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Friday, May 31, 2013

"Happiest People on Earth" 2013 study - What happened to Costa Rica?


What?  Costa Rica's not on the top 10??
I WONDER what happened???
(of course if they base it on the following criteria and people speaking HONESTLY about their lives, I could understand why:
Life Satisfaction (TRUTHFUL answers!)
SELF-Reported Good Health
Employees NOT Working Long Hours
Disposable Income
Life Expectancy

July 21-Marathon•Maratón - Subway

Carrera SUBWAY
10k • 5k • 1k Ninos•Kids

Todos los detalles se pueden encontrar en • 

Domingo•Sunday • Julio•July 21, '13  -  7am

Forum II 
Lindora (Pozos de Santa Ana)

10,000-c  •  Ninos 6,000-c

or at their restaurants in:
Alajuela Centro, Anonos, Avenida Escazú, Cartago, Curridabat, Escazú, Forum I, Forum II, Global Park, Guadalupe, Heredia, Intel, Intel 2, Jacó, Lagunilla, Liberia, LIndora, Multiflores, Paseo Colón, Perez Zeledón, Pinares, Plaza, Plaza Roble, Sabana, Tibás, Uruca, Yoses, Zapote.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

ESPRESSO MACHINE & GRINDER - Commercial•Professional Grade • Italian made • Used


Heavy Duty Well-Built • Commercial • Professional Grade
Astoria Argenta 1 Group
Made in Italia so it's the REAL thing!!
Everywhere I read they said "Astoria's Espresso Machines are among the most reliable, durable, and beautiful espresso machines available."
Compact ckx Line Semiautomatic.  Semi-automatic espresso coffee machine with professional brewing group for continuous coffee brewing by thermosyphon circulation.
With solenoid valve and ON/OFF switch for determining the required coffee dose.
Boiler with automatic refill. - Possibility of direct connection to water mains or manual fill of the built-in water-tank.
Boiler temperature controlled by means of an adjustable thermostat.
Pressure gauge for monitoring of boiler pressure.
Button to command extraction of hot water directly from the heat exchanger.
Steam wand.
Security device to indicate lack of water in the tank.
Body of stainless steel and black ABS material.
Boiler Capacity: 2 quarts.
Water tank Capacity: 2 ¼ quarts.
Frame Construction: Galvanized Steel
Steam Wands: Stainless Steel
Sides, Rear Panels:  Stainless Steel
Voltage, Single Phase, 60 Cycle: 110V
Element Wattage: 1200 W
Amps Rating: 12 Amps
Electrical Cord Length: 6 ft.
Width: 13 in.  Depth: 17 in.  Height: 16 ¾ in
Shipping Weight: 53 lbs. 

Now JUST - $880 
(price new in the U.S. is around $2,280.  Reduced it to $1,400 but need the $$ hence the reduction in price)


Used - La San Marco Goriza - SM90 - Commercial•Professional Grade
 Made in Italia so the REAL thing!! 

The grind adjustment will need to be re-calibrated to your liking but it's in very good working condition with just a few cosmetic scratches and paint wear to the base unit.   

INTERPOL System now in service at Costa Ricas borders • Migración pone en práctica consulta de INTERPOL en puestos fronterizos

Since late April 2013, the Directorate General of Immigration implemented at all border posts, people query the system of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol). Such consultation is achieved through the Electronic System Migratory Movement (Simmel) Migration will be linked directly with the database of Interpol in France.

The immigration officer using a query manually or electronically through   SIMMEL system,   you can access the query window and then select the search criteria and observe   all possible matches that exist in the system with the data of the person who are entering.

This consultation will allow the immigration officer see the full name, passport number and photograph of the person appearing in the query. All information will be available to officers is provided directly by the Interpol office in France.

In addition, this query can detect persons attempting to enter the country with a passport that was stolen anywhere in the world. The system will give sufficient information to the immigration inspector to it decides whether or not the person should be arrested.

The query system is agile and fast, and is performed in real time, ie at the time that the immigration officer has consulted the Interpol office in France can see that our country is being consulted the person who proposed system. In case the person trying to enter our country the authorities seek immediate efforts are made to proceed with the arrest.

This access also allows immigration officials to access information from the Interpol missing persons extremely important tool in the case of trafficking.
(translated via Translate.Google.com)

Desde finales del mes de abril anterior, la Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería puso en práctica en todos sus puestos fronterizos, la consulta de personas al sistema de la Organización Internacional de Policía Criminal   (Interpol). Dicha consulta se logra gracias a que el Sistema de Movimiento Migratorio Electrónico (SIMMEL) de Migración estará enlazado directamente con la base de datos de la Interpol en Francia.

El oficial de Migración mediante una consulta manual o electrónica por medio  del sistema de SIMMEL, podrá acceder a la ventana de consultas y de ahí seleccionar los criterios de búsqueda y observar todas las posibles coincidencias que existan en el sistema con los datos de la persona que está ingresando.

Esta consulta permitirá al oficial de Migración ver el nombre, apellido, número de pasaporte, así como la fotografía de la persona que aparece en la consulta. Toda la información que estará a disposición de los oficiales es suministrada directamente por la oficina de Interpol en Francia.

Además,  esta consulta permite detectar a aquellas personas que intenten ingresar al país con algún pasaporte que fue robado en cualquier parte del mundo. El sistema le dará la información suficiente al inspector migratorio para que este decida si  la persona debe o no ser detenida.

La consulta al sistema es de forma ágil y rápida, además que se realiza en tiempo real, es decir que en el momento que el oficial de Migración realice la consulta, la oficina de Interpol en Francia puede ver que en nuestro país se está consultando a la persona que el sistema propone. En caso que la persona que intenta ingresar a nuestro país sea la que las autoridades buscan, inmediatamente se realizan las gestiones para que se proceda con la detención.

Este acceso también permite a los funcionarios de Migración tener acceso a la información de la Interpol sobre personas desaparecidas, herramienta sumamente importante en el caso de trata de personas.

SOURCE:  facebook.com/notes/direcci%C3%B3n-general-de-migraci%C3%B3n-y-extranjer%C3%ADa-costa-rica/migraci%C3%B3n-pone-en-pr%C3%A1ctica-consulta-de-interpol-en-puestos-fronterizos/528619217194640


"Share" this with anyone you know that may be considering entering Costa Rica that may not be "above board"!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TOP 10 MOST WANTED MURDER SUSPECTS in Costa Rica - from the OIJ's (Organismo de Investigación Judicial - pronounced “O-E-ho-tah”) list (the FBI of Costa Rica)

Sección de Homicidios: Solicita la colaboración de la ciudadanía para localizar a los diez sujetos mas buscados

Agentes del Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) destacados en la Sección de Homicidios, solicitan la colaboración de la ciudadanía para localizar a los diez sujetos mas buscados por los investigadores de esta sección.

Según el informe preliminar, todos los sujetos son requeridos para diferentes causas de investigación por varios casos de homicidio. Por lo que se le pide a la ciudadanía que de tener cualquier información del paradero de ellos se comunique al número 800-8000645 ó al correo electrónico cicooij@poder-judicial.go.cr del Centro de Información Confidencial.

Homicide Section: Request the cooperation of the public to locate the most sought 10 subjects

Agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) featured in the Homicide Section, seek the cooperation of the public to locate the 10 subjects most sought by investigators of this section.

According to the preliminary report, all subjects are required to research different causes for several homicide cases. As he urges citizens to have any information on the whereabouts of them to communicate the number 
800-8000645  •  cicooij@poder-judicial.go.cr 
Confidential Information Centre.


Here's a list of CASTRATION • SPAY & NEUTERING CLINICS around Costa Rica
JUNE 2013
sponsored by ANPA
 (la Asociación Nacional Protectora de Animales)

Paquera - Puntarenas
Purral los Cuadros
Cartago - San Blas
Desamperados - San Lorenzo
Ipis - la Facio
Desamperados -Los Guido
Linda Vista - Patarra
Paracito - Moravia
Calle Fallas
Granadilla Norte
Limon - La Colina
Oreamuno - Cartago


Do YOU know of any other 
around Costa Rica?

Please e- me the flier/details at


Monday, May 27, 2013

WOW! An Active EARTHQUAKE Weekend in Costa Rica - May 25-27

MONDAY - MAY 27, 2013:
3:41am - I'm seeing everything from - 5.5 • 5.6 • 5.7 • 6.0 to 6.4???? (either way it was a good size rumbling for being less than 100 miles from the epicenter!)
Fecha: 27 de mayo de 2013.  Hora: 3:41 am (Costa Rica).  Magnitud en escala de Richter: 5.7.  Epicentro: a 23-26.7 km al Sur/Este de Sixaola de Talamanca. Profundidad hipocentral: 18.7 km.  Origen: Fallamiento local.  Fuente: LIS.  Lat: 09.34.  Long: -82.75.  Prof: 35 km.  Caída de objetos en Sixaola y Térraba.

2:36am - 4.1
SISMO: FECHA: 2013-05-27 HORA: 02:36:03 MAG: 4.1 PROF: 32.0km LAT: 8.66 LON: -83.1 LOC: 2 km al Noroeste de KILOMETRO 24 de Golfito de Puntarenas // Localización preliminar, pendiente de revisión

SUNDAY - MAY 26, 2013
11:21pm - 2.9
SISMO: FECHA: 2013-05-26 HORA: 23:21:24 MAG: 2.9 PROF: 11.0km LAT: 9.35 LON: -84.45 LOC: 18 km al Sur de BEJUCO de Parrita de Puntarenas // Localización preliminar, pendiente de revisión

1:09pm - 2.7
SISMO: FECHA: 2013-05-26 HORA: 13:09:40 MAG: 2.7 PROF: 16.0km LAT: 9.56 LON: -84.29 LOC: 1 km al Noreste de FINCA NICOYA de Parrita de Puntarenas // Localización preliminar, pendiente de revisión

SATURDAY - MAY 25, 2013:
8:32pm - 2.9
SISMO: FECHA: 2013-05-25 HORA: 20:32:48 MAG: 2.9 PROF: 5km LAT: 9.68 LON: -83.01 LOC: 2 km al Suroeste de FINCA 21 de Limon de Limon // Localización preliminar, pendiente de revisión

6:45pm - 3.1
SISMO: FECHA: 2013-05-25 HORA: 18:45:35 MAG: 3.1 PROF: 5km LAT: 8.75 LON: -83.7 LOC: 6 km al Noroeste de BOCA GANADO de Osa de Puntarenas // Localización preliminar, pendiente de revisión

11:23am - 3.2
SISMO: FECHA: 2013-05-25 HORA: 11:23:25 MAG: 3.2 PROF: 19.0km LAT: 11.03 LON: -86.1 LOC: 41 km al Oeste de JOBO de La Cruz de Guanacaste // Localización preliminar, pendiente de revisión

1:03am - 2.6
SISMO: FECHA: 2013-05-25 HORA: 01:03:23 MAG: 2.6 PROF: 22.0km LAT: 8.79 LON: -83.04 LOC: 4 km al Suroeste de SAN JUAN de Coto Brus de Puntarenas // Localización preliminar, pendiente de revisión


Earthquakes are a GOOD REMINDER time to ALWAYS keep things backed up & charged - ESPECIALLY your cells & laptop batteries! & your Earthquake Kit packed & ready - just in case (& a few $$s at hand)


Did YOU feel any of them?  Where were you located and what did it feel like?  Please "Comment" below and Share your story!




Friday, May 24, 2013

BBQ - Where to find foods cooked over Fire • Barbecue • BBQ • B'Bque in Costa Rica - like BBQ Beef Brisket • BBQ Chicken • BBQ Pork Ribs • BBQ Pulled Pork • BBQ Brisket Sandwich • BBQ Sausage • BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich • BBQ Steak - things cooked over the fire!!!

Vicki's FAVORITE place I go when CRAVING anything Barbeque (AND with the BEST PRICE!!) is
in Centro Escazu
where I can get a FULL MEAL - REALLY Tasty Salad, your choice of Chicken, Pork, Ribs•Costillos or Steak on the bbq AND a natural drink (MY FAV is Cass!!)

UNDER 3,500-colones/$7!!


BBQ - Where to find Barbecue•BBQ•B'Bque Food in Costa Rica - like BBQ Beef Brisket  •  BBQ Chicken  •  BBQ Pork Ribs  •  BBQ Pulled Pork  •  BBQ  Brisket Sandwich  •  BBQ Sausage  •  BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich  •  BBQ Steak - things cooked over the fire!!!


May 25 - MONSANTO - Marchas a nivel mundial contra Monsanto, sus venenos y sus patentes - Costa Rica

Marchas a nivel mundial contra 
sus venenos y sus patentes. Costa Rica se suma.

Sabado - Mayo 25, 2013  -  2pm

San Jose, Costa Rica  - Plaza de la Cultura

I've been told that it's advised that NON-Citizens should NOT attend political marches and it COULD affect the status of your Residency if trouble occurs and you're busted.
With that said - I'm just sharing information/news since MANY people have contacted me to ask me where this is being held.  I am NOT endorsing, antagonizing the situation, etc. (aka I'm covering MY tush and am NOT attending of course)

(25 mayo 2pm, huele a lluvia, lleven paraguas y de paso aprovechen para colgarle unos cartelitos con cintas adhesivas.) 

(Se necesitan tilíches sonoros, músicos, teatreros, bailarines.)

¿Más de 300 marchas simultaneas en todo el mundo y Costa Rica no va a sumarse? Este es el país que más consume agrotóxicos en el mundo. Y nosotros tenemos la responsabilidad de proteger nuestras semillas, nuestra soberanpia y nuestra biodiversidad. 

Basta ya, esta guerra silenciosa contra la humanidad y la naturaleza cobra victimas cada día, aniquila especies, las abejas se están extinguiendo, millones de personas mueren de cáncer. ¿Cuanto más hay que aguantar? 

¡Fuera Monsanto! ¡Con que derecho patentan la vida y la sustituyen por sus nefastas creaciones! La vida no pertenece a nadie.

Quien nos siga en esta iniciativa sepa es por la ecología, la salud y espero que en formas pacíficas. Por esto decidí crear el evento en face, 100 % independiente, sin intereses, sin partidos políticos ni ideologías mas que la naturaleza y el amor. 

Burglars reveal motivations in selecting their targets

Burglars reveal motivations in selecting their targets
By the University of North Carolina news service
(found in AMCostaRica.com)

One way to understand what motivates and deters burglars is to ask them. Researcher Joseph Kuhns of the the University of North Carolina did just that.  The criminologist led a research team that gathered survey responses from more than 400 convicted offenders that resulted in an unprecedented look into the minds of burglars and provided insight into intruders’ motivations and methods.

The study, “Understanding Decisions to Burglarize from the Offender’s Perspective,” was funded by the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation, under the auspices of the Electronic Security Association, the largest trade association for the electronic life safety and security industry.

"This study broadens our understanding of burglars, their motivations and their techniques," Kuhns said. "It also helps us to understand gender differences in offending motivations and techniques. By asking the burglars what motivates and what deters them, we believe this research can help people better understand how to protect themselves against these crimes and help law enforcement more effectively respond.”

The researchers delved into the decision-making processes and methods of 422 incarcerated male and female burglars selected at random from state prison systems in North Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio. This investigation explored offender motivation, target selection considerations, deterrence factors, burglars’ techniques, and gender differences in motivations, target selection and techniques.

Findings included:
• When selecting a target, most burglars said they considered the close proximity of other people, including traffic, people in the house or business, and police officers; the lack of escape routes; and signs of increased security, including alarm signs, alarms, dogs inside, and outdoor cameras or other surveillance equipment.

• Approximately 83 percent said they would try to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary, and 60 percent said they would seek an alternative target if there was an alarm on-site. This was particularly true among the subset of burglars who were more likely to spend time deliberately and carefully planning a burglary.

• Among those who discovered the presence of an alarm while attempting a burglary, half reported they would discontinue the attempt, while another 31 percent said they would sometimes retreat. Only 13 percent said they would always continue with the burglary attempt.

• Respondents indicated their top reasons for committing burglaries was related to the need to acquire drugs (51 percent) or money (37 percent), which was often used to support drug habits. Only one burglar indicated interest in stealing firearms, which is a common misperception.

• About half reported burglarizing homes primarily, while 31 percent typically committed commercial burglaries.

• Most burglars reported entering open windows or doors or forcing windows or doors open. About one in eight burglars reported picking locks or using a key that they had previously acquired to gain entry.

• About 12 percent indicated that they typically planned the burglary in advance, 41 percent suggested it was most often a spur of the moment event, and the other 37 percent reported that it varied.

A considerable portion of the research dealt with differences between male and female burglars. For example, men tended to plan their burglaries more deliberately and were more likely to gather intelligence about a potential target ahead of time. Women appeared to be more impulsive overall, engaging in spur-of-the-moment burglaries.

Women also indicated a preference for burglarizing homes and residences during the afternoon, while men tended to focus on businesses in the late evenings. Drug use was the most frequently reported motive given by women, at 70 percent, while men cited money as their main motivation.

In one consistent finding across males and females, alarms and surveillance equipment had similar impact on target selection. However, female burglars were more often dissuaded from attempting a burglary if they noticed signs suggesting that a particular location was protected by alarms.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

SAXOPHONE - ALTO Saxophone for sale



YAMAHA Alto Saxophone (YAS-23)
In original box. 
All keys working properly and all notes and every octave sound  perfect. 
Comes with strap, extra reeds and a new Yamaha lacquer polish.


(tell her Vicki Connected you!!)


Where to Find PIANOS For Sale in Costa Rica
Where to Find GUITARS For Sale in Costa Rica




Do you know anyone seeking to buy a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT in Costa Rica?  Please "Share" this list with them!

URGENT! Surrogate Mother needed for Puppies who's mommy died just after giving birth!

SURROGATE MOTHER needed IMMEDIATELY for puppies who's mommy died just after giving birth!

Please help!! Very urgent!!! 
A few days ago we rescued a dog that had been hit by a car, and then we realized she was pregnant.

The mother went into labor but, after giving birth to 10 puppies then the mother died of a heart attack.  

We love her so much despite the short time with us and we are immensely hurt and distressed by her departure ..... with tears in our eyes and an indescribable pain in our hearts, we must now focus on caring for her cubs to try to save them all ... 

That's why I ask for your help to find a surrogate mother who can give them the love and warmth she for God did not give him time. 
If you know of any that can accept a puppy or more please contact us at 
[They are in the home of the lady... in Curridabat, San Jose]

(tell them you found this on Vicki's Blog)

Zapote Festival BullFighting in Costa Rica



HOW MANY PEOPLE DID THE CRUZ ROJA•RED CROSS TREAT THAT SUSTAINED INJURIES RELATED TO BULLS (either informal bull fighting - "toreros improvisados" or bull riders):  257 (between Christmas Day and Sunday, January 6, 2013).

Ring = Rondel

Be sober
Pay ____

The operators of the rondel at the Zapote fairground charges admission for spectators to watch the antics with the bulls. Some of the toreros improvidados dress in elaborate costumes. One Christmas day had on a Batman costume. Some wear capes as a way of distracting the bull.

The rondel also hosts traditional bull riding in which participants try to stay on the animal, which is trained to cast them off.

And at Zapote the same day the Fiestas de San José 2012-2013 will be in full swing. This is the big carnival with the unique version of Costa Rica bullfighting in the rondel there and on television nationally and internationally.

They have amusement park rides, typical food, bars, concerts•entertainment, fireworks and the bullfights.

It kicks off the annual fair season that includes Palmares in January and Puntarenas in February among others.

NOTE:  It seems like just about every year the organizers go through this threatening song and dance with the Ministerio de Salud (ahhhh - life in Costa Rica!!  It's things like this that get Costa Rica sinking going LOWER and LOWER in WORLD rankings of countries that are easy to do business in!!!)
Hundreds of Costa Ricans, male and female, crowd into the ring to challenge a fighting bull. Some make hasty airborne exits. Spectators pay to see their favorite participants trampled or worse.

The commission running the Zapote festival already has auctioned off 58 booths for food merchants, beer vendors operators of carnival rides and even providers of pay toilets. 

I will also be ILLEGAL to smoke there as of this year!!!


Fiestas Zapote es el sitio web donde se reúnen todos los fans de las Fiestas de Zapote. Actualizaciones de las Fiestas de Zapote, videos, fotos y mucho más.
Llevar la diversión de las Fiestas de Zapote a todo el mundo.

Habrá un total de 26 corridas de toros en Zapote que serán transmitidas por televisión gracias a Teletica y Repretel. Esos canales se alternarán las transmisiones. Repretel inaugurará la transmisión el 25 de diciembre a las 3:00 pm.

FiestasZapote.com no participa de la venta de entradas, pero se pueden comprar en taquilla o mediante reservación telefónica al teléfono 22262189.

En FiestasZapote.com los esperamos con todas las novedades de las Fiestas de Zapote 2012-2013. Síganos en Facebook, Twitter y Pinterest y esté atento a todas las actualizaciones que les traerémos.

Los adjudicatorios del redondel de toros de Zapote dieron a conocer que las entradas para ver en vivo los toros en las Fiestas de Zapote 2012-2013 tienen un valor que va desde los 8000 a los 15 mil colones. Las entradas para palcos valen 25 000 colones en el turno de la tarde y 30 000 colones para la corrida de toros de la noche.

The adjudicatory the ring of bulls Zapote disclosed that tickets for live bulls in the Fiestas de Zapote 2012-2013 have a value ranging from 8,000 to 15,000 colones. Tickets for 25,000 colones worth boxes in the afternoon shift and 30,000 colones to the bullfight of the night.

Taller Cerveza Artesanal - Bodega De Chema

Taller Cerveza Artesanal

Aprende a hacer cerveza con grano entero !!!

La Bodega de Chema
facebook.com/LaBodegaDeChema  •  BodegaDeChema.com

te invita al Taller:
“Elaboración de Cerveza Casera con Grano Entero”


Domingo - 2 de Junio - 1-6pm


20,000 colones

Contenido Práctico
Moler granos Maceración Enfriamiento Carbonatación
Sanitización Cocción Fermentación Embotellado
Contenido Teórico
Historia de la Cerveza Técnicas Básicas de Maceración
Maltas: Tipos y Proporciones Agua: Ajuste de Volúmenes Lúpulos: Tipos y Selección Levadura: Buena Fermentación

Receta de cerveza + 2 cervezas para llevar a fermentar a la casa

Para reservar el espacio:

El espacio se garantiza con el pago de los 
20,000 colones, por transferencia

por internet en la pagina 
BodegaDeChema.com, o directamente en La Bodega de Chema.

Lunes a Sábado, de 11am a 7pm)

La cuenta para el deposito es: Banco Nacional

Numero cuenta: 
SINPE: 15108010010063841

A nombre de:
Historias de Cerveza S.A. Cedula Juridica: 3-101-644592

Domingo - 2 Junio, 2013 - 1-6pm

La Bodega de Chema
San Jose -  Avenida 10 y Calle 29 - de KFC San Pedro, 225 mts Sur


(propietario / brewmaster Jose Chema puede hacer estos cursos de Inglés también si se puede ayudar a conseguir un grupo de amigos. Email él [y que me haga saber para que pueda ayudar a poner la palabra hacia fuera allí])(owner/brewmaster Jose Chema can do these course in English also if you can help get a group of friends together.  Email him [and let me know so I can help put the word out there])

(asegúrese de decirle a José que Vicki con el blog compartió esta información con usted!)


¿Le resultó de ayuda esta entrada ¿Sabía usted ir a divertirse?
Por favor considere hacer una
DONACIONpara ayudar
a mantener este tipo de información que viene!
(véase la columna superior izquierda para saber cómo hacerlo)


Por favor, "SHARE" esto con todo el mundo sabe que la cerveza le gusta y puede disfrutar de este evento!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 25 - Democrats Abroad Costa Rica•DACR - May 2013 Meeting



Saturday - May 25, 2013
9:30am till noon-ish

Program:  A panel of younger generation Costa Ricans who will share with us their hopes for the future of this country.  Because of the enthusiastic response this panel received at the April 28th Ticadel conversation, we’ve decided to invite them to speak at our meeting.  The program will be 90 minutes long, so please come on time.  We will have a short (30 Min.) business meeting, then have our coffee break at 10am.  The program will start at 10:30am.



San Jose - Downtown
 Holiday Inn Aurola - 3rd floor
Calle 5 at Avenida 5 - in front of Parque Morazan
2-523-1000 (hotel's number if you get lost)

FREE parking
is located ONLY in the Herdonza Parking Lot  
which is on the East side of the hotel.  At the meeting they'll announce instructions and you'll get a voucher in the lobby from the Bell Boys to present (get there early to get a space as it fills up fast on meeting days!!).

Contribution for bocas and coffee break and meeting room space

Reservations are REQUIRED at
call Nelleke at 8-721-6497
*Please be sure to make your reservation if you plan to come to any DACR meeting as their cushion between what the hotel charges them and what they charge for attendance is getting very thin.  They used to order bocas for 3-5 extra people for meetings, but if they did that now they would lose money, so they order only for those who made their reservation, and then order extra on the day of the meeting.  However, the hotel can charge them 20% extra if they order bocas on the day of the meeting, so they need to avoid that.


Are you available to Drive?  Are you needing a ride (and willing to contribute towards gas/wear-n-tear)?  Want to Share a taxi?


Guest are welcome at 1 meeting and then asked to *"join"•register -
it's FREE!!
it's FREE to join!
To join - just attend a meeting  OR 
 go to the official International Democrats Abroad site:





Costa Rica Democrats Abroad - Costa Rica





DemocratsAbroad.org  •  Facebook.com/DemsAbroad


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