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Friday, June 28, 2013

Vicki Skinner's latest INFORMATION & PHOTO SITES - July 2013

Below are links to my (Vicki Skinner - aka "THE Sarong Goddess")
various Costa Rica and Nicaragua Information Blog
and LOTS of other Costa Rica related Info and Photo Sites - places where I’m
Gathering/Sharing Info and Photos and helping to Connect people!!!

My Costa Rica Information Blog

30,000+ Page Views a Month and OFTEN towards the top of MANY Google Searches! 
A VERY HELPFUL Information Site on where to find things (often with English-speaking contacts), what’s happening, SPECIALS, news, thoughts, experiences+++!!
The focus is on actual DETAILS and to bring more EASE into YOUR Life!!

Have anything to SUBMIT?  
Events, finds, YOUR experiences/stories, news, etc. to add?
Email me at

 Now accepting Information Ads

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I tend to lean towards sharing LOTS of information and pictures on

where I’ve lived for 7 years and LOVE IT!!!
Trust me - Escazu is NOT NOT NOT just gringos!!  You CAN have a GREAT balance of gringo and Tico life with a huge variety of prices for accommodations and restaurants - IF you know where to look!!  There's something for EVERYONE in the various parts of Escazu!!



Also up now:

Helping your pet feel secure while you're away!
Sharing Magic Hands and giving LOTS of LOVE and attention to your pets! 

Loving Your Pet House Sitting is especially for owners that see their pet as family members and want them to receive a LOT of love and attention while they’re away!  I give everything from 2-10 Doggie/Kitty Massages a DAY, a warm Bath the day you arrive, Daily Skype calls (so you can see/talk to your baby), they even get to Sleep with me if they need to!
Do you have a pet that freaks out from thunder or fireworks??
I SPECIALIZE in helping them calm down!!

(Do you provide a pet related service?  I welcome you to share your information DETAILS on my new Facebook Page for
Loving Your Pet House Sitting

July 16-August 21,  
AROUND mid-October+
Christmas and New Years we prefer to help pets that freak out with fireworks – to give them the extra attention they need!



I and some friends have things for sale here.



Tourism IS DOWN and Costa Rica IS seeing LOTS LESS tourists!  ‘Will that bring you to your knees or will you be in Denial or will you just “visualize” them coming to you? 
Or will you be PRO-Active?  Step-UP to the plate?!?!
Jump on board before it’s too late???
Facebook IS THE place for FREE Marketing and promotion and I’m quite the Facebook Networker and have a VERY UNIQUE – MUCH more Detailed way of looking at Facebook•Marketing - so let me assist you in getting your point across and helping people find out about you and your area!
I can also get you out there on the various Message Boards’

See some samples of sitespages I'm working on at:
(a friend of this owner has been contributing some new things.  MY contribution is on the B&B, Escazu and nearby related things - to turn this B&B into a DESTINATION - where people use it as a base and do day trips from - NOT what it's been - a first night/last night property which is lots more work)



Do you have a vacation rental Condo or Villa - or a Hotel?
Could you use some suggestions on how to stand out even more to the gringo clientele or help with marketing/promotions?
Are you new to this - or - could you use some help making sure it's up to the rental markets standards?  Are you sending good/clear responses?  Do you have a contract that protects you?  Are you listed in the key places and know other places to promote yourself?  How's your Facebook Page (CRUCIAL)?  
I can also assist with end or beginning of the season Inventory, help create a Guest Book that has menus, lists of restaurants, tours, info they should know before they go and as many English-speaking contacts as we can find and lots more information!
I've been in marketing/promotions/p.r. for over 30 years and tourism for over 20 years and I think outside the box!!!


I’m SLOWLY working on my new site

I've closed my guest house and am now focusing on doing what I've been doing for ages - gathering and sharing information and connecting people) - in a nutshell -
Consulting with and Connecting People to help fill their various needs around Costa Rica from Where to Find Things, How to Do Things, Relocation, Finding the Best Dentists, Travel Consulting, Shopping+++ and my LISTS!! and LOTS more information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can even Connect you with Eastern/Holistic and Medical doctors and dentists and ALL sorts of other resources!!!!
Pretty much – whatever you desire – I can at least try to Connect you!

Bookmark it and keep checking back as this is an UNLIMITED page and I’ll push it to it’s limits!!!!



For people in Costa Rica into more Self Empowerment/Sustainable Living, Spiritual (NON-religious) - Consciousness


Other boards – heck – the world these days – are FILLED with negative stories/experiences.  Why not help add to some different energy!  Post your POSITIVE stories, experiences, finds about life in Costa Rica!



WOW!!  Nicaragua is SOOOO MUCH CHEAPER than Panama and Costa Rica!!!
I recently returned from what was SUPPOSED to be a 1-2 night Visa Run (you do NOT NOT NOT NEED to be OUT of Costa Rica for 72 hours – PERIOD!!!) that turned into 6 weeks in San Juan del Sur!!!
I am SERIOUSLY considering dividing my time living in SJDS (basically in Rainy Season) and PART TIME in Costa Rica Pet and House Sitting  - OR  -  POSSIBLY even getting a little 2-3 bedroom home in SJDS and hosting ExPats doing Visa Runs (and offering HOT  showers, WiFi and clean for a reasonable price) and I made LOTS of contacts and I’ve started creating a Facebook page
and I’ve created the following Facebook site (PLEASE “LIKE”)

Soon will be updating my SJDS Info Site

Plus have a HUGE Photo Site (getting organized soon)

For information and photos on Isla Ometepe

Costa Rica-Nicaragua Border Crossings


Vicki Skinner
(aka THE Sarong Goddess)
CR #:    8-378-6679    U.S.#:  1-941-312-7569
LivingLifeInCostaRica@ (all run together)

Feel free to join my personal

For the MOST UPDATED version of this info, go to:


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