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Friday, November 16, 2007

GAY Costa Rica - MANUEL ANTONIO - Things To Do


Costa Rica is an AWESOME for eco-tourism, surfin’ and outdoor adventures and chillin! Costa Rica is a country that is pretty open and welcoming to most people – though, what I’ve observed and/or heard from MANY locals/Nationals, like MOST Latin countries – everything/one is fine as long as they don’t use the “G” word.

With that said – you only have a handful of gay clubs and accommodations – mainly in San Jose (in the Central Valley - a VERY frenetic city that’s not overly safe in many areas so PLEASE take taxi’s from point-to-point) and Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio is located on the Central Pacific Coast – much of it perched above the beach/ocean. It is the most popular areas in Costa Rica with the gay community and has the most gay guesthouses in one area (though only a handful), daily Gay Activities between U.S. Thanksgiving and Easter, a semi-gay beach (see note below), some restaurants (CR is not New York, San Francisco or Puerto Vallarta so be open to going with the flow), a gay Circuit Party for Thanksgiving and New Years and every other month in the off-season. Unfortunately currently they have no gay clubs. I like hiring a Driver/Guide to get there (so you can enjoy the ride and see all sorts of things you NEVER would have seen driving through the horrible roads and scary rickety bridges!! My #1 FAV is Oscar with Enjoying Costa Rica Tours - 8-871-2900 / FrankChicasTours@yahoo.com) and I FLY BACK on NatureAir http://www.NatureAir.com / 1-800-235-9272-US / 2-299-6070-in CR) to/from Quepos (and then take a taxi, local bus or their shuttle).

GAY GUIDE - "Playita Gay Guide" - a gay guide for M.A. produced by Gay Tours Costa Rica - You can find it in San Jose at the gay clubs La Avispa, Club O, Pucho, Al Despiste (Zapote) and the hotels Colours, Kelkoldi. In Manuel Antonio - at Bar Tutu and the gay hotels. It comes out every 2 months in Peak/High season - Dec., Feb, April and then June-Nov. (8-305-8044 / Jose@GayToursCR.com)

GAY BEACH - Playitta - THE “nude/gay beach” is NO LONGER NUDE - I hear the new owner is quite fast to call the cops on people – mainly that are nude so keep the pants!

Tutu's Gay Bar and Gato Negro Restaurant (tasty Italian-style food) HAD pretty much been IT for gay things to do in M.A. BUT, they’re now going mixed/Straight-Friendly (sadly that's what often happens when the gay community doesn't support their own! People - go visit M.A). HOURS: 8pm-2am.

Barba Roja had been doing Gay Night on Thurs. BUT - they close for low/green season and we’re not pos. on the ’08 season!

The Lounge no longer has their Gay Night (something about they couldn't get the permits for live music)

In Peak Season (after U.S. Thanksgiving till Easter) – 2007 Schedule (2008 Schedule Pending)
Jose with Gay Tours Costa Rica is your Manuel Antonio contact (www.GayToursCR.com / 8-305-8044-cell / 2-294-4205- SJ-Spanish / Jose@GayToursCR.com) for FUN gay activities (in PEAK/HIGH season ONLY-about U.S. Thanksgiving till Easter). Jose also does some gay events and produces "Playita" - a gay guide for M.A.

Mon. MANGROOVE TOUR - PickUp (PU) at hotel depends on tide - $65 (includes hotel PickUp/return, lunch)
Tues. WHITE WATER RAFTING - PU 11:30am - $79 (includes hotel PU/return, equipment, open bar, lunch and drop-off)
Wed. SUNSET SAIL - PU-1pm - Return 5:30-ish - $69 (includes hotel PU/return, open bar, snack and light dinner at sunset)
Thurs. CANOPY TOURS - PU -1pm - Return 5:30pm-ish – $65 (includes hotel PU/return, equipment, guides and late snack)
Fri. HORSEBACK RIDING - PU-7:45am - Return 3pm-ish – $65 (includes hotel PU/return, lunch)
Sat. SUNSET SAIL - PU-1pm - Return 5:30-ish - $69 (includes hotel PU, open bar, snack and light dinner at sunset)
Sun. CANOPY TOURS - PU-1pm - Return 5:30pm-ish – $65 (includes hotel PU/return, equipment, guides and late snack)

Feb. - Valentine's Day - Red Party – Salsipuedes

Easter - End of Season Party Villa Rocco

Nov. 20 (Tues.) - White Water Rafting - 7:30am Hotel Pickup – Return 3pm - $79 (includes hotel pickup, equipment, open bar, lunch and drop-off)
Nov. 21 (Wed.) - Sunset Sail - 1pm – Return 5:30-ish - $69 (includes hotel pickup, open bar, snack and light dinner at sunset)
Nov. 22 (Thurs.) - Canopy Tours – Pickup 1pm – Return 5:30pm-ish. $65 (includes hotel pickup/return, equipment, guides and late snack)
Nov. 23 (Fri.) - Horseback Riding – 7:45am – Return 3pm-ish - $65 (includes hotel pickup/return, lunch)
Nov. 24 (Sat.) - Sunset Sail - 1pm – Return 5:30-ish - $69 (includes hotel pickup, open bar, snack and light dinner at sunset)

Dec. 1 (Sat.) – 4-9pm - Villa Roca – Opening Season Tea Dance / Pool Party – 2,000-c.
10pm-3am - After Hours / Body Painting Party with DJ Eddie B from Italy - Salsipuedes Bar– 2,000-c

Dec. 15 (Sat.) - Summer Time Party (opening of the season) with Belly Dancers and DJ Eleazar – 10am-3pm – Tutu Bar – 2,000-c

Dec. 28 (Fri.) - 4-11pm - Tamale Fest - Salsipuedes Bar Salsipuedes Bar

Dec. 28 (Fri.) – 9pm-3am - Dolce Vida Fashion Show with 2 djs – Bar Tutu – 3,000-c.
Dec. 29 (Sat.) – 10pm-3am - HouseKnowledge - Salsipuedes Bar (across from Banco Promerica) – 3,000-c
Dec. 30 (Sun.) – 9-11pm – 911fm Radio Station DJ – Sweet Bo - Salsipuedes Bar – 3,000-c
10pm-3am – Flashback Showtime 80’s and 90’s – Tutu Bar – 3,000-c
Dec. 31 (Mon.) - 8pm-3am – New Years Eve Jungle Party with a Circus Show with people hanging, fireworks, fire show,, laser lights and MORE – Tutu Bar – with 8 of the Best DJ’s in Costa Rica!!! 3,000-c
CONTACT: DJ Eleazar (CRCircuitParties@hotmail.com / 8-869-5908 / 2-777-0543)

(have anything to add, more info/help and PLEASE tell JOSE that Vicki Connected you - email me anything new to add at LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com)


MichaelMatthews said...

Thanks for the wonderful write up, especially about Gay Tours Costa Rica. You are right! Jose is the man!


--Michael San Francisco

Unknown said...

Hey Michael,
You got very lucky. Beware of Jose.
Last weekend, Dec. 5, Jose canceled, canceled the gay cruise because of low attendance. Not a crime, but they promised us a refund and are now trying to reneg!
They picked us up as promised but tried to drop us at a straight cruise. My gaydar started beeping short blasts when the other guests met our car. We called Jose immediately and after he explained that the low season combined with a conflicting party hosted at one of the gay hotels, contributed to the bad turn out. He also said that normally he would have been there in person to pass out drinks and slice fruit, but since no cruise he wasn't working. My prepaid voucher said "gay cruise" I told him that's what I paid for and if not, we would like to not go and would like a refund.
Jose promised us a refund but now that we're back in San Francisco, he's refusing and even lying to us, saying that the tour WAS gay and that we didn't want to get on because the other guests didnt look like underwear models.
If it happened to us it can happen to you.

Anonymous said...

Bar Tu Tu became straight because the owner is homophobic. Then when they realized they lost so much money they tried re opening! I encourage you not to support places like this. There are other options. Try out Liquid Lounge near the beach. A great Gay bar and Club. They also have a Thai food restaurant opening upstairs.