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Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIRECTIONS HINTS - How to Making Your Life in Costa Rica Easier

One of my BIG frustrations of living in Costa Rica is how MEGA challenging it can be finding places•directions.  No thanks to not really having "addresses" and having the "It's 400 meters East and 50 meters North of the oak tree!" mentality.

Luckily I do NOT•WILL NOT own a car in Costa Rica and I am more of a Taxi kinda gal (these days I'm ALL about the EASE and Peace of Mind and this sure gives me LOTS more peace than most people I know, to say nothing of how MUCH $$$ I save [see my article at]) but even if I'm a passenger I still do some things BEFORE I go out!
•  I do research to be clear on where I'm going.

•  If I'm not clear, I CALL 
the person/place for more DETAILED directions including what landmarks, restaurants, etc. are nearby.  

•  I bring the phone number where I'm going.

•  If I can't find something, I stop a LOCAL TAXI driver and ask them - NOT someone on the street because MY experience living in Costa Rica for 8 years (on July 19) has been if I ask 4 people for directions, chances are REALLY GOOD that I'll get 5+ different directions and RARELY will ANY of them be correct!!!

Do YOU have any HINTS to share - of things that make YOUR life easier when it comes to directions in Costa Rica??

If so, please share them in "Comments" below - or email me at 


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