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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Costa Rica Census 2011 - in English

The week of May 30-June 3, 2011 (I have no clue why they're not doing this over the weekend when MOST people are home???) teachers/administrators from your area will be out knocking doors to ask all sorts of questions on behalf of the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (INEC - at first I didn't get why the kids would be off school for this and they'd be using the teachers but now I get it as teachers can perhaps see the conditions the kids are living in as well as who's in school and who's not).

They will have on a blue vest with the logos of the INEC and the Census, a badge or card with your name and ID number and area code of residence, a blue suitcase and official logos!
Some sad puppies are known to pretend they’re officials to make their way into your home for illegal purposes so if you question it - call 800-23676-2011 to check their authenticity.

Once you have taken it, I've heard you should put a sticker on your door/window
but I wasn't offered a sticker.

THANX to Daniel with EscazuNews - http://Facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000438782500 - who shared this pdf file of the 2011 Costa Rica Census in ENGLISH.

But unfortunately the INEC has changed the initial path to it and we haven't been able to find it and the 800 number is always busy when we try so, if you're on Facebook you can go to his EscazuNews group and click on the link to download the form so you can fill it out and give it to them (making it LOTS easier for everyone.  Note that EVERY person living in the home MUST fill out a portion of it) http://Facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inec.go.cr%2FA%2FMS%2FCensos%2FCenso%25202011%2FBoleta%2520Censal%2F07.%2520Boleta%2520censal%2C%2520versi%C3%B3n%2520ingl%C3%A9s.pdf&h=15f1e

or my friend Roni made us a direct link for us on her site - 

I received my visit the first day in the afternoon but a REALLY nice gal that was an administrator at one of the nearby schools though she didn't speak English but luckily I had the link so we were able to communicate with the help of http:/Translate.google.com - we got by!!! (I was even able to share with her about the FREE Entrance to anyone with a cedula between now and June 23 at La Paz Waterfall/Garden simply by "Liking" their Facebook page - 

Here's the "official" site for it - http://www.inec.go.cr (it's one of those typical sites made in CR where the people weren't taught properly so you HAVE to input the www)

Vicki in Escazu

Monday, May 30, 2011

Permaculture Weekend with Stephen Brooks & Sarah Wu at Vista Del Valle Inn, Rosario, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Friday, June 3
7pm  -  Come join us for an organic and super local dinner at Vista del Valle, Plantation Inn located in El Rosario de Naranjo. Learn and examine where all of the ingredients of our meal are coming from and all of the energy it takes to get to our plates. Stephen and Sarah will lead us in an open discussion on our food supply and we will begin to discuss steps towards eating more sustainably. We will close the night with an intro to Permaculture slide show and presentation.

Saturday, June 4
7am  - Buffet Style Breakfast.
8am  -  Begin the day on a Medicinal Plant Walk around the Vista del Valle property with Sarah Wu and learn about the wide variety of medicinal plants that can be found right in your backyard while exploring their uses and medicinal preparations.
noon  -  Buffet Style Lunch
1:30pm  -  After lunch, we will continue to discuss permaculture design, walk around Vista del Valle and actually discuss different design possibilities on the different lots within the project. This will be a hands-on participatory day as we examine the endless possibilities each area holds. We will design and implement a garden and plant several fruit trees putting into practice some of the permaculture principals we are learning about.
7pm  -  Buffet Style Dinner

Sunday, June 5
7am  -  Buffet Style Breakfast
8am  -  We will travel to San Mateo de Orotina and visit the Ecovilla project and see an implemented permaculture design including home gardens, orchards and tilapia ponds as we explore how people can live where their food is grown. 
noon  -  We will enjoy lunch that is completely harvested from the property. 
1pm  -  The afternoon we will be free to swim in the crystal clear pools of the Machuca River. 
3pm  -  We will have a closing circle to share about what we learned over the weekend and find ways that we can all help each other to live more sustainably.


Viernes, 03 de Junio
Cena buffet estilo orgánico en Vista del Valle a las 7:00 pm

Sábado, 04 de Junio
Desayuno buffet de estilo a las 7:00 am
Plantas Medicinales Caminata a las 8:00 am
Almuerzo buffet de estilo a las 12:00
Diseño de Permacultura, la ejecución y de plantación a las 1:30 pm
Cena buffet de estilo a las 7:00 pm

Domingo, 5 de Junio
Desayuno buffet de estilo a las 7:00 am
Viaje a San Mateo de Orotina a las 8:00 am
Almuerzo cosechada a las 12:00 pm
Nadar y relajarse en el río Machuca a las 1:00 pm
Círculo de cierre a las 3:00 pm 



Weekend Package With Meals / Paquete Fin de Semana con las comidas
Event Fee and Meals/Tarifa de eventos y comidas: $175

Weekend Package with Meals and Lodging
Event Fee and Meals/Tarifa de eventos y comidas: $175
Lodging/Hospedaje: 15% Discount on Regular Rates/15% de descuento en tarifas regulares
(ranging from $100 to $185.00/per night, double occupancy)
Que van desde $ 100 a $ 185.00 (por noche en ocupación doble) 


CONTACT / Precios y Mas Información:
(506) 2-450-0800  / frontdesk@VistaDelValle.com



Stephen Brooks has been living in Punta Mona, Costa Rica since 1995. Stephen was inspired to make a positive impact on the planet started Costa Rican Adventures, an educational eco-tour company striving to raise environmental awareness. Brooks identified the problems facing small farmers and communities in Central America and Costa Rica and wanted to present possible solutions. Punta Mona, founded in 1997 grows over 200 varieties of tropical fruits, nuts and spices, produces all its electrical needs from solar panels and obtains methane gas from the septic system to fuel the kitchen. Thousands of students, interns and guests have been educated at Punta Mona over the past 14 years, and the site has become known as a world leader in tropical, sustainable agriculture and sustainable living techniques.

In 2003, Stephen founded the Sustainable Solutions Caravan, a mission-driven, nonprofit organization promoting sustainable living through the use of alternative  fuels. Caravaning through Central America, Brooks and his team touched millions of lives through personal contact, front-page newspaper articles and countless international news programs.

In 2005, Stephen co-founded Kopali Organics, a company, which sources and develops sustainable, organic products from small farms and small farm cooperatives around the world and is distributed through out the United States. 

Translating his knowledge of alternative fuel into action, Stephen was the cofounder of the Conscious Goods Alliance, which traveled the country as an eco showroom featuring coconut floors, bamboo paneling, natural latex cushions covered in hemp, recycled paper countertops, an alcohol fueled stove and solar panels providing electricity. The bus brought together fourteen conscious companies as sponsors, working together to promote “Conscious Capitalism.”

In 2006, Stephen envisioned and co-founded Kopali Communities, an ultra ecological developer and builder of planned communities in Costa Rica. The first project, Eco-Villa Kopali, is a 45-acre community featuring a slow sand filtered water supply system, “Living Systems” waste disposal, alternative energies and permaculture and organic food supplies.

In 2007 Stephen also founded the Tacotal Eco-Village, a Permaculture based community of 33 families, homesteading their way to a more sustainable future. The inhabitants feature artists, healers, builders, activists and farmers from 5 different countries.

Stephen’s passion lies in seeking more sustainable ways to live our daily lives without compromising quality of life. He is also passionate about cooking and eating unusual and exotic foods and he specializes in tropical fruit trees.

Stephen is a charismatic media personality and has hosted numerous shows for Planet Green, Travel Channel and Live Well HD. He is an inspirational speaker and was honored in 2010 with speaking at TEDx in the world heritage site of San Miguel de Allende about Permaculture.


Sarah Wu is the current Educational Director and On Site Manager of the Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living and Education. She leads projects and workshops in nutrition, wholistic cooking and herbal medicine.

Prior to arrival at Punta Mona, Sarah was in the organic food world, handling sales for over 125 of the industry leaders in various territories, independent and large accounts on the East Coast. She also managed East then West Coast sales for Kopali Organics, a fair trade, triple bottom line brand, which supports small farming cooperatives in over 7 developing nations on 4 continents.

Sarah has been an herbalist for 10 years, formally studied Traditional Chinese and Cherokee Plant Medicine with American Herbalist Guild founder, David Winston at Herbal Therapeutics School of Botanical Medicine in Washington, NJ from 2006-2008. Sarah currently practices and teaches Planetary Energetic and Wise Woman Tradition herbal medicine with a focus on food based healing. She is an avid naturalist, endangered plant advocate and environmentalist with a deep understanding of the complexities of sustainable living, transitional ethics and positive movement towards a more sustainable and evolved future.

Sarah has over 10 years formal training in the fine arts, holds a degree in Art History from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, with a focus on Visual Culture, the interaction of people with their visual environment, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2004. She taught visual arts to toddlers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and was a part of an educational art activist program at The Art Sanctuary in Northern Philadelphia, supporting out reach, artistic and personal development for at risk youth.

Sarah for 4 years did styling for various makeup artists, clothing and accessory designers, has done print and TV modeling. Sarah is a pencil and pen & ink illustrator of primarily in situ botanical themes and surreal floral goddess motifs and is an overall crafty woman.

Sarah studied and practiced Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling for the past 5 years and has integrated this mode of communication and listening skills in her everyday life.

Dedicated to education and practical sustainable living, Sarah is moving toward her next degree in Ethnobotany, specializing in food, culture and traditional plant medicine.

(tell them Vicki Connected ya'll)

PLEASE SHARE this information with EVERYONE you know that would be interested:


FREE Entrance to LA PAZ WATERFALL GARDENS!!! San Jose, Costa Rica




(for residence with a valid cedula)

(to Nationals that are/become their Facebook Fans!!)!!!!

WHAT TO DOGo to their Facebook Page and hit Like (or be an existing Fan)
(this is a REALLY GOOD reason to join Facebook!!!)

Then go for more details go to:


I think La Paz Waterfall Gardens is a MUST SEE activity in Costa Rica because it has a sampling of the majority of the  things people associate with Costa RIca - everything from 3 different WATERFALLS,  a NEW Enclosed BIRD SANCTUARY (that you go INTO!!! and LOTS of birds flying around you), an ORCHID GARDEN, HUMMINGBIRD GARDEN (with 24 different species flying around you [they say they have the most humming birds in Costa Rica & possibly the world!!]), BUTTERFLY SANCTUARY (where 20 different species fly around you and they have a Laboratory so you can follow their life cycle and the metamorphosis as they go from egg to caterpillar to butterfly!  This is glass enclosed so plan on this last in case it starts raining), SNAKE EXHIBIT, FROG EXHIBIT and an indoor/outdoor tasty BUFFET-style restaurant set in a Cloud Forest!!! 

- National-only promotions.
- This promotion applies ONLY to supporters of the page Peace Lodge, La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa Rica on Facebook. The benefit is not transferable to third parties.
- Join the fanpage at least 24 hours before the visit.
- One visit per person.
- Present valid identification (ID) at the entrance of the park to see if it corresponds to the follower's Fan Page.
- The promotion does not include guided tours, meals.
- Not valid with other promotions
- For groups larger than 15 people, book 24+ hours in advance

(I'm not a National but I'm going to see if they'll make an exception since I'm blasting this all over and have been here nearly 6 years [just don't fall into a category to qualify yet!]).

(I first saw this on Lenny Karpman's WONDERFUL Costa Rica Restaurant blog - 

(PLEASE "Share" this link with your friends - 


Excelente noticia para todos nuestros fans! 
La promoción se extiende unos días más! Ahora no hay excusa para no aprovechar. Ahora válido hasta el 24 de junio del 2011.

- Promoción SOLO para Nacionales y residentes con cédula al día .
- Esta promoción aplica SOLO para seguidores de la página de Peace Lodge, La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa Rica en Facebook. El beneficio no es transferible a terceros.
- Unirse al fanpage al menos 24 horas antes de la visita.
- Una sola visita por persona.
- Presentar identificación válida (cédula) en la entrada del parque para verificar que corresponda al seguidor del fanpage.
- La promoción no incluye tour guiado, ni alimentación.
- No aplica junto con otras promociones
- Para grupos mayores a 15 personas, reservar con 24 horas de anticipación

Vicki in Escazu

Thursday, May 19, 2011

BEST DENTISTS in Costa Rica for Implants, Crowns, Amalgamite Removal, Holistic Dentistry+


I have been researching Dental and Medical Care Tourism for the past 6 years, seeking the best of the best as quality can vary DRASTICALLY!!!  Some of the dentists you see high up there in the Google searches are there because they have people working for them getting them there and I wouldn’t go to them if someone paid for my WHOLE mouth [and that’s a LOT!!!]).  There are some things it doesn’t matter who you go to but there are certain things that to me, I’d pay more to have QUALITY as you do NOT want to scrimp on these areas (especially if I'd have to possibly go back and re-do it!!).  Mainly:

There is ONLY ONE dentist I share for Dental Implants!!!! 
Dental Implants are DEFINITELY NOT an area you want to scrimp on!! 
If you get someone that's not so conscious (having done thousands does NOT necessarily make someone so great let alone conscious does it???).  The dentist I share, almost all the people I know he's treated, hardly had any bruising or pain!!!  Most were out touring around Costa Rica within 1-2 days (just no strenuous stuff!!  And I can help you plan a MAGICAL trip around Costa Rica!!).  This is RARE as I've seen others results from other dentists which were definitely not so lucky!

When dealing with Crowns (or bridges) - you NEED someone that is MEGA DETAILED/FASTIDIOUS as if your crown is off just the slightest, you can change your WHOLE bite and MORE!!!  We have ONE main dentist to share here if you're desiring the BEST!!  He's literally an ARTIST!!!

Because Root Canals can be REALLY tricky and you MUST be SOOOOO PRECISE (2 of mine I had to go back for to have redone from other dentists [one in the states]) not many dentists in Costa Rica do Root Canals!  I ONLY have 2 dentists I share here.

So far I have only found one TRUE Holistic Dentist.  It's not so cheap but it's CONSCIOUS!!!

I have spoken with MANY dentists on the topic of Amalgamite Removal (silver filings)  in Costa Rica and MOST (that were trained in Costa Rica) didn't believe there was anything to fear with removing your silver filings let alone a bunch at one time, and that "studies" of the toxisity of amalgamite removal is a farce.   
NOT!!!  NOT!!!  NOT!!! 
I have PERSONALLY KNOWN a few people that got VERY ILL after having a bunch of Amalgamite removed without consciousness - one almost DIED after getting 10 removed at the SAME TIME!!!
There is ONLY ONE dental office I share for this!!! (NOTE - I JUST Googled - holistic dental costa rica - and ALL [other than myself] did more or less a basic filling removal withOUT the tools that make it a holistic experience!!!)

I have a few Dentists to share for basic Dentistry - Teeth Cleaning, basic fillings, etc.

I have narrowed it down to this - I’ve gone to some dentists for basic/general work at a budget and trust me, you get what you pay for!!!

Many of these dentists are pretty busy but so far, everyone that's needed to get in even last minute I've been successful in helping!!


Because I've taken the time and energy to do something beyond what most will do - OVER 5 years of research interviewing REAL people asking LOTS of DEEPER questions than most do/would/could think of - to ensure YOU having the BEST QUALITY experience I've found, so I'm only interested in helping those people that will respect that and show it by gifting back on some level - mainly by
letting me Connect/Make the Introduction you to them AND
Letting me help coordinate the various components of your stay (I can coordinate everything from English-speaking Taxi Drivers to great you at the airport as well as to transfer you to/from the medical persons office, tours/things to do in between appointments, places to stay, etc.).

If that does not work for you/you don't agree to that (remember KARMA and when you give your word knowing you don't intend on honoring it - it DOES come back to bite you!!), that's cool!  I'll let you do your own research (and GOOD LUCK with that as I KNOW that some of the dentists that are ranked pretty up there in google searches are NOT people I'd go to if someone paid for me to do my whole mouth [which is REALLY in need of LOTS and LOTS of work!]!!!  I know which one MANY have said is a sadist, I know the one where you WILL most likely sit around in a dismally dark waiting room for HOURS JUST to get your teeth clean or ANY work - even though you had an appointment, I know which one MANY have gone to because they were the cheapest and MANY MANY have too often had to had the work RE-DONE by other dentists - but hey - YOU know what you're doing right?!?!)!! 
I have a VERY HIGH level of standards - vs some people/services that are booking you with whomever pays them the most or will bring THEM the most clients (hence will bring them the most $$.  Even when their prices are LOTS higher!!).

I'm tight on this as over the years I've had LOTS of people pick my brain for things and go elsewhere - not offering anything back in return (heck, that's a bulk of what the board has happened with this message board - me spending LOTS of time helping others - doing MUCH deeper research than most, which takes LOTS of time

So NOW I'm no longer interested in helping the takers of the world (yeahhh!  BIG GIRL for me!!!). 

I PROMISE those I DO assist - that EVERY component I help with - from the airport greeter to whomever you choose to see, that the people are people I would have sent my own mother to (I DID LOVE my mother!! RIP!) and
I also promise you to give you LOTS more than just lining you up with that medical professional!!
I'll be there to help you with LOTS more info (you can see by my blog that I'm an information junkie!!!) and assistance!!
I'm not going to just organize it and leave you to fend for yourself - especially in a foreign country where Customer Service isn't really what they're known for - ESPECIALLY North American level of Customer Service!!).

So are you in AGREEMENT with being the type of people I'm seeking to Connect•Assist?

If so - NEXT STEP:

YOU email to me the answers to ALL the following questions (please answer them honestly as I'm sure wouldn't want to create negative karma on something as important as these things!!!])

•   The FULL name of all patient.
•   ALL of the issue(s) (the more detailed you are with it the better I can figure out where to send you)
•    When are you coming?
•    Any questions/comments you'd like to add
•   Your contact phone number (I will call to speak with you to help answer some questions)
•   Your email information and any other information you'd like to share!


Need Connections with other

(including AA / NA Recovery places)



We have contacts for everything from

Auriculotherapy   •   Acupuncture   •   Chiropractors (with LOTS of phisiotherapy toys)   •   Massage Therapists   •   Bio-Resonance   •   Osteopath  •   Structural Alignment  •   Live Blood Analysis   •   BioResonance   •   Reflexology  •   Pedicure / Manicure  •   Chelation Therapy   •   Colidal Silver/Gold   •   Applied Kinesiology   •   TAT   •   N.O.T. - Neural Organization Technique  •   Aroma Therapy (using the high quality doTerra Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils)   •   Personal and Professional Coaching   •   Colon Cleanses   •  Juice Fasts   •   Rife Machine  •   Footbath Detox  •   Ear Conning   •   Ayurvedic   •   Pancho Karma   •   NeuroMuscular   •   Lymphonic Drainage Massage   •   EFT   •   Iboga   •  Bee Therapy   •   Iawaska  •   Reiki   •   where to purchase natural menstruation products like Diva Cups/Sea Sponges+   •   Raw/Organic Cacao   •   Cranio-Sacral   •   Bach Flower Therapy   •   Sound Therapy (I ESPECIALLY love when they use the Dedgereedoo!!)   •   NaturePath   •   Past Life Regressions  •   ThermoTherapy   •   CrytoTherapy   •   PhitoTheraphy   •   Low Level Laser Therapy   •   Birthing Coaches  •   Color Therapy   •   Nutritional Coaching   •   Tantra  •   Psychotherapist / Licensed Professional Counselor-LPC (integrating Internal Family Systems, EMDR, Gestalt, Somatic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Play Therapy)   •   Allergists (using standard medicine or heal it with Auriculotherapy)

Even Henna Tattoo's &
Semi-Permanent Eye Makeup (Semi-Permanent Eye Liner [I've had mine for over 4 years so far] • Semi-Permanent Eyebrows  •  Semi-Permanent Lip Liner  •  Semi-Permanent Full Lips)


We can also hook you up with



to greet you at the airport (starting with a DIFFERENT color of sign vs. the standard sea of white signs!!  We're ALL about making YOUR life EASIER as well as helping your experience be more UNIQUE!!) and even take you to the market when you first arrive - or help you at the atm machine/bank, pick up medications for you & MOST IMPORTANT - DELIVER the MOST IMPORTANT THING - YOU to your medical professional!

Your drivers can even TOUR you around on your days off!!!


Speaking of


Like the research we've done on the dentists and doctors in Costa Rica, we've done LOADS of research on


Vicki has been a Travel Writer for over 20 years as well as has been in the Travel Industry - having had a business in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico helping people book FABULOUS vacations in Private Villas, Condos and Gay Hotels (something for everyone!!)!!  The level of Customer/Customized Service she created was one many agencies followed suit with/duplicated but they didn't have the team in Vallarta that Vicki carefully handpicked!!

Cooking Classes (general and Healthy Eating / Vegetarian / Raw Foods)   •

So she KNOWS how to screen out the riff-raff and mediocre and find the UNIQUE things to do as well as the standard Touristy things!!!


Want to VOLUNTEER / Bring Things to Share with the Less Fortunate in Costa Rica?

Vicki started http://GraciasCostaRica.com and can help you coordinate things to gather before you come (get your school/church/co-workers together to collect MUCH NEEDED items!!) or help you find a group to Volunteer with!


When we assist you in coordinating your Dental/Medical Needs, Transportation and where to stay - you'll get our REALLY DETAILED "Helpful Info Guide" - sharing important information on what to do to Prepare (regarding things you need, things to do like notify your bank



Wouldn't it be MUCH nicer to fly into SJO Airport and have someone holding a sign with YOUR name on it welcoming you??  Someone that spoke English and can help you out with some things?  I have some GOOD American-standard Drivers to assist you - both for airport pickups, driving to/from appointments or touring around!!


We are VERY familiar with MANY places to stay and locations - giving you the TRUTH (RARE)

ESPECIALLY when coming for Dental or Medical Tourism, wouldn't you rather stay in a place where there is someone to give you extra assistance and attention - like a Guest House or Bed and Breakfast?  (this is ESPECIALLY helpful for people traveling solo).  I know the owners of many guest houses and BandBs and know who's helpful, who's psycho or a drunk!!

Or do you NOT want to interact with people as much and stay in a HOTEL? 

Want your own Private CONDO / ApartHotel?

Need LOTS of Medical Care?  Sadly, I wouldn't stay at MOST of the Medical Recovery Homes / Hotels if someone paid us so there aren't many I'd share with you.

Need Private Nursing Care - I can help Connect you for someone for that also.

Most importantly, not all owners / websites tell you the truth! 
If a place is IN San Jose - chances are REAL GOOD it can be quite noisy and DEFINITELY NOT an area I'd go wandering around in - day or night (I'm a taxi kinda gal which is why I've not had anything happen to me my 7 years living in Costa Rica).


WhatEVER your needs
email me the DETAILS (including your price range) on what you're seeking



.2666 10/10/15



I have been researching dentists for the past 4 years, seeking the best of the best as quality can vary DRASTICALLY!!!  Some of the dentists you see high up there in the Google searches are there because they have people working for them getting them there and I wouldn’t go to them if someone paid for my WHOLE mouth [and that’s a LOT!!!]).  There are some things it doesn’t matter who you go to but there are certain things that to me, I’d pay more to have QUALITY as you do NOT want to scrimp on these areas.  Mainly:

There is ONLY ONE dentist I share for this!!!!  You WANT the BEST for implants!!!

You NEED someone that is MEGA DETAILED/FASTIDIOUS as if your crown is off just the slightest, you can change your WHOLE bite and MORE!!!

Not a lot of dentists in Costa Rica do Root Canals as you MUST be SOOOOO PRECISE with these!!  I ONLY share 2 leads here.

There is ONLY ONE dental office I share for this!!

There is ONLY ONE dental office I share for this since MANY dentists I’ve spoken with have been trained that the concerns of toxisity of amalgamite removal is a farce!!!  NOT NOT NOT!!!

I have quite a few I have narrowed it down to.  Note:  I’ve gone to some dentists for basic/general work at a budget and trust me, you get what you pay for (though I do also have some contacts for Spanish-speaking [or some English] dentists that cater to the locals if you're on a BIG budget that even I go to in tough times)!!!


I have spent 5 years researching to find the BEST Dentists in the above categories (WARNING - finding someone via who has the most visibility on the internet - BE CAREFUL as some have staff working to get them up there that I wouldn't go to if someone paid for all my work [which I need a LOT of!!]).

I hope you respect that and will give a DONATION to the blog/for my time
(top right corner area are options on how to do that)

Also, EMAIL ME the:

PATIENTS EMAIL ADDRESS (or whomever is the person that will be contacting them) 
 PHONE NUMBER (so we can talk about the different issues/budget, etc.)  
Their ISSUES(s) and 
Any other information you'd like to share at 

Once you've shared with me - I'll share with you!

I'm sure desire to create the POSITIVE KARMA for yourself by honoring me/my knowledge and caring for you - RIGHT??!!!!

STILL have the Amnet/RACSA Internet combo?

STILL have the Amnet/RACSA Internet combo?? 

You'll HAVE to choose BY Monday, May 23, 2011 or they'll do it for you. 
(you WILL still be able to retain your User Name and email mailbox)

(FYI - with what I've been through recently with Amnet - well, let just say, I've started the process to switch to RACSA and am PRAYING it works better [it HAS to])


Memorial Day Picnic in Costa Rica - 2011


The America Legion Post CR10 and the Costa Rica Detachment of the Marine Corps League are holding an 
old fashion back home style MEMORIAL DAY PICNIC!!! 


Friday, May 13, 2011

Digital Camera Workshop - Close Ups - Escazu, Costa Rica

CLOSE UPS - Food and Flowers

This SUPER FUN class is for basic level with an Digital Camera you have!  Theory, practice and analysis Light and Composition with Melanie L. Wells.
WHEN:  TOMORROW - Saturday May 14 9am-12: 40pm 

PRICE/INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUN!!:  $74 (includes a light Organic Snack from Cafe BuenaTierra - http://BuenaTierraOrganicMarket.blogspot.com)

WHO FOR:  Ages 13 and up

WHERE:  Studio BuenaTierra (above Cafe BuenaTierra) 
Escazu (Centro) - 100 metros sur de la entrada principal de la Inglesia de San Miguel Escazú

CONTACT:  Melanie L Wells  -  8-753-8231 / MelWells@gmail.com




Taller/Curso de FOTO mañana Sábado 14 de Mayo de 9:00am-12:40pm 'Aprovechando el Macro de tú Cámara' ésta es una clase SUPER divertida. Para más info sigan éste enlace http://melwells.com/workshops-1007.php  o me pueden contactar al 8753-8231 Melanie L Wells

INVERSION:  $74 (includes a light Organic Snack)


Thursday, May 12, 2011

WCCR Presents - "A Night at the Museum" - La Sabana, San Jose

The Women's Club of Costa Rica presents 

"A Night at the Museum"
Guided Tours, Wine, Music/Dancing, Bocas and Auctions!!!

The recently renovated Museum of Costa Rican Art is opening its doors for the Women’s Club!  This landmark building, set at the east end of Sabana Park in San Jose, was home to the original international airport terminal inaugurated in 1940.

Enjoy guided tours of the museum, delicious bocas from local restaurants, wine and sodas, music by Al Galope, a Columbian band, for listening and dancing, silent and live auctions. 

100% of funds raised will be devoted to our charity projects - providing scholarships and our "Reading is Fun" projects with libraries in elementary schools.

You can purchase your auction items with your credit card! 

TICKETS:  ¢20,000.

Gather a group of friends and come join us!


Auction items include: many Restaurants Dinners for 2 from local restaurants, Hotel and Beach House getaways, Airline Tickets and many more items. Here are just a few of the items offered.
2 United Round Trip tickets to USA (value $2000) United Airlines  -  http://United.com
Vista del Valle 2 nights (value $310)  -  http://VistaDelValle.com
Hotel Punta Islita (value $700)  -  http://HotelPuntaIslita.com
Villa Alegre Bed and Breakfast 2 nights (value $350)  -  http://VillaAlegreCostaRica.com
Hotel Bougainvillea Restaurant (value $60)  -  http://hb.co.cr
Finca Rosa Blanca (value $120)  -  http://FincaRosaBlanca.com
Le Chandelier (value $150)   -  http://LeChandelierCR.com

SPONSOR RESTAURANTS and CATERING SERVICES providing delicious bocas:
Bagelman‘s  -  http://BagelmensCR.com
Beso - 

AL GALOPE, A COLUMBIAN BAND -- performs music from the Colombian/Venezuelan Llanos (YAH-nos) or plains, a geographically and culturally unique area of Latin America. This music has evolved over the last 500 years from the blending of indigenous music styles of nomadic Indians, and the string instruments and rhythms brought from Spain by Jesuit priests who settled the Llanos in the 16th Century. The music from the Llanos is essentially cowboy music.
Due to the distinctly characteristic syncopation and difficult harp techniques used in the music of the Llanos, it is rarely performed in its authentic style outside the region, and hence it remains one of Latin America's best kept secrets. Music from the Llanos is very melodic, often very upbeat, and easily liked by audiences of any cultural background or age. The group brings to life the intricate rhythms of the Llanero folk harp, the cuatro (four-stringed guitar), and the maracas — a feast for the eyes and ears!


Cash and Major Credit Cards accepted

for ticket information or auction item list CONTACT: 2239-8619 / 2268-0975 / Fundraising@WCCR.org

To learn more about Women's Club of Costa Rica, go to http://WCCR.org


Thursday, May 5, 2011

“3 MAGIC WORDS” the Movie Showing and Dr. DREAM

“3 MAGIC WORDS” (the Movie) and
a Transformative Event!

Choose from 2 dates!
Saturday, May 7th   OR   Sunday, May 8th  
both from 2-4pm

Come to the Latin American Premier showing of the EMPOWERING/POWERFUL “3 MAGIC WORDS” (with Spanish subtitles) - an extraordinary film that will Elevate Your Spirit by Michael Perlin!

“3 MAGIC WORDS” is a film about the connection that humans have with everything that exists on the Earth and in the entire universe. It takes you on a journey into consciousness to help you awaken to this new understanding. The scientific point of view assumes that this energy is simply just energy without any intelligence whatsoever. The spiritual point of view is that all energy is imprinted with consciousness.

"I believe that “3 MAGIC WORDS”  gives us an important message at a crucial time in our Spiritual Evolution. I believe it is time to awaken humanity to the reality that we are all one and that when we kill others we kill ourselves and when we kill animals we kill ourselves. What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves. We are the nature. We are the land. We are living breathing sentient aspects of the entire cosmos."

It doesn't matter what religion you are, the color of your skin, or the country you were born in. What does matter is how you use this wisdom to enjoy the human experience and the adventure of being alive. Some material in this movie may be spiritually challenging. An open mind is advised.

(NOTE from Vicki: “A friend turned me on to this movie last week – before knowing anything about Dr. DREAM coming to Costa Rica and having the opportunity to share in this!!  I just kept watching it over and over!!! 

Who’s in the Film:
Neale Donald Walsch (“Conversations with God”), Debbie Ford (“The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers”), Gary Renard (of ACIM/“Disappearance of the Universe” fame), Sri Ram & Kira Raa and numerous others.

AFTER the movie
will do a shortened version of the Energy-Transference experience that he travels the world sharing.

It is not just a movie-
 it’s an ACTIVATION!


INCANTATION that basically sums the gist of the movie up:

Vicki’s House of Self Empowerment in Escazu (San Rafael – ON Calle Vieja – JUST East of Calle Country Club - SIDE EVEBT ENTRANCE) – http://HouseOfSelfEmpowerment.com)  (7 minutes West of San Jose), Costa Rica
Directions given upon RSVP.

5,000-c / $10
**Pre-Pay Discount (paid BY 2pm TOMORROW/Friday - May 6): 4,000-c / $8
(payment via PayPal, Banco Nacional, CitiBank-CR or at Vicki’s House of Self Empowerment-Escazu)

Call Vicki Skinner - 8-378-6679  /  info@CostaRicaResourceGuide.com  /  or visit
Dr Dreams Website: http://www.TourOfLOVE.com/CR


Dr. Dream will be staying Saturday night in Escazu and available for one-on-one sessions from 5pm till Sun. arund 1pm.  He’s offering sessions at a SPECIAL “Love Offering” according to your means (he regularly gets $122/hr. in the states). 


WHO IS DR. DREAM (aka Mark Peeber)?
Dr. DREAM is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, holistic healing practitioner and international speaker.

He is also the author of “21 Days to Change – Dream the BIGGEST DREAM” – which is about each of us, as individuals, taking responsibility for our lives and doing what it takes to create the life we truly desire, for Ourselves and for Humanity. Part of what it takes, is to give ourselves the opportunity to identify what our own BIGGEST DREAM really is, for OURSELVES, for the Collective of Humanity, and for GAIA, and then to focus on creating (and attracting) that DREAM - and then to LIVE it!

He has over 20 years experience guiding, mentoring and empowering students, organizations, and corporations in building, reaching and sustaining their full potential, on all levels. He has traveled to sacred sites around the world including locations in; Egypt, Cambodia, Japan, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Greece, Turkey and throughout Central and South America. From presenting at Total Solar Eclipse Festivals and Burning Man, to ceremonies at Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat and Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, to his weekly Energy-Transference Video and Radio Broadcasts (since 2005), Dr. DREAM has assisted the journeys of thousands of incredible beings on their path of transformation. Over the last 16 months, Dr. DREAM and his Band of Angels have traveled to over 80 cities and facilitated more than 110 events. Dr. DREAM is a Partner in the New Earth Center of Light, based in Costa Rica, providing support and a diverse curriculum to the emerging New Earth Collective.


Please consider carpooling (contact Vicki if you can drive or need a ride)! Or taking the blue Santa Ana-Calle Vieja bus from the Coca-Cola bus terminal in Downtown San Jose (runs to Piedades).


(and share this SPECIAL Energy experience afterwards)??
You can “rent”/view the movie for 24 hours (and watch it over and over like I did!!) for just $5 at 


(THANX to Feng Shui Master Iside Sarmiento (http://VivaFengShui.com) for turning me on to Shondra and Jeremia with the New Earth Center of Light (http://JourneysAwakening.com)  in Heredia who turned me on to Dr. DREAM & getting involved in this experiencee!!!