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SHADOW Facilitation Retreat - October 25-27, 2013 at the Platanillo House - led by Don McDougle


Friday through Sunday - October 25-27, 2013

Platanillo House
in the Southern Zone (more details given upon registration)

INVESTMENT IN YOUR SPIRIT (aka Cost):There is no fee for this workshop. An opportunity to make an anonymous donation will be provided.

This INCREDIBLY AWESOME RETREAT is open to men and woman and is held in English.

I found this retreat to go REALLY REALLY DEEP WITHIN (not so for the faint at heart/those saying they want to do more healing as stuff WILL come up [or you'll choose to leave])!!!  LOTS of opportunities to shed another piece of that onion skin and do more healing and forgiving.  I've done this workshop and got some REALLY GOOD Ah-Huhs - PLUS have known WELL over a dozen people that have done this retreat that have ALL had some INCREDIBLE BREAKTHROUGHS - like they've NEVER had before!!! 

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The messages we took on early in life from parents, clergy, teachers, etc often are the subconscious blueprint we follow throughout our life. We repeat these scripts over and over playing out the same movies with new faces and places each time. The cells have memory and eventually the script not only permeates the psyche but becomes physical often causing dis-ease especially in later life. The Shadow process is an emotional release process which consciously clarifies what those messages are and lays the ground work for cellular reprogramming.

There will be a Shadow Facilitation Workshop at the Platanillo House
the weekend of October 25-27, 2013. This is an intensive workshop where all will have the opportunity to go deep within and uncover and embrace parts of themselves that they may have repressed, denied or hidden.

This will be an intensive workshop so come prepared to go deep within and find those things that may be blocking you from living in full purpose. In going DEEP within, each participant will have an opportunity to find those core beliefs that may be hindering or blocking them from living their life's mission. Learn how the experiences you had growing up created walls of protection that may have served you then, but now they no longer work for you. Find the Gold in all your wounds and see how you have hidden, denied or repressed parts of your self. By bringing them out of the shadows and into the "light", they can now be used to propel you into the purpose you came into this world to accomplish.

This will be an opportunity to take another look at another piece of the shadow and how it operates in your life and also support the others that are there in doing their "work" AND, an opportunity to be introduced to your "inner" facilitator and begin learning the process of shadow facilitation.

EVERYONE will all be part of the food and clean up team. If you have a special diet, please let Don know asap so he can accommodate you.

Learn more about what Don McDougle does and Shadow Work

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This is a small intimate group that Fills up FAST so please RSVP ASAP so they have a head count (PLEASE ONLY reserve once you're positive you're Committing).

Don McDougle, Presidente
Asociación Proyecto Humanidad de Costa Rica
Costa Rica#:  8-679-9516
US#:  1-210-591-8778
Skype:  d.cmcd

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