Friday, June 21, 2013

What's there for Kids to Do in Costa Rica June, July & August 2013???

My good bud/associate Abner has his 2 sons - ages 7 and 11 - visiting Costa Rica (from New Jersey) for 2 months!!!!

They're staying between the Naranjo
and Escazu/San Jose areas over the next couple months & I'm hoping y'all can help them find some things to do AROUND Costa Rica (Abner's an AWESOME Tourism Driver/guide so they will be getting around the country) - especially more unique things (and FREE is even better - or at least low cost)!!

They are fluent in Español and English!

Do you know of any activities, camps, classes??

Maybe some kids they can make friends with? A class they can visit to see what school is like in Costa Rica??

Actually - even if you know of ANY activities fro kids of ALL ages I'll start a list here!

Please send me information at   THANX!!

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