Wednesday, November 25, 2009

THANKSGIVING in Costa Rica - 2009

The 2014 site for listings of LOTS of U.S. Thanksgiving Dinners around Costa Rica:

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jadesmith said...

The Typical cuisine of Costa Rica is Tipico, a vegetable beef soup.Dishes like the verduras, tamales, sopa negra, gallo pinto are one of the favorites in Costa Rica. A couple of notable exceptions are gallo pinto, sopa negro, and palmito salad which are often quite good in the small sodas. If you are ever invited into someone's home for a meal, graciously accept. At home the meals are accompanied by fresh corn tortillas, black beans, refrescos (fresh fruit juice), rice, homemade bread, cabbage and carrot salad, tropical fruit, pejibajes and of course you will get the best coffee in the world.
Costa Rica