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Saturday, October 3, 2009

SUPER SONY - FABULOUS Asian Grocery Store / Market in Costa Rica

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stanhopi said...


Sadly, both Super Sony and Kawo Asian Market in Tibás no longer are allowed to display most of their imported food items. They were visited about two months ago by the CR agency that oversees food imports and the vast majority of their oriental imports were found to not be labeled appropriately -or not labeled at all- to CR standards.

And so, they were required to remove those products from any shelves in their storees where there is public access.

Around one month ago I phoned and spoke with both stores about this and got essentially the same tale.

Perhaps in the future this will be resolved. I hope so. But for now regular customers may be able to request the items that they want, in advance, and they will box them up so you can go and pick them up.

Boy does that shoot a big hole in impulse buying in those two stores. What a nightmare for them!

Just FYI . . .

Paul M.

Living Life In Costa Rica said...

Luckily things ARE BACK TO NORMAL at Super Sony on products that HAVE labels!!!

lamentostsuki said...

This is one of my favorite places to buy vegetarian and vegan food. I'm a Costa Rican girl.