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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

100% COTTON MATTRESSES 1 • Futon Mattresses • Kenko Mattress Topper & Pillows - Custom-made in Costa Rica.

Below are a few Natural Bedding Items and/or Holistic Tools!:
•  100% Cotton Mattresses  •  
•  Futon Mattresses  •  
•  Cotton Pillows  •  
•  Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper  •  
•  Dream Pillow  
•  Hand-made, Chilean Pine Bed Frames  
Counter Top Electric Hot/Cold Water Dispenser


Tired of the MEGA uncomfortable beds in Costa Rica?  Do you have a bad back and need some firmness?  Or allergies or your body just can not handle fake/synthetic materials?  Have you tried many beds and some were too hard, or too soft - and you just want one that is "just right" for YOUR body????  Or do you just want to honor your body and sleep with natural fibers?  Then a 100% COTTON MATTRESS might be the PERFECT thing for you!  (they also have 100% cotton pillows)

    Cotton is known to breathe which helps eliminate moisture retention and allows the mattress to remain dry or to dry quickly thus avoiding mold or mildew.   (as a Memory Foam fan - note that they get you HOT [I couldn't even have sex in my old full memory foam bed!!!])
     One of the TOP REASONS I've heard is the metal coil that is in many standards beds - the metal coils can AMP UP the energy/vibration if you have High Blood Pressure, Pain or Arthritis!!!  (which is logical if you think of it)
    I have a resource to connect you with for 100% COTTON, Hand-Stuffed, Semi-Orthopedic (which means FIRM) MATTRESSES!! 
    Since they're hand-stuffed, that means the fabric and the size can be CUSTOMIZED for whatever YOU need!!!

(in CR "Individual") 
(100cm x 190cm / 3.28' x 6.23'):
Standard: $151+.  
Overstuffed (10-15% more cotton filling!):  $172+
Heavy Rustic Wood Frames:  $260.  $365+ with a mattress
(in CR "Matrimonial") 
(140cm x 190cm / 4.59' x 6.23'): 
Standard: $227+.  
Overstuffed (10-15% more cotton filling!):  $260+
Heavy Rustic Wood Frames:  $305.  $470+ with a mattress
(154cm x 200cm / 5.05' x 6.56'): 
Standard: $292+.  
Overstuffed (10-15% more cotton filling!):  $335+
Heavy Rustic Wood Frames:  $390.  $600+ with a mattress
(200cm x 200cm / 6.56' x 6.56'): 
Standard: $357+.  
Overstuffed (10-15% more cotton filling!):  $410+
Heavy Rustic Wood Frames:  $470.  $700+ with a mattress


Since they are flexible, they can also be used for FUTONs
(make sure to get the INSIDE measurements of your futon frame for it to fit properly)!!!
Prices START AT - $288 for a Full•Matrimonial



Frames are Hand-Made and made of Chilean Pine with wrought-iron details and a hand-carved headboard and base.


MATTRESSES:  100% COTTON, Hand-Stuffed (hence can be CUSTOMIZED to fit whatever you need) and Semi-Orthopedic (which means FIRM).  They're also available in Over-stuffed!!!  They usually have some in standard ones in stock - ready for you to take with you!
MATTRESS COVER:  You can choose from a few styles and colors which take just a few days to get. Or choose from one they have in stock.

CUSTOMIZED:  Do you have a space that's not the standard?  Do you like it harder or softer?  You can get them made to YOUR specifications!!!  (but it will take a bit longer)

LIKE VARIETY??:  Get one side of the futon in one fabric and the other in another!!!!  It's customized - you can do it!!! (like the first 2 pictures at the bottom of this page)
The mattress at the top of this page is the same mattress - just the opposite side as you can choose to have 2 different fabrics!!  This way you can change the decor depending on your mood!!



100% Cotton-filled Pillows in Pure cotton in easy-clean zippered

Standard Size = 44cm x 70cm
$20/each or $36/pair

King Size = 95cm x 70cm
$30/each or $54/pair

Custom sizes available by request



The Kenko Naturest™ Mattress Topper combines advanced scientific technology with natural materials that are environmentally renewable and help you to enjoy refreshing, healthy sleep.  RAM™ (radial-axis magnetism) Technology features spherical neodymium magnets which produce a series of overlapping magnetic fields to enfold and surround you.  The physical foundation of the Kenko Naturest™ Mattress Topper is natural latex rubber — which provides an ideal blend of support and comfort, and is resistant to microbial growth and dust mites. It retains firmness better than polyurethane foam, and wicks away moisture. A natural-fiber cover promotes ventilation, helps to regulate temperature — and offers resistance to flammability without adding the chemicals that some other sleep products require. The surface of specially molded, gradient-density nodules is the final touch, producing a massage effect that helps you sleep soundly and wake refreshed. After you try the Kenko Naturest™ Mattress Topper, you'll never want to sleep without it.
TWIN•INDIVIDUAL  -  $776/each
FULL•MATRIMONIAL  -  $976/each
QUEEN -  $1176/each
KING  - $1370/each



The new Kenko Dream Makura is made with the same high-quality materials and technology that characterize the Nikken

Relaxation and Rest products. This pillow has a base which is made with
100% natural bamboo fibre extracted from a bamboo species
that grows in uncontaminated mountain regions, its transformation has no negative environmental impact and its fibre contains no chemical agents.

PRICE:  $226/each
(located in San Pedro)


Cash - colones or U.S. $s
(PayPal POSSIBLY available if you pay ALL fees associated with getting the cash into CR [ALL PayPal fees, atm withdraw fees])


They can ship most things to you throughout Costa Rica (possibly via bus for cheaper delivery price, weekly trucks or private delivery). Inquire about Delivery Fees.
For health/sanitary reasons, ALL bedding items are NOT RETURNABLE so best for you to come up and try one out first (hence why it's important to come feel it out!!).  All items non-refundable.


Email me (Vicki [aka the Sarong Goddess]) your contact information (name and phone number of who's purchasing it/will be the contact person), what you're seeking and I will Connect you to my friend! 


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Sunday, July 29, 2012

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

FLOODING • ROAD CONDITIONS • CLOSURES - Caribbean Side • Turrialba, Costa Rica - July 28, 2012

July 28, 2012 - CHECK OUT PICTURES and VIDEOS from TURRIALBA at:

JUST hung up with the gal I'm Pet/House Sitting for whose's heading back via car from Bocas del Toro, Panama via the coastal route (though Puerto Viejo, Chauita & Limon) and they just decided to stay somewhere nearby because the area's been having LOTS of rain over the past 4 days and now the river is overflowing at the Bananito Bridge about 17km South/before Limon so that road is closed & water is STILL rising.
UPDATE:  4pm -  Looks like my friends made it across in their high truck but the flooding, if you were walking, is up to your knees so low cars may not do well with it.
5:15pm - They only got 15km North/West of Limon -  around the Estrada area heading West and it is now CLOSED as there are some bridges that are flooded up to or over, and there's at LEAST 2 hours of back up traffic and it's starting to get dark.  Now they're stuck & can not pass.  Will stay the night*

My friends got stuck with road/bridge closures and ended up staying at a little hotel about 15km West of Limon in a small town called Buffalo.  They were VERY PLEASED with it and got a 2-bedroom apartment with livingroom, tv, kitchen for $60/night + 13% tax.

(from Limon to San Jose):
As of 3:48pm on Saturday - the Transito website shows Highway 32 was OK/passible.


(Turrialba - Siquirres (the back road from Limon)
CLOSED  -  From CATIE (on the approach to Turrialba) 2 mile to hacia la Suiza, height of the narrow, landslide, closed, no way you're passing.

I just finished (for now) IMing with Ginnee in Turrialba - CostaRicaMountain.blogspot.com - who reported they've had 18" of rain in the past DAY.  They have LOTS of flooding, rivers are over flowing. A landslide near CATIE dropped a tree on a bus and some of Erika's friends were on it (but they're ok).  Needless to say, the road from the Caribbean that takes you through Turrialba is a no go also!!!  Ginnee's going to go drive around her farm with the quad to assess any damage and take pictures.

As of this morning more than 18" of rain had fallen since last night.  The photo is my driveway road through my farm.  And this is as far as I could go, the streams are swollen and deep having cut since the rains started.  I can not get off the farm, nor through the farm because the streams are too deep and fast for our quad.  We have over-flow channels from the river, they are usually dry....they now look like a raging river.

This is not our worst ever rain event, not even close (when we have big rain, the stream is fast, can wash your car away).... but it is still a lot of water.

It is only a foot deep once you cross the stream, but crossing the stream is the problem.  It comes from a 40' waterfall above the road about a 20 minute hike.

This report is from Finca Quijote de La Esperanza above Atirro de Turrialba"

Ginnee said BOULDERS are going down the rivers they swim in!!
Ginnee Trying to cross on their road


Here are some good articles:
AMCostaRica.com/073012.htm (this will be active on Tues)

For more up-to-date/accurate road conditions (in Spanish) go to:


PLEASE "SHARE" this link with everyone you know that may be effected by this news

Dónde ver los Juegos Olímpicos en Costa Rica

¿Quieres ver los Juegos Olímpicos en Costa Rica? Está en Inglés en EE.UU. en el canal NBC.
NO TENER CANALES Estados Unidos o tener un televisor:
En el equipo - ir a la

Mayoría de los enlaces de Internet no me permite acceder a muchos canales de Estados Unidos DE COSTA RICADado que funciona en muchos otros países, lo que creo que es tal vez tenga algo que ver con Costa Rica no tener leyes de copyright reales / apretado??? PERO - USTVNow sí funciona!
USTVNow es principalmente para su computadora - Solo tienes que registrarte!! Pero ofrecen otras versionesQuién puede participar? Creo que es alguien en los EE.UU. o fuera!SE grabado o en vivo?Es VIVO - salió al aire desde una estación de Pennsylvania para el EST!!EL HOMBRE QUE pantalla es pequeña (mis ojos no son muy grandes!)También se puede ampliar a la pantalla del ordenador completa pulsando sobre el recuadro en la esquina inferior derecha de la barra, donde el volumen es.¿CUÁNTO CUESTA?Los canales principales (ABC, CBS, NBC), además de CW, Fox y PBS - la calidad de baja resolución (que ha sido muy bien en mi ordenador) son GRATISAl integrarte: Por un mes se podrá disfrutar del servicio gratuito en la resolución alta usando el ordenador o nuestras interfaces optimizadas para el iPad, iPhone, Android y Roku.Después del primer mes SOBRE EL PLAN DE LIBRE: Usted será capaz de ver sólo en el equipo y será en baja resolución. Si usted todavía desea tener las características mejoradas del primer mes usted tendrá que actualizar a un plan de pago, que incluye no sólo las redes antes mencionadas, sino también los principales canales de cable de televisión.También puede actualizar cuanto antes a una bruja plan de pago incluye los canales de cable y un DVR. No hay información de tarjeta de crédito está obligada a inscribirse en el plan de forma gratuita.El reembolso - USTVNow.com / oc / faq.phpABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, My9, A & E, Animal Planet, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Food Network, FX, Fox News, Historia, Vida, National Geographic , Nickelodeon, Spike, Syfy, TBS, TNT, EE.UU.Todo plan de canales, sin DVR (grabador de vídeo digital) (esto es genial ya que no sabía nada de los planes más pequeños!)

1 Day Pass - $ 2.99

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Web habilitados televisores inteligentes son generalmente de $ 300 más caros que los televisores inteligentes que no permiten la navegación libre.

POR FAVOR comparta este con todos los que saben que pueden utilizar esta información!LivingLifeInCostaRica.blogspot.com/2012/07/RelojJuegosOlimpicos.html

Where to watch the Olympics in Costa Rica in English

Want to watch the Olympics in Costa Rica??  It's on in English on the U.S. NBC channel.

On your computer - go to


Since it does work in many other countries, what I think is PERHAPS it has something to do with Costa Rica not having any real/tight Copyright laws????  BUT - USTVNow DOES work!!!

USTVNow is mainly for you computer - Just Sign Up!!!!   But they offer other versions

WHO CAN JOIN?I believe it's anyone in the U.S. or outside!!

It's LIVE - aired from a Pennsylvania station so on EST!!!!

MAN THAT SCREEN IS SMALL (my eyes aren't that great!)
You can also enlarge it to your full computer screen by pressing on the little box in the bottom right corner on the bar where the volume is.


The main channels (ABC, CBS, NBC) plus CW, Fox and PBS - low resolution quality (which has been fine on my computer) are FREE

For 1 month you will be able to enjoy the free service in hi resolution using your computer or our optimized interfaces for the iPad, iPhone, Android and Roku.

You will be able to watch only on your computer and it will be in low resolution. If you still want to have the first month upgraded features you will have to upgrade to a paid plan, which includes not only the networks mentioned above but also the top cable TV channels.

You can also upgrade sooner to a paid plan witch includes our cable channels and a DVR. No credit card info is required to sign-up for the free plan.

PAID PLANS  -  USTVNow.com/oc/faq.php
ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, My9, AandE, Animal Planet, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Food Network, FX, Fox News, History, Lifetime, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Spike, Syfy, TBS, TNT, USA

All Channel Plan withOUT DVR (digital video recorder) (this is cool as I didn't know about the smaller plans!)
    1 Day Pass  -  $2.99
    3 Day Pass  -  $6.99 ($2.33/day)
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All Channel Plan WITH DVR (digital video recorder)
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Curso-Taller - FENG SHUI - Xuan Kong el Secreto de Construccion de las Dinastias Imperiales Chinas - con Iside Sarmiento

El Colegio de Arquitectos presenta el curso taller:
Xuan Kong: el Feng Shui clásico a través de la Escuela de la Estrella Voladora
Un taller práctico de aprovechamiento para potenciar y controlar la energía de las edificaciones con el Feng Shui de la brújula, el secreto de construcción de las dinastías imperiales.
Con Iside Sarmiento

Colegio de Arquitectos - San Jose, Costa Rica


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Wine Dinner con Sommelier & Overnight in the Rain Forest

Culinary Tourism

Villa Blanca Hotel
with Sommelier and Overnight

WHEN:  Saturday•Sabado - August•Agosto 4, 2012 - 7pm

WHERE:  Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel
VillaBlanca-costarica.com   •  facebook.com/VillaBlancaHotel 
2-401-3800 (please tell them Vicki with the Living Life blog Connected you!)
up in the Los Angeles Cloud Forest of Costa Rica • en el Bosque Nuboso Los Angeles de Costa Rica

The 1-night package includes dinner and a sommelier-guided wine tasting, as well as a 1-hour guided tour of the cloud forest, and breakfast the following morning & 25% off at the spa

El paquete de una noche incluye cena y una degustación de vinos sommelier guiada, así como una visita guiada de 1 hora de la selva nublada, y el desayuno la mañana siguiente y el 25% de descuento en el spa

Grupo Pampa - GrupoPampa.co.cr
is handling the wine portion of the event, and featured wines will come from the
se encarga de la parte del vino del evento, y los vinos destacados vendrá de la
Undurraga - Undurraga.cl and Caliterra - Caliterra.com - vinyards.

PRICE:  $95.50 per person/double occupancy • por persona / ocupación doble

RSVP BY - Tuesday - July 30 - 3pm  •  Martes reserva 30 Julio - 3pm.

found at:  CostaRicaEats.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/more-culinary-tourism-villa-blanca-wine-dinner


PLEASE "SHARE" this link with EVERYONE you know that might enjoy this and
PLEASE tell them that Vicki with the Living Life in CR blog Connected you!!
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GRAN BAZAR dia MADRE • Mothers Day Bazaar at Zamora Estates - Santa Ana, Costa Rica

dia de la MADRE
  •  Mothers Day

FECHA • WHEN:  Miércoles y Jueves - 8 y 9 de Agosto  -  10am-7pm
            Wednesday and Thursday  -  August 8 and 9  -  10am-7pm

LUGAR • WHERE:  Santa Ana - Zamora Estate - ZamoraEstateHotel.com

No te lo pierdas !!!  •  Do not miss it!
Bisuteria, joyas, carteras, cremas, jabones, canastas, comidas, ropa, manteleria, tejidos, quilts, vestidos de baño, sombreros, artesanias y mucho más
, handbags, creams, soaps, baskets, food, clothes, linen, textiles, quilts, bathing suits, hats, crafts and more

Clase de Yoga y de Concina Gratis
Yoga Class
and Free Concina

CLASES GRATIS para nuestras clientes  •  FREE CLASSES for our clients
10am  -  Clase de Yoga para mamá con la profesora Fedra B. Santoro
11am  -  Chat de Salud Total - AROMATERAPIA  -  Mente, Cuerpo y Espíritu con los sorprendentes aceites esenciales terapéuticos de dōTERRA - con Adele Lurie (Vicki dice Adele le ha hablado de este / ella)AromaDoTerra.com MyDoTerra.com/alur
3pm  -  Clases de cocina con Ana C Brenes. 3 bocas de 5 ingredientes - Hongos rellenos, dip de Wuasabi con vainica gourmet y crostini de trucha ah 

10am  -  Yoga class for Moms with Professor Phaedra B. Santoro
11am  -  Total Health chat - AROMA THERAPY - Mind, Body and Spirit using the AMAZING
therapeutic essential oils of DoTerra - with Adele Lurie (tell Adele Vicki told you about this/her) -  AromaDoTerra.com MyDoTerra.com/alur
3pm  -  Cooking classes with Ana C Brenes. 3-neck 5 ingredients - Mushrooms Stuffed with Dip Wuasabi Hem Stitching Gourmet Trout Crostini Ah

elGranBazar.cr  / info@elGranBazar.cr


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trolley Trail Walking Tour San Jose, Costa Rica

This is one of the yellow trolleys that gave transportation to residents of the capital until 1950. The route was powered by electricity.  (photo from Alliance Francaise)

Brunch del Patrimonio • Heritage Brunch:
"Atravesando la Capital:  el Tranvia en San Jose"
"Crossing the Capital: the Tramway in San Jose"

A Heritage
Brunch Tour featuring the days of the Trolley Cars in Costa Rica

Hosted by Alliance Francaise in conjunction with the architect Andrés Fernández.  It combines a lecture and illustrative, guided walking tour through the history and architecture of San Jose and brunch.

WHEN:  Saturday - August 11, 2012  -  9am  

PRICE:  15,000-c (includes talk, tour and brunch)

RESERVATIONS: 2-222-2283 ext. 924  afsj.net

Another of those walking tours of San José will take participants back to the days of the trolley, tranvía in Spanish, when there was not so much pollution or the crush of vehicles in the capital.

Alianza Francesa is presenting the program Aug. 11, and, like similar ones in the past, there is a walking tour, a lunch and a discussion.

The French cultural organization said that participants would hike part of the route and visit some of the major trolley stops.

The historical excursion comes at a time when San José officials are thinking of bringing back a modern version of the trolley.

San José got its first trolley in 1887 just three years after electricity was being distributed. Those who took the trolley look back on those years with nostalgia. The urban rail system was phased out 63 years later, according to the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz.

Bus routes were more flexible and there was not so much concern about vehicle exhaust.
The yellow trolleys ran 18 hours a day from Sabana Sur to the center of San Pedro, Barrio México and Guadalupe. One major route was along Avenida Central. Another was from Avenida Central to Plaza Víquez.

The trolley system meshed with the rail service because stops were near the Estación al Atlántico.

The weekday fare was 10 centavos from San Pedro to the center of San José and 10 centavos more to Sabana Sur, according to  Porfirio Acosta Ramírez, a motorman and conductor whose recollections are captured on a Internet video. He said each car could carry 70 persons.

The municipality has signed an agreement with a consulting firm to determine the feasibility of reinstituting a modern trolley system in the capital.

A report is due at the end of the year. Not coincidentally the project is being financed by a donation by the Embassy of France.

Alianza Francesa is accepting reservations for the Aug. 11 tour at its 3 locations in the Central Valley. The admission is 15,000 colons a person, about $30.

FILM FESTIVAL • Festival Internacional de Cine - Costa Rica - July 27-Aug. 5

(Fotografía: Pablo Cambronero)

"PEACE ON EARTH"http://facebook.com/CostaRicaCineFest
DATES:  Friday - July 27 to Sunday - Aug. 5, 2012

WHERE:  In theaters across San Jose

PRICE:  General entrance is 1,500-colones

SCHEDULE•DETAILS:  CostaRicaCineFest.com  •  2-223-0610 • 2-223-2127-xt103 • 122.

International Film Festival opens Friday
Posted: Friday, July 27, 2012 - By Hannah J. Ryan

Cinephiles, prepare for workshops, lectures and 80 films on the theme "Peace with Earth."

Step into the home of an Iranian family. Attend the performance of a gringo mariachi. Witness the birth of psychoanalysis with Freud. And by all means, do it from a theater seat in San José, as these diverse experiences are part of the 2012 International Film Festival in Costa Rica. Made up of workshops, lectures and 80 films under the theme “Peace with the Earth,” there’s entertainment for all interests.

“Films reflect the personality and identity of the countries they represent,” said Culture Minister Manuel Obregón. “This festival strives to renew human dignity and contribute to ... a collective critical spirit.”

Some of the films aim to bring understanding to different forms of violence, such as abuse of natural resources and disrespect of human life, he said. The films were selected by Nicole Guillemet, who was co-director of the Sundance Film Festival for 15 years.

The festival’s guest of honor is Mexico, a trendsetter in Latin American film for more than 100 years. Accordingly, a film series entitled “What was seen in Guadalajara” will be included. The films will be judged by a jury panel, and Costa Rica’s Jaguar Prize will go to the top picture.

The festival’s epicentre is La Antigua Aduana in San José’s Barrio California, where films, lectures and workshops will take place. Other locations include Magaly Theater, Plaza de Cultura, National Theater, the Children’s Museum and the Central Market, among others.

Films will be shown in their original language with Spanish subtitles. General entrance is ₡1,500. The festival will be held in theaters across San José, from July 27-Aug. 5. For schedules, tickets and more info, visit CostaRicaCineFest.com

Film festival stressing peace opens today in San José
By Kayla Pearson

The Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud and the Centro Costarricense de Produción Cinematográfica present 80 films from around the world during the 2012 international film festival beginning today.

The theme “Paz con la Tierra” invites participants to view audiovisual, cinematographic and video works with story lines that encourage respect for diversity and peaceful coexistence among human beings, plants and animals.

“This festival wishes to reaffirm the human dignity, promoting respect for life and contributing to the formation of a critical spirit that strengthens the collective consciousness. In that regard, the festival poses a challenge to those works of film and video that promote violence as mass entertainment in its various forms, including abuse of nature and the disrespect to all forms of life,” said organizers.

The film festival had been going on for 18 years.  It was usually held in November, but the ministry decided this year to change the date in the effort to bridge together the Costa Rican festival with other Latin American film festivals such as the International Film Festival in Guadalajara, México, the Icarus Film Festival in Central America, Guatemala, as well as the Festival International of the new Latin American cinema, Havana, Cuba, and the International Film Festival of Panamá.
Mexico will be honored during the festival for being the starting point of Latin American movies more than 100 years ago.

“Our guest of honor is Mexico, whose film has been starting point and reference for the creation and evolution of the Latin American and world cinema over more than one century. A sample of films in that country, proposed as a whole by the International Film Festival of Guadalajara, the Mexican Institute of cinematography will be scheduled as a tribute to this cinematographic heritage,” said the ministry.

Costa Rica has 22 different documentaries, video clips and short fiction firms.  The first will be the animation “Inalcanzable.”  The United States has eight different films that include Harry Belafonte's “Sing Your Song,” “Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey” and “Restrepo,” a story about men in Afghanistan.

This festival runs to Aug. 4 at the refurbished old customs house, the Antigua Aduana in east San José.  Other showings will be at the Magaly and Variedades movie theaters, teatros National and Melico Salazar, National Auditorium and the Mercado Central of San José.

There will also be performing arts and music workshops, visual arts exhibitions, talks, forums and conferences to promote active participation and artistic and intellectual exchange, organizers said.



El Teatro Nacional fue el anfitrión de la inauguración del festival y abrió con una interpretación al piano del ministro de Cultura, Manuel Obregón, acompañado de una videocreación del cineasta Hernán Jiménez.
Como la primera cinta internacional se presentó Chico y Rita. del prestigioso director español Fernando Trueba. “Estoy muy contento porque gracias a este festival pude venir a Costa Rica y me siento muy orgulloso de poder inaugurar este festival”, comentó el director.
Durante la ceremonia, se entregaron dos reconocimientos a figuras muy importantes en el cine costarricense.
Primero, se honró al fallecido miembro fundador del Centro de Cine, Víctor Vega. Su esposa e hijos recibieron el Jaguar, estatuilla del festival.
También la primera directora del Centro de Cine, Kitico Moreno, recibió el premio con una ovación por parte del público.
“Luego de 30 años, por fin le dan el lugar al Centro de Cine que merece y hoy brilla como una estrella en el cielo”, expresó Moreno.
Invitados La presidenta de la República, Laura Chinchilla, asistió a la inauguración en compañía de su esposo, José María Rico.
“Creo que el festival es una gran inspiración y traer directores de talla internacional, como es el director Trueba, es un gran incentivo para nuestros productores”, comentó Chinchilla.
Por su parte, el cineasta costarricense Óscar Castillo manifestó que otras artes ya contaban con festivales internacionales y el cine merecía el suyo. 

“Cada vez que algo crece es beneficio so para el país”, agregó.

THIS SATURDAY - 7/28 - Democrats Abroad Potluck Luncheon at Lenny Karpman & Joan Hall's Home in Guacima

Democrats Abroad "meeting" will be a
once again at the lovely home/grounds of
Lenny Karpman and Joan Hall

WHEN:  THIS Saturday  -  July 28th  -  11am-2pm

WHERE:  La Guácima - West of the airport, near the Butterfly Farm.

PRICE:  Please bring food or drinks to share.

Everyone is welcome.

RESERVATIONS:  Directions given upon RSVP - CR.DemocratsAbroad@yahoo.com or call Nelleke at 2-279-3553.
Please state names of all attending & what type of food or drink you are bringing (example - Main dish [vegetarian or non-vegetarian]; salad/veggies; dessert; drinks, alcoholic/non alcoholic, etc.)

They will provide van or bus transportation for 5,000 colones - round trip/per person.

10am - Paco Plaza - in the back by Fresh Market (Escazú) (if you're parking there you'll need to give the parking attendant a nice tip since you're not using the businesses there)
10:30am - Teatro Nacional (South/Avenida 2nd/Segundo side).

Bus reservation mandatory:  David Sagel - 2-203-8193  /  Davdag79@aol.com
Please arrive at the bus stop before the scheduled time.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KRAMA YOGA - Caer Para Volar con Daniella Muñoz - Augosto 11 y 12 - Escazu

Caer Para Volar
con Daniella Muñoz
en KRAMA YOGA  -  Escazu



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KRAMA YOGA - Introduccion a la Meditacion con Vanessa Cavallini - Escazu

Introduccion a la Meditacion
con Vanessa Cavallini
en KRAMA YOGA  -  Escazu



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KRAMA YOGA - Introductorio de Ayurveda con Eric Chacon

Introductorio de Ayurveda
con Eric Chacon
en KRAMA YOGA  -  Escazu



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KRAMA YOGA Festival II - Yoga y Arte Corporal - 29 Julio - Escazu

KRAMA Festival II
Yoga y Arte Corporal 

Domingo - 29 Julio - 9am-6pm



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KRAMA YOGA - Introduccion Zen Shiatsu con Kantu Veet Mor - Escazu

 Clase de
Introduccion Zen Shiatsu
con Kantu Veet Mor
en KRAMA YOGA  -  Escazu

Charlas Gratuitas y Entrenamiento!.
Para todos los masajistas y terapeutas, o todos aquellos que deseen aprender el toque Zen
Fechas:  27 de Julio y 3 de Agosto
Horario:  7:30-9:30pm



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