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Bienestar Físico, Mental, Espiritual y Aromaterapia - Septiembre 6 - Escazu

Saturday, Septiembre 6, 2014 -  9:30am - 4:30pm

Cocina Ecléctica - Escazú
Tendrás la oportunidad de adquirir nuevos conocimientos para alcanzar la salud y el bienestar tan deseados, de saborear un innovador estilo de cocina y de experimentar con los aceites esenciales de doTerra.

Temas: Bienestar físico, mental, espiritual y aromaterapia
Lugar: Cocina Ecléctica / Escazú
Día: sábado 06 de setiembre
Horario: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

09:30 a 10:00 am - Inscripción y cafecito
10:00 a 10:30 am - Introducción a la aromaterapia y a los aceites
10:30 a 12:00 am Creando un botiquín con aceites esenciales
12:00 a 01:00 pm Almuerzo condimentado con aceites esenciales
01:00 a 02:00 pm Salud del cuerpo físico - regeneración celular
02:00 a 03:15 pm Salud del cuerpo emocional
03:15 a 03:30 pm Cafecito
03:30 a 04.30 pm Comentarios, preguntas y respuestas

Antes de 28 de Agosto :C12,000
Hasta Setiembre 3 : C15,000
* Monto incluye almuerzo gourmet, materiales y certificado de asistencia
* Debido a la naturaleza del evento no se acepta pago en puerta,
Sin excepciones.
*Habrá un regalo para tod@s l@s asistentes !!!

Banco : CITI BANK – San José, Costa Rica
Número de cuenta 117-11313214292473
Ced. 3-101-341093
Enviar copia de depósito con tu nombre al correo

Cualquier duda o información adicional, por favor escribirnos
a través del correo que se sindica arriba. Gracias !!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

What are your FAVORITE CHEAP LIVING Tips for Escazu??

(YES - THIS IS Escazu - up in the mountains of San Antonio de Escazu to be exact!! 
See - Escazu is NOT just a Concrete Gringo-ized Jungle!!)

What are YOUR - CHEAP LIVING TIPS - for Escazu??

People are constantly complaining about how expensive it is to live in (or even come to eat) Escazu but I've lived here for the most part of 8 years & I tell you, based on MY experience it does NOT have to be expensive - IF you know what you're doing & where to go!!

I'm working on an article for my blog - - highlighting some of those things - like MY FAV cheap places to eat:
•   Esquina Argentina  -  Casado's (around 3,300 WITH a drink & REALLY tasty salad & most of the meat is cooked on the b'bque!)  - 
•   Casseroles Gourmet Buffet  -  Just 3,900-c (WITH a drink & YOU get to fill your ONE plate YOURSELF!!  NOT your standard Tico fare)  -
•   Mi Cafe Arena  -  I feel they’re a more Gourmet “Soda” with some VERY TASTY & a bit healthier dishes (they’re next to Arena Trek)!!  Casado’s range from 3,500-4,000-c (on average) for a medium size & 4,000-4,400-c for a large (both with fresco natural) -
•   La Casona del Laly  -  their Fish Casado (I love my grilled with LOTS & LOTS of garlic•ajo!!) -
•  Muro Ji’s All-You-Can-Eat-SUSHI Tuesdays from 5-9pm for 15,000/$28 all taxes included!!!

•  Many grocery stores•markets have SALES on Wednesdays.

•  AgroEscazu - where I just saved the gal where I'm Pet Sitting 20,000-c & got 2 different bags of expensive dog food for less than 1 bag at PetsMarket!!

Anyone know of any other restaurant discounts to share here? 
Ejecutivo Lunch specials?  Breakfast Deals?  Happy Hours?  Special food nights?  (even if it’s not cheap cheap - if there’s a discount this is good!!)

Cheap stores?  (I got one of those little kits of multi-colored eye shadows for 1,000-c at that Chinese store at the North/West corner across from the park in Central.  In AutoMercado they wanted 5,000-c++ for something similar)

Cheap or Discounts on any services?   Dentists?  Doctors?  Hair stylists?  Places for Pedicures? 

On-Going Sales??

FREE things to do & see?

Cheap Places to live??

Ways to live in Escazu without wasting lots of $$$!!


You can either share in "Comments" below - or email them to me (even better with DETAILS DETAILS & a picture!!)


Friday, August 15, 2014

SECURITY•SAFETY MESSAGE for U.S. Citizens•ExPats Living in or Visting Costa Rica: (being updated regularly)

Seal with white background
The U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, informs U.S. citizens of a scheduled protest that will take place today, 


Wednesday, August 13, 2014 approximately 4pm


A pro-Cuban organization will march from 


in front of the U.S. Embassy

The majority of protests in Costa Rica are non-violent in nature.  However, even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence.  You should avoid areas of demonstrations, and exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations.

We strongly recommend that U.S. citizens traveling to or residing in Costa Rica enroll in the Department of State’s

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) at

STEP enrollment gives you the latest security updates, and makes it easier for the U.S. embassy or nearest U.S. consulate to contact you in an emergency. 

If you don’t have Internet access, enroll directly with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Regularly monitor the State Department's website, where you can find current Travel Warnings, Travel Alerts, and the Worldwide Caution.  Read the Country Specific Information for Costa Rica. 

For additional information, refer to

on the State Department’s website.

Contact the U.S. embassy or consulate for up-to-date information on travel restrictions. 

You can also call 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the United States and Canada or 1-202-501-4444 from other countries.

These numbers are available from 8am-5pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays). 


Follow them on: 
Embajada de Estados Unidos en Costa Rica


 TWITTER  •  @USEmbassySJO

download our free Smart Traveler iPhone App to have travel information at your fingertips.

The U.S. Embassy•Consulate in San Jose is located at
Avenida 0-Central and Calle 120

Pavas-Rohrmoser, Costa Rica.

If you are a U.S. citizen in Costa Rica that require URGENT ASSISTANCE, the

(506) 2-519-2000

Costa Rican FLAG MATERIAL - JUST 1,000-c/meters - Where to find material to make a Costa Rica FLAG

Recently I was at my FAVORITE 
Fabric Store • Tienda de Telas in Costa Rica
in San Jose, Costa Rica

and I saw rolls and rolls of fabric to make your own
Costa Rica FLAGS
out of (or table clothes - or whatever!!)
And, are you ready for this . . . the prices was JUST . . .
1,000-colones a METER!!!!!!!!!

Costa Rica's Independence Day is September 15!!
Run out NOW before they run out and/or this great price goes away!!

For details on Orotex go to:
(if you stop in - tell the crew that Vicki sends HUGS!!! 
[2nd from left is Memo blowing me a kiss!!])



Thursday, August 14, 2014

MOTHER'S DAY • DIA DE MADRE en Costa Rica - 15 de Agosto - Where to Celebrate Costa Rican Mother's Day - August 15, 2014

2014 - Friday - AUGUST 15
(it's ALWAYS celebrated ON August 15.  FYI - Costa Rica and Antwerp, Belgium are the only countries celebrating it this day. [for a list of when other countries celebrate Mother's Day go to:

in Costa Rica is one of THE BIGGEST "Holidays" in Costa Rica!!!  
It's literally a national holiday where everyone gets the day off (or gets Double Pay), which means banks, government agencies, etc. will be closed 
(and since it should have been a payday, most people will have gotten paid the day before on the 14th so lines will probably be long at the banks on the 14th)!! 
NOTE:  Since this is a legal holiday - the Driving Restrictions are NOT in enforcement on Friday.


In Costa Rica, it seems the typical way to celebrate Dia de Madre are to:
•  Go out to eat (so reservations are best)
•  Eat at home (yes - believe it or not some mom's STILL have to cook their own Mother's Day meals!!)
•  Go to the cemeteries to visit mom's that have crossed over.
•  If it falls close to a weekend - LOTS of people will take advantage and go to the beach or the mountains.

Do you know anyone else doing something for Mother's Day anywhere around CR??

SAFETY•SECURITY MESSAGE from the U.S. Embassy for U.S. Citizens Living in Costa Rica: August 13 - Pro-Cuba Protest

Seal with blue background

See the latest
Security Message Security Message for U.S. Citizens in Costa Rica

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NAIL POLISH REMOVER - What do you call NAIL POLISH REMOVER in Costa Rica & Where do you find it?

What do you call NAIL POLISH REMOVER in Costa RicaQuita Esmalte
(which loosely translates to "Quit the Nail Polish"
THANX Diane C for that tidbit!)

Pretty much wherever you find Nail Polish you SHOULD be able to find Nail Polish remover.
With that said, I've seen it at Farmacias•Pharmacies, larger grocery stores with cosmetics and
Beauty Supply stores. 

The largest Beauty Supply chain I've found in Costa Rica is
Super Salon  •

Things for Sale - Large Capacity Refrigerator, Whirlpool Washer & Dryer • Wicker Love Seat • Purple Headboard • Hypo-Allergenic Mattress • Wood Diningroom Table - all fairly new in excellent condition

Whirlpool 17 kilo Washer & Whirlpool 6th sense Dryer
in Excellent condition

LG Large Capacity Refrigerator
(paid $3,000 in the states).

Chilean Pine Bed with Write Iron on headboard with a BRAND NEW hypo-allergenic mattress from La Artistica
Frame Only - $200
Frame & Mattress = $500

Imported Natural English Wicker Love Seat

La Artistica Little Girls Bed with Purple Headboard & Mattress

La Artistica Glass-Top Dining Room Table with 6 leather chairs


If you're interested email me at
and I'll Connect you!!

SAFETY•SECURITY MESSAGE from the U.S. Embassy for U.S. Citizens Living in Costa Rica: Protest - August 13, 2014

Seal with blue background

See the latest
Security Message Security Message for U.S. Citizens in Costa Rica

Faith Healer James Wrench in Costa Rica - August 14-19, 2014

I'm sharing this event that my VERY GOOD friend Katrina is putting together because she wants to share with people this guy she recently went to see in Florida that helps people heal with their faith in Jesus and she and her friend both had some pretty AWESOME experiences with their work with James Wrench and he's going to be in Costa Rica
Thursday - August 14th through Tuesday - August 19th
and he's open to see people that are going through stuff.  

I am not endorsing it - just sharing information about an event. 

BUT, with that said, I am going to check it out myself because I figure I have nothing to loose since there is no "charge" for it - though he accepts your "Love Offering" you'd like to share.

Do I believe in "Faith Healing"???  For ME - I believe in the POWER OF BELIEVING and I've seen people cure themselves of some pretty heavy stuff - based primarily on their TRULY wanting to let "stuff" go!  So I believe ANYTHING is possible (hence why I'm interested in checking this out).

If you're interested in going together (I'm in Escazu at the moment) to check it out - call me (
Vicki Skinner) - 8-378-6679.  Who knows . . . .!!!!!!

Hi Friends,

Do you have a health issue you want healed?

Are interested in learning about divine healing and how to do it?

If so, we want you to know that we've invited James Wrench a man who's seen hundreds of people healed over the past 20 years to stay with us from

Thursday August 14th through Tuesday August 19th
and we're opening up our home to anyone who wants to learn from him or be ministered to by him.

We were convinced to do this after Katrina and her friend Melanie flew to Florida to have him pray for them and they both were instantly healed. Melanie had a serious back problem for 17 years from falling down stairs, that bothered her daily. James took her feet and Katrina watched her leg grow out even with the other one and she was completely healed and pain free. James had a women there that he was training to pray for people and he had her pray for Katrina's longstanding knee problem and she was instantly healed also.

James says his main desire is to train and equip others to heal the sick.

Previously, Tim had met him on a Facebook healing group and became friends with him.

August 16th and 17th
he will do some healings as well as teach people in between sessions how NOT to loose your healing but call TODAY for a private or semi-private time to be ministered to for education and healing.

August 14, 15, 18 & 19 are FULL.

Please remember this are ONLY IN ENGLISH so if someone does not speak English, please bring an interpreter.

James loves to teach and minister to people. He usually does this for many hours. Once you start listening, you may not want to stop, so it may be helpful to bring things to snack on for yourself so you can stay and listen as food is not provided.

Everything is free. No money is expected and none will be asked for. If you feel like you wish to give something then feel free to.

P.S. Here are some YouTube links to share just a few of the times he has minister to people:

His YouTube Channel:  -  Healed of 28 diseases (Bed ridden 14 years)


Please let us know (RSVP) by emailing or calling 2273-1996 if you want to come for the week-end teachings and healings or for healing at another time during his stay here.
Katrina & Tim McHyde


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Clase de AROMA YOGA - August 30 - Guachipelin, Costa Rica


Saturday, August 30  -  3-5pm


Llama para reservar tu espacio

IO Cultura de Yoga
Guachipelin, Escazú, Costa Rica

IO Cultura de Yoga y Doterra te invitan a descubrir los beneficios del yoga unido con recomendaciones en el uso de aceites esenciales para tu cuerpo. 
Aprovecha esta oportunidad!!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

TRAFFIC TICKETS - The Price of Traffic Tickets & Various other Tickets & Points in Costa Rica

(picture from a great article
"Driving in Costa Rica is a new experience"

The BEST, most detailed updated site I've found so far listing all the newest

Ways to GIVE BACK to your Community in Costa Rica!!! Organizing old friends for a Volunteer Vacation &/or Volunteering your Professional Skills &/or Bring Old Supplies from "home"

(this family vacationing in Costa Rica from the U.S. [sorry - I can't remember their names] each brought 1 extra suitcase filled with Shoes they collected from their church as well as one back of School Supplies!)

Someone recently posted that they were considering moving to Costa Rica and they had been a fire fighter and medic for years and were interested in volunteering.

It inspired me to write this post on OTHER WAYS to look at helping to meet the needs of people in Costa Rica - thinking outside the box!!

Volunteers are needed just about EVERYWHERE in Costa Rica - but here's an expansion on this idea (an in time I'll add more ideas to look outside the box from traditional volunteering).

Why not try to organize a "drive" of sorts with fire departments, paramedics, doctors, dentists, teachers, eyeglass stores, optometrists, sports teams - whatever professionals you know - to take up a COLLECTION of old equipment, tools, supplies, school supplies or things someone sells to DONATE. 

They may be old & outdated for someone in the U.S. or Canada but they'd be received like GOLD in Costa Rica as most of these groups have VERY LIMITED tools/equipment!!!!!!!!!

Also REALLY HELPFUL are Sports Equipment (ESPECIALLY Soccer • "futbol")!!!

We're talking Costa Rica so you'll soon find things aren't so easy - even when you're trying to HELP the people.  You MAY VERY WELL have a problem bringing quantities of things in through Customs (they think you're wanting to sell them which would mean you'd have to pay Duty on them).  One way to POTENTIALLY avoid that is to bring with you an article from your newsletter, local paper, website of what you're doing (proof it's legit), AND/or an OFFICIAL LETTER and/or email from the organization of what you're doing.  Then MAYBE you can get it through without having to pay Duty Tax on it (note that duty tax is paid on the value you would pay for the items in Costa Rica - NOT the price you got them for at the $1 store!!). 
AIRLINES:  The bitch is these days most airlines charge you for extra luggage.  MAYBE you can work something out with the airlines ahead of time (especially if you have the above suggested information to prove it's a legit donation).
SHIPPING DONATIONS:  Do NOT EVEN think of shipping these items as it's a FRICKING NIGHTMARE and chances are MEGA MEGA GOOD that it WILL be stopped by the Aduana and whomever here WILL NEED to go through the arduous effort to pay those usually REALLY HIGH taxes at 2 different not near to each other buildings. 

LOVE what you do and want to potentially write off your vacation?  Come down to Costa Rica and do a Volunteer Vacation!!! 

Do this for yourself if you are coming on vacation to Costa Rica.  One way to do this is by asking some of the hotels you're visiting what NEEDS there are in their community - be it fixing up a local school or something in the community, helping with English, painting, bringing school supplies, making things, teaching new skills, bringing shoes (ALWAYS NEEDED!!) or clothes, toys, things for babies - the list is endless!!

If you already live here - or were coming down solo - think about organizing some of your professional buds•members to come down to VOLUNTEER to do some extra training or helping (make sure you line up ahead of time someone to volunteer to help translate of course)!!  

THEN they can bring/present some of the above mentioned equipment & things AND have a FUN time/way to see your buds while doing something MUCH NEEDED & REALLY GOOD for your community!!!

Even better - create an on-going "Sister-City" program where a city or business abroad "adopts" a city in Costa Rica and helps fill their on-going needs!!! 

NOTE I'm sure a certain percent of your vacation must be doing the volunteer work but check with your tax person first if their is part of why you're doing it.

Volunteering - ESPECIALLY in a foreign country can go QUITE FAR on your college application!!  Someone close to me was one of the few white upper middle class guys that go into UCLA because of 2 weeks of volunteering he did in Costa Rica with Gail Nystrom's
Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation



Do YOU have other ideas•suggestions on projects one can do to help their community??

Please share them in "Comments" below - or send me an email to:


Friday, August 8, 2014


Recently I went with a friend to turn her old batteries in and who takes them is:

(YES - Radio Shack IS in Costa Rica!!  For a list of Radio Shacks go to:


Do YOU know of other places around Costa Rica that accept•take your old batteries to recycle?
Please post it below in "Comments" - or send me an email to:


SAFETY•SECURITY MESSAGE from the U.S. Embassy for U.S. Citizens Living in Costa Rica

Seal with blue background
United States Embassy San Jose
Security Message for U.S. Citizens Living in or Traveling to Costa Rica:

See the latest
Security Message Security Message for U.S. Citizens in Costa Rica

Festival Krama - la Union - Escazu

Este fin de semana en el Festival de Krama Yoga -
La Unión - Clases y muchas cosas más desde el sábado a las 9 am !!! y el domingo a la 1 PM guío una práctica de Kriya de Renovación !!! acompañamos !!!!

This weekend at the Festival of Krama Yoga: Union - classes and many other things from Saturday at 9 am! and on Sunday at 1 PM guided practice of Kriya of renewal! accompany!

LATEST GREAT FINDS • GREAT DEALS in Costa Rica!! - CHIA SEEDS (250gr in a re-sealable bag for just 2,200-c)  • ALL NATURAL - DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR (32 oz • 600-c) • CORNED BEEF HASH (1,300-c) • a BUNCH of Brand NEW American products - Vitamins, Beauty Products, Whey Protein, Gourmet Coffees, Syrups+ in Hazelnut & Pumpkin & LOTS MORE!!

I'm starting a section on my blog of some of the
(especially things ExPats might be missing•craving) and
you and I find around Costa Rica.

If YOU find some great deals, hard to find things us ExPats may be craving - send me the DETAILS (& ideally with a picture [info on where below])

by Chia Life

250gr in a resealable bag


PEQUENO MUNDO - one of the CHEAPEST places to find things for the home in Costa Rica


I think Pequeño Mundo has some of THE LOWEST prices I've found in Costa Rica for household goods.  It's kind of like the American Big Lots or the old time Pic N Save (are they still around??) where it's always different (ok, so that's how Costa Rica is overall) and most of it's the cheap quality "Made in China" stuff, but you can find LOTS of things here - to me - making it perfect for someone that JUST moved here as in many ways it's a one-stop-shopping place!!

They have everything from:
•  Housewares•many things you need to set up a new Home•Kitchen•Hogar (though cheap quality) from dishes sets for under $20, glassware
•  Decorative items
•  Hardware•Ferretería (a GREAT place to find everything from the old fashioned [healther for you] light bulbs, hammers, screwdrivers and all that type of stuff)
•  Food•Groceries•Abarrotes
•   Furniture (in the larger ones mainly)
•  Clothes for Kids•Niños • Babies•Bebes
•  Women•Damas • Men•Caballeros • Shoes•Calzado.

In "Summer" season - tents/beach things.  They're even good to find things for someone starting a restaurant as you can get SOOOO MANY things there!!!!!

NOTE that, as with MANY stores in Costa Rica, what you see today - chances are GOOD you will NOT see them tomorrow!!!!

I have some pictures of some things I've seen there over the years at Pequeño Mundo:

HOURS:  Daily 10am-7pm


They have 9 locations now!  The largest ones (3 of them) are
Escazu - GUACHIPELIN (2-288-2111)
Note the directions are a Bit tricky to get to - but it's WELL WORTH the effort!! It's off of the Autopista Próspero Fernández•Pista del Sol•Ruta #27 - 500 meter West of MultiPlaza (but NOT easy to get to from there).

DIRECTIONS:  Get off at the Guachipelin exit and go South.  At the first street you can turn Left - do.  At the first street (going through a neighborhood) turn Left and go down/up a hill and it's on your right.  I think now there's another new entrance - the 2nd street. Del Centro comercial Multiplaza, 500 metros oeste.Curridabat  -  600 metros al Este/East del San José Indoor Club.

Cartago  (
La Lima de Cartago, costado sur de Bomba Shell.

Heredia  (2-
1Km al Sur del Mall Paseo de las Flores.


Alajuela  (2-4311596)

DIRECTIONS:  Del cementerio•cemetery   central - 400 metros Oeste/West.

Curridabat  (2-

DIRECTIONS:  600 metros al este del San José Indoor Club.

Desamparados Y Griega  (2-286-0043)

DIRECTIONS:  Contiguo a la rotonda de la “Y” GriegaEscazú (San Rafael)  (2-289-9246)
This one is actually 4 small ones - the highest one/most West is Food and Hardware type items.  Next - Household decorations.  Then Women's Clothes.  And the one closest to Mas x Menos is Kids things.

DIRECTIONS:  Next door to Mas x Menos just West of the Scotia Split - Del cruce a San Rafael de Escazú 50 metros Oeste/West.

Moravia  (2-240-2700)

DIRECTIONS:  e la parroquia (church?) - 300 metros Oeste/West.

San Pedro  (2-253-4616)
DIRECTIONS:  Montes de Oca. Del Restaurante Río 100 metros al Este/East.

 Corporate Office - 2-280-1200  •

YELLOW FEVER Vaccination - Do you need it if you're coming to Costa Rica?

Contrary to what your pharmaceutical•vaccination•pill hungry Western medicine doctor might say, Costa Rica does not require vaccinations to enter for MOST people (people - we do NOT currently have a problem with Malaria!!!).

Currently, the ONLY vaccination Costa Rica requires for a SMALL group of people coming from a few countries (INCLUDING some LATIN AMERICAN countries) where there MAY be a risk of catching the disease there and bringing it to Costa Rica is

Thursday, August 7, 2014

INTRODUCCION al TAPPING ese Sabado Agosto 9 de 3-5pm!

En caso que usted no sabe...
La liberación de estrés, ansiedad, depresión, alergias, fobias, adicciones, dolor crónico, bajo auto-estima y más…esta ahora disponible en la punta de sus dedos!

Gas Station Irregularities Reported in Costa Rica - Where YOU sold contaminated gas or were YOU overcharged? Check the List of stations accused of this scam

So it looks like 31 gas stations around Costa Rica have been exposed for selling people bad gas (contaminated - with sediments in it) and/or not giving you the amount of gas you THINK you paid for.

It's up to YOU to ALWAYS double check that they reset the pump to "0" before they start pumping as this is a common way a less than scrupulous attendant does it (if you don't check - YOU'RE partially responsible!!!)

The thing is, what can you do with this information - other than maybe avoiding these stations till they get in integrity.  I don't know if legally there's anything you can do now - even if you've noticed your car acting up since it IS Costa Rica.


El Sabor's Ojochal Food & Wine Festival - August 23, 2014 (Southern Zone of Costa Rica)

Join the great restaurants of Ojochal for a celebration of Food and Wine.

Saturday•Sabado, August•Agosto 23, 2014 - 3-9pm

LOST & FOUND in Costa Rica

A friend found something in Costa Rica and tried to return it to a "Lost and Found" but was unable to find such a thing. 

Evidently, from what I've found, in Español it looks like IF you can find one, it has a very different name.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

JALAPENOS CENTRAL TEX-MEX’s 11th Anniversary - August 12, 2014 - Alajuela, Costa Rica

Come celebrate with Norm Florez at his
JALAPENOS CENTRAL TEX-MEX’s 11th Anniversary Party

Tuesday - August 12, 2014 - 11:30am-9pm

Calculator to help you Count out your 90 Days ACCURATELY & with EASE (for your Exit Visa Run)

I've seen MANY times where someone MIS-calculated 90 days from the date they entered Costa Rica.

What was often the problem was they were assuming an August 20th re-entry back into Costa Rica meant they had to leave Costa Rica BY November 20th - but in fact - because of the months with 31 days in them - November 20 was 92 days and for some in the past that lead to them getting less than a 90 day stamp (a Migracion officer once said to me he felt like they were making a mockery - trying to buck the system which they do NOT look lightly on) or at least a slap on the wrist and if they got the 90 day stamp once, that MIGHT have contributed to them getting a less than 90 Day Visa Stamp in the future.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Workshop - Step Up with Jannette MacKinnon in Costa Rica

Are you feeling stuck?
Can’t cope with feeling overwhelmed?
Do you yearn for a change?
Where to go from here?

JOIN Jannette MacKinnon and learn some quick, easy, and effective techniques that could change your day and maybe even your life!
Only a few minutes to learn. Yours for a lifetime to use.
Using a variety of techniques to bring about change, clarity, confidence, self awareness.

BBW's - A Social Group forming for FUN SUCCULENT Plus Size Big Beautiful People (BBW's•Gals•Ladies•Women & soon Men also) living in Costa Rica

MIKA - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)



We're starting a group for BIG BEAUTIFUL Gals to get together and do things in an environment where you are SAFE to be yourself - not worry about other people judging you - not worry about keeping up with others in the group on an outing - or whatever!
It's a place to come together and CONNECT and SUPPORT each other!!

A place to FEEL GOOD about and CELEBRATE ourselves!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

FESTIVAL ORGANICO VIDA SANA - at New Earth Springs Farm - Alajuela, Costa Rica - Agosto 9-10, 2014


Sabado y Domingo • Saturday and Sunday - Agosto 9-10, 2014

Celebrando el Dia Internacional de los Pueblos Indigenas

Celebrating the International Day of Indigenous Peoples

Ceremony • Natural Healing • Craft Market • Massage and Treatments • Workshops • Medicinal Water • Yoga and Meditations • Natural Water Pool • Seed Exchange • Music and Dance • Camping area



Feel like getting out and moving that bod for a little exercise but can use some motivation or support? 
This page I'll list various
around Costa Rica!!

Fundamentos de Carbono Neutralidad Organizacional in Costa Rica

Quality: Fundamentos de Carbono Neutralidad Organizacional basado en la normativa vigente Norma INTE-ISO 14064-1 e INTE 12-01-06:2011. Si desea más información llámenos al teléfono 2203-6333 , o mediante el siguiente botón:

Thursday, July 31, 2014


2 day DOULA TRAINING CLASS in Costa Rica

Topics covered:
◊ Prenatal, labor and postnatal emotional and physical support for mother and family
    ◊  Coaching the coach
    ◊  Children at Birth
    ◊  Physiology of birth process
    ◊  Prenatal & postnatal herbal medicine for mother and baby
    Outside reading will be required and testing completion for full certification.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Map showing Costa Rica by Altitude•Height

This is a COOL Topography Map of Costa Rica showing places by Altitude•Height!!!

 FYI - is an AWESOME site that even helps with tourism and LOTS of information on Costa Rica in general (including bus schedules)!
Their site says they "have mapped all of Costa Rica's top hotels and resorts to help you with your driving directions and trip planning"!!
Check them out!!!

Groups Representing•Helping ExPats Abroad

What are some of the various international groups, representing ExPats living abroad?

Especially American Expats.  Like helping with laws, policy, etc. back in the U.S. or abroad, that effect us (banking, taxes, IRS, etc.)??

(I'll post what I find as they come in)


Curso de GANADERIA ORGANICA in Costa Rica

AGOSTO 27-29

Finca Santa Lucia - Universidad Nacionl - Heredia, Costa Rica

$125 incluye all mentacion y materiales para el curso

CONTACTO:  •  2-277-3656
Estimados colegas, la presente es para invitarlos al curso de Ganadería Orgánica que estaremos realizando en la Finca Santa Lucía, del 27 al 29 de Agosto, con participación del Dr. Carlos Sáenz, especialista en el tema. Se adjunta el programa del curso. Les agradecemos circular la información entre sus contactos.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Info on Dangerous Toxic Plants for Pets in Costa Rica

Has anyone seen a list of plants typically found in Costa Rica that are potentially dangerous•toxic for pets??

I think it could be a best seller if someone created one [in both English & Spanish even better!!

Any mega Costa Rica plant aficionados out there that could also help families figure out what plant in their garden is making their pet break out or get sick? 

Someone that could make a House Call, or the family could make a video or take pictures of their full garden.

One of the dogs where I've pet sat at keeps getting red bumps & bright pink on his belly & around his mouth outbreaks since he came to live here & the vet hasn't been able to identify the problem STILL.

Contact me at:



KARAOKE - Where to Sing Karaoke in Costa Rica??

(PHOTO:  MY FAV karaoke singer - Frank Chicas - of
the PERFECT Tour Guide•Driver for Karaoke fans!!)

I'm JUST starting this list and REALLY could use your help to enhance it!!

(note of course EVERYTHING is subject to change so best to call them first to make sure it's on!!!)
107.1 fm rated National Championship Final 2014 karaoke

Saturdays - 8pm-2am
Bello Horizonte Country Club
LOCATION:  100 meters/1 block South from the catholic church then 200 meters East (after the bridge on your right) and 200 meters South (???)
De la iglesia católica de Bello Horizonte 100 al sur, 200 al este ( después del puente es la primera entrada a mano derecha) y 200 sur



Zitro Karaoke

Pianos Bar and Mirador


Sundays - 3-9pm
Club 360  • 
2-236-5471  •
LOCATION:  Moravia - 300mts West/Oeste of del Banco City • Colegios Norte. Diagonal North/Norte of Lincoln Plaza



Mondays to Thursdays - 7pm-2am.  Fridays-Saturdays - 6pm-4am
Las Tunas Restaurant  •  2-248-1210  •
LOCATION:  400m Este del Parqueo Sur de la Municipalidad de San Jose..

Grammy's • Gramis Karaoke and Dance Club  •  2226 2160   Plaza Cupido San Francisco De Dos Ríos  
70s, 80s, 90s

2-227-4654 /
American Owned 
LOCATION:  Plaza Cupido - 150 mts. West. of San Francisco de Dos Rio Church     -


Elvis Karaoke Bar      
LOCATION:  next to the Caribbean Bus stop




Vasconia Bar - downtown by Plaza Cultura


Sundays•Domingos - 8pm
Castro Bar  -  Barrio Mexico



Karaoke 88



Fridays & Saturdays - 8pm
Yakky's Bar  •  2-282-6396
Santa Ana•Escazu (on Calle Vieja - the old road)
DJ Yota



Tuesdays - 7:30-till late 
CocoNutz Sports Bar


Sharky's Sports Bar



Tuesday and Saturday - 7pm till midnight.
Casino Byblos - Billfish Lounge
Karaoke in both English y Espanol - Air-Conditioned with over 5,000 titles from Classics to Current Hits.
LOCATION:  Right on the top of the hill half way between Quepos and Manuel Antonio.



Thursday - 8pm-2am
Hotel del Sur Country Club and Casino  •  •  2-771-3033  •  2-771-3280

TENNIS COURTS:  2 open lighted courts.  
PRICE:  6am-6pm - 5,000-c/hour.  6-10pm - 8,000-c/hour.  Reservations required. 
POOL and Restaurant-Day Use:  3,000-c/day - Hours - any hour.

LOCATION:  5 kms/3 miles South•Sur of San Isidro de El General Centro - on the InterAmericana South•Sur highway•carretera, diagonal to the Shell gas station/bomba.
(updated July 29, 2014)



Do you know other clubs/places around CR to add or any of your karaoke fan fans know someone that might be able to help enhance this list.

Please help us expand this list by getting us the answers to the following:

Name of Venue:
Website • Facebook • Twitter:
Phone Number:
Day(s) of Week:
TIME - Start and End time:  

How many songs do they have:
Entrance Fee•Cover Charge:

MISC. Info of other things that make it special (large screen, dancing, good food, cheap food, cheap beer . . .)
Clientele (mainly Ticos?  Mainly gringos?  Mainly tourists?):
Competitions (details on it):
Dress Code (how do most people dress - casual, dressy?): 
LOCATION (ideally with North American style DETAILED directions!!): 
CONTACT that speaks English:

And send that along with a jpg picture with text on it to:  




¿Conoces otros clubes / lugares alrededor de CR para añadir o cualquiera de sus ventilador ventiladores karaoke conocen a alguien que podría ser capaz de ayudar a mejorar esta lista.

Por favor ayúdenos a ampliar esta lista por darnos las respuestas a las siguientes:
Nombre del Lugar:
Sitio Web • Facebook Twitter:
Número de teléfono:
Correo Electronico:
Día (s) de la semana:
TIEMPO - inicio y final:
¿Cuántas canciones tienen ellos:
Entrada Costo Cubierta de carga:
MISC. Información de otras cosas que lo hacen especial (gran pantalla, el baile, la buena comida, la comida barata, cerveza barata...)
Clientela (principalmente Ticos Principalmente gringos principalmente turistas???):
Competiciones (detalles sobre el mismo):
Dress Code (¿cómo se viste la mayoría de la gente - casual, elegante?):
UBICACIÓN (idealmente con instrucciones detalladas estilo de América del Norte !!):
CONTACT que habla Inglés:
Y que enviar junto con una imagen jpg con texto en él a: