HOT SHOWERS [NON-Suicide Showers] and more!)  •  WiFi in rooms  •  Fan  •  FREE cups of our own locally grown Coffee  •  Restaurant (you can even have breakfast in the afternoon if you desire!)  •  FREE phone calls to the U.S. and Canada  •  a U.S. phone number for your friends to call you on  •  Custom Beds are tall enough to put your luggage under  •  Assistance with Trip Planning  •   and MORE!!

They have many seating areas for you to just chill and an
ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDEN and many Fruit Trees!  

We're in a REALLY CONVENIENT LOCATION for those here to explore all that the Matagalpa region has to offer - or just chill (literally at night often), grab a book or your computer, a hammock, a cup of coffee or fruit drink (available for free all day) and enjoy our little piece of mountain paradise!


Hotel•Hostel•Hostal Ulap Yasica is located just 8 minutes outside of Matagalpa.  Some people think they need to be "IN" town - BUT - they're literally along the main road•carretera (East towards San Ramon & La Dalia) that takes you to many of the sites you've come to see starting with the pride of our region:

One of the easiest waterfalls to walk to PLUS our tour guide even offers a tour where you can CAMP OVERNIGHT in an open cave with the waterfall cascading in front of you!!  And they're just 15 minutes from Hotel•Hostal Ulap Yasica!
Makers of Nicaragua's premier CHOCOLATE
gives a tour and tasting and is just 3 blocks from Hotel•Hostal Ulap Yasica!The community of LA PITA
30 minutes

The community of EL TRENTINO
30 minutes


is a WATER PARK that's fun for the whole family
40-50 minutes

The community of EL CHILE
40-50 minutes

45 minutes to 1 hour

1.45-2 hours


With all these options - you'll NEED at LEAST a 4-7 night stay at Hotel•Hostel•Hostal Ulap Yasica (I stayed a MONTH!!)!!! 

They're a GREAT start to your Nicaragua vacation where you can knock off a large part of your Nicaragua Bucket List while enjoying the cooler weather - AND/OR - at the end of your trip where you can enjoy those things and take a few days in the end to WIND DOWN and chill - before going back to the craziness of home and being away on vacation and all the work that has piled up!!  You'll actually be rested and won't need a vacation from your vacation!


Double•Full•Matrimonial and Twin Bed  •  Private Bathroom with a REAL HOT Water Shower (NOT a "Suicide Shower" like you see all over Latin America!)

2 sets of Twin Bunk Beds in each room  • 
WiFi in Room
Shared Bathroom with 3 Sinks • 3 Toilets and 3 Showers (1 with HOT Water)  Sheets•Pillow•Blanket INCLUDED


Pay for 4 nights + get 1 extra night FREE

Pay for 5 nights + get 2 extra nights FREE!

SPECIAL CONDITIONS:  Private Rooms - up to 2 people.  Additional people +$10/night.  Dorm Rooms - price is per person.  This special is ONLY when booking directly with us and mentioned at the time of booking.

Private rooms - $25/1 • $30/2

Dorm Rooms (4 beds) - $10/per person
(taxes included)


Your pet is is even Welcome (with you at all times)!! 

(NO deposit AND it saves you on Pet Sitters)


We look forward to welcoming you soon at


CONTACT us today to book your room:

2-772-6443-Hostal Landline  •  8-285-2837-cell-MS  •  5-763-1613-cell-CL

US#:  1-512-487-6850

Skype: UlapYasica