Friday, August 16, 2013

MISO - Where to find Miso Soup or Paste in Costa Rica

Where to find MISO in Costa Rica

Miso (paste, soup) is one of the many items that is not easy to find in Costa Rica.  Where I've found it is:

The SURE bet is MY FAVORITE store in Costa Rica

SUPER SONY Asian Market
in downtown San Jose ALWAYS has a bunch of varieties, flavors, spiciness!!

Every time I've looked for it at Saretto's in Escazu, they had it. 

Sometimes AutoMercado has it but - this IS Costa Rica so it's a hit or miss!!

Michael with 8ctavo Rooftop Restaurant shared:
Ancyfer sells Miso in San Jose. It's a great option for Asian products.


Where have YOU found Miso in Costa Rica?
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