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Friday, August 16, 2013

"NEW THOUGHT" - Vicki's Spiritual Beliefs•KNOWING & a link to an introduction to the new movie "NEW THOUGHT MOVIE"

AWESOME 15 minute teaser for what looks like a GREAT movie that's SOOOOO in alignment with MY Spiritual beliefs•KNOWINGS (though it's definitely nothing "new"!) -

Here's a clearer definition on
"A Look at What Is New Thought"

So here's a COOL NEW MOVIE on it!!


Here are other comments•sites on this:

OutTakes from "What Is New Thought?"

What is New Thought? - First Look


Here's their Facebook Page
(it's a GREAT FB page with LOTS of other info on it!!

IF I leaned more one way, I'd say I was more of a
Science of Mind•Religious Science - NOW known as
Centers for Spiritual Living

Dana Goudie - Unedited Interview from 'What is New Thought?'

Centers for Spiritual Living Integration
(Excerpt from the upcoming movie 'What is New Thought?')

What is New Thought? - Repentance

Do you have similar beliefs to SOM•Centers for Spiritual Living???
E- me your contact info and where you are at so we can stay in contact if we start another Study Group!!!

If you share general feelings like on the movie, share below in the "Comments" and maybe you can find other like-minded people to CONNECT with!!

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