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Thursday, September 29, 2011

FREE Kolbi DataCard for Internet Connection wherever you go - in Costa Rica

Get a FREE* Kolbi (Huawei E173 USB) DataCard Gizmo 

*When you sign up for their $27/month Extremo Plan for ONE YEAR!!!

You just plug this "gizmo"/Kolbi DataCard in a USB slot and GO!!!  The first day I got mine, I had to run down to the Apple store and I was actually ON my laptop - ON Skype TALKING while riding in a taxi!!!  Is that COOL or WHAT!!!!  It works in MANY areas that normally do not currently get internet coverage (I have friends in the jungle using it!!).  

You get unlimited internet connection withOUT having a hard-wired line (it's like WiFi but better)!

It is not perfect though!!!  It can OFTEN be pretty unstable so I sometimes get bad connections on Skype calls (just like my ICE cell) and I have not been able to watch a YouTube video without it breaking up since I got this.

But, hey - it's better most of the time than my Amnet was!!!!

The Koldbi DataCard Unit:

This unit (one of the few that works with a Mac/Apple computer) at Radio Shack was around 33,000-c!!

I bought my Kolbi DataCard at Radio Shack because ICE didn't have any of the units for sale at the time.  If ICE has it in stock, I would DEFINITELY buy it from ICE for that extra "protection" as when I was having problems with it - ICE was blaming the unit.  This way - the unit IS THEIRS & THEY'RE responsible!!

WARNING:  It's a wider unit than a basic USB thingie & on my MacBook, there are only 2 USB slots - right next to each other.  So when I have the Kolbi in, I can not use the other slot - like for my headset, pictures, speakers (for this I hold BOTH accountable.  As MUCH as I LOVE Apple - WHY would they put the slots so close together [my other laptop has one USB slot on each side]???  & Kolbi [made in CHINA] - why would you make it so wide????).  I can't use one of those USB extenders with the Kolbi either.  Luckily I can use WiFi also).

NOTE:  The Kolbi DataCard is ONLY available for people that have a Cedula or Corporation (WHY haven't they created a "Pre-Pay" plan so visitors/non-residents can have one!!!  That sure could bring them a LOT of $$$$!!)


alguien dijo GRATIS??? ... Ingresá al mundo del Internet con planes de datos especialmente diseñados para vos... Adquirí el USB Huawei E173 GRATIS y podrás conectarte todo el tiempo que querás pagando $27,1 mensuales.

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