Friday, December 23, 2011

LEKKERLAND Gourmet CHEESE in Costa Rica

Martina at Expo Vino • the Wine Expo '11
(Vicki's FAVORITE - Black Label!!!)

Lekkerland has some REALLY NICE choices of specialty / gourmet CHEESES with a true European flavor - made with the highest of standards of quality and craftsmanship of old world style!!  NATURAL - NO Preservatives or Coloring!!  MY FAVs from Lekkerland are their Black Label (to me it's sort of a cross between blue cheese and a strong parmesan) and Blue Cheese.  They also make a great Edam, Feta, Gouda, Goat Gouda, Maasdam, fresh Mozzarella and more!!   You can find Martina - the Dutch owner of Lekkerland - giving out tastes at MANY festivals, expos and bazaars around Costa Rica!  

WHERE TO FIND:  AutoMercado carries Lekkerland though BL is not always so easy to find or they run out fast so perhaps ask the manager for their delivery date. 

ENGLISH (and GREAT Customer Service): Martina Harteveld (and PLEASE make sure to tell her Vicki Connected you and sends a BIG HUG!!)
Lekkerland's leader Martina sharing samples of their cheeses at 
Newcomer's "Show and Sell" Bazaar - November 2011
Blue Cheese / Queso Azul
Lekkerland - Feta
Lekkerland - Gouda
Lekkerland - Gouda Lite
Lekkerland - Maasdam
Lekkerland - Mozzarella


Make sure to tell Martina that Vicki Connected you 
and how much I RAVED about their cheeses and tell her I send her a BIG HUG!!!   

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