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Thursday, May 16, 2013

KOSHER - Where to find Kosher Products • Food • Things in Costa Rica

For a DETAILED LIST of places you can find Kosher products (not sure how current it is) go to:
CentroIsraelita.com/centro_israelita_informacion_visitantes_eng.htm - this is THE BEST LIST!!!


Stores like AutoMercado, Sorretos, WalMart and Mas x Menos carry some Kosher products.


(facebook.com/KosherCenterCR  •  CostaRicaKosherCenter.com  •  2-232-2991-deli/grill  •  2-290-2058-bakery  •  U.S.-1-718-569-2429 • 1-845-282-3437  •  KosherCenter@gmail.com)
GLATT KOSHER, PAREVE (bakery products).  The Kosher Center is Glatt Kosher, Bishul Yisroel, Pas Yisroel under the strictest standards of uncompromised Kashrus. The Rav Hamachshir is the Mora D'asra of Costa Rica's Orthodox Community, Harav Gershon Miletski. All bakery products are Pareve.  They are the only Glatt Kosher establishment in Costa Rica to offer a full range of top quality beef, poultry, cured meats, a full line of bakery products, sit down restaurant, takeout/delivery and catering services. Everything at Kosher Center is made on the premises fresh. Meat like Pastrami, Pressed Beef, Salami, Turkey and Corned Beef SANDWICHES, Special HOT DOGS, Cold Cuts, New York Deli Style.  ISRAELI CUISINE, DESSERTS+ 
HOURS:  Monday-Thursday - 8am-6pm.  Friday - 8am-4pm.  Sunday - 9am-4pm. 
LOCATION:  Rohmoser – road to Pavas – diagonal to La Artistica Sur/South of Octubre 54, diagonal a La Artística.

(facebook.com/little.israel.77  •  KosherFoodCostaRica.com  •  2-228-9775 • 2-289-4500 • 2-288-0426  •  little.israel.cr@gmail.com  •  PitaRica@hotmail.com
I LOVE THIS STORE!!!  WOW on what I found!!  Their deli carries Falafels (to heat up yourself [I ate that my first night with FRESH, pre-cooked, mix to make yourself, MANY forms of Herring – from fresh to bottled or frozen; Chopped Liver; Hummus; Tahini (I LOVE it mixed with honey – a healthy sweet!); Bubacanusch; Feta Spread & more!  They have YUMMMMMY tongue-gasmic (a Katrina word) gourmet chocolates.  FRESH RYE BREAD on Thursdays!  FRESH Pita Pockets!   Frozen Blintzes (made fresh in their other store). Also spices and LOTS of other goodies!!!
HOURS:  Mon.-Sat. 10am-7pm (the bakery/homemade items are delivered around 10:30am for the freshest!!  Closed on Jewish holidays and regular holidays things are closed here). 
OWNER:  Penina (tell her “Hi from Vicki - the big red haired gringa with the blog!!”)
LOCATION:  Escazu (San Rafael)  – Plaza Laureles – Calle Vieja - Plaza Laurels (near the U.S. Embassadors House

(facebook.com/Super.Kosher.Costa.Rica  •  2-220-2174 • 2-290-2174  •  U.S.-1-347-995-1872  •  SuperKosherCostaRica@gmail.com)
A variety of ready-to-heat meals, Meats like duck, Turkey roast, lamb, white fish, Cold cuts/deli, cheese, fish, Sausages.  Dips, Mediterranean salads, Snacks (Bamba/Bissli), Dairy products (including lowfat cottage cheese), Pastries like cakes and cookies, hocolates and ice cream, kosher wines, Shabat candles - Kosher Brands from the US and Israel.
HOURS:  Monday-Wednesday - 9am-6pm.  Thursday - 9am-8pm.  Friday - 9am-4pm.  Sunday - 10am-5pm (hours/days change during High Holidays)
LOCATION:  San Jose - 50 meters South of Del Fogoncito

Muñoz y Nanne (MAndN)
(facebook.com/MunozYNanne  •  MunozYNanne.com  •  2-253-4646 / 224-9010 / 253-4286 / 225-4851)
Quite a complex and I hear their market carries LOTS of KOSHER FOODS, a decent hardware store with many TrueValue products, pastry, office supplies, furniture, meals, groceries, you name it – including money exchange too.
HOURS:  Mon-Sat. 8am-8pm.  Sun. 8am-7pm 
LOCATION:  San Jose (San Pedro)  -  450 meters E. / up the hill from the Mas X Menos -


PARVE and DAIRY. Jalot, breads of all kinds; knishes, quiches, Pastries, cookies and cakes tarts, Imported cheese, Chocolates.
LOCATION:  Rohmoser - Carretera a Pavas, frente a la Shell. Less than 2 blocks from the Orthodox Community Center - Take Out.
CATERING:  Lizzy Grynspan at 2-291-3033  •  8-992-8235  •  LGrynspan@hotmail.com

Cafeteria Taam Shel Paam
(2-228-4696  •  8-392-0157  •  2-520-1013 ext. 122 - DafnaBibas)
DAIRY and PARVE.  Cafeteria and restaurant, Catering and take-out.
LOCATION:  Rohmoser - in the Jewish Community Center - http://CentroIsraelita.com

“Deli Poás” stands carry Kosher Salami sandwiches

Restaurante Club Deportivo Israelita  (2-441-1086
Kosher Meat and Restaurant
LOCATION:  In the Jewish Sports Club near the Airport.

Comidas Kosher - by Frida Lang(2-220-1385  •  8-325-9393)
Desserts and meals - Take Out.

Comidas Kosher - by Silvia Leiderman(2-289-4800  •  8-854-9464)
Parve.  Chocolates and Sweets - Take Out

Franco Menasci Italian(2-220-2857 / 8-349-0761)
JALAVI - Pizzas, Lasagna, Ravioli and Calzones - Take Out

I’ve HEARD the meat at the BURGER KING in Plaza Rohmoser (on the 2nd floor - 2-231-3956) is Kosher (near the synagogue) but I didn’t see it on “the list” so don’t quote me!


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