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Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Avoid Your Child Being Kidnapped in a Child Custody Battle - or what to do IF it happens (for U.S. Citizens)

Having encountered a few parents (all mothers) involved in nasty CHILD CUSTODY BATTLES (so far - all I've encountered seemed to have some sort of a similar thread - that hubby had an affair and/or wanted a divorce and quite a few of them, the female it seems, might have made up some b.s. excuse - often that he abused her - but not the kids!  As a Children's Advocate - this TICKS the hell out of me!!!  Hey - whatever happened between the 2 of you - that's YOUR stuff/SHIT to work out!!  Do NOT NOT NOT take it out on the kids!!  It ALWAYS takes 2 to tangle!!!!  BE GROWN UPS!!!  Work on your UN-resolved issues with YOUR parents! (IDEALLY BEFORE you have kids!!!)

So here's what the U.S. government says•suggests on this issue:


Kristie said...

Sorry for the off topic, but wanted to make sure you see the question. I understand you are very familiar with house and pet sitting. My question: is it common practice in Costa Rica to pay rent while you are pet sitting? My husband and I were looking for a house to rent, we found this couple who needs somebody to take care of their pets for a few months. I thought people pay you to take care of their pets, not the other way around? I don't mind doing it for free, but paying $500 for rent in Costa Rica, while taking care of someone's pets, seems ridiculous to me. Please help! Am I wrong? I could use a second opinion. I appreciate it!

Living Life in Costa Rica 2 said...

Krisitie - it's Costa Rica - NOTHING is "normal" here! MANY people do not even pay you to watch their "family members" because they can get it for free.

Of course most of the people I work with with have had problems doing that - things stolen,

So yes, SOME people do give you a reduced rent, or utilities included & you don't have to do a deposit (or some do which I think is SMART since theft/breakage DOES happen)

Everyone has different economic issues/needs.

The ONLY consistency in Costa Rica is the IN-Consistency!!! Sorry there's no clarity with my response!!!