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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sat Yoga SATSANG - March 3 - Escazu, Costa Rica

Sat Yoga Satsang This Saturday! 
Saturday - March 3 - 7pm    

Sat Yoga June Satsang!We joyfully welcome you to join us for our traditional monthly open Satsang. For those who are not Sat Yoga students, our Satsangs offer you a portal into the atmosphere of a serious transformational school and a joyful spiritual community. It will give you an opportunity to meditate in a positive group energy field; to ask questions about spirituality, metaphysics, psychology, yogic relationships, paranormal phenomena, and the meaning of life; and to discover the gems of wisdom humanity has inherited from all the world's great spiritual traditions, philosophers, saints, and sages. After the meditation and discussion, we will share a delightful and simple prasad of fresh fruits and a heavenly baked treat from Radha's Kitchen. Please note that this Satsang will differ from past Satsangs, as many of our students and community members are doing service at the ashram, and therefore we will offer fruit prasad, cookies, and drinks only. (You are invited to bring a fruit offering, though you are not required to. If you would like to contribute to our prasad, please let us know before Saturday at 10:00am what you will bring. We ask that you not bring other foods such as dips or baked goods. We would like to keep the offering simple, so only fruits will be accepted.) 
Following the satsang, some of our sangha musicians will join together in the back garden (weather permitting) to create some divine melodies. If you have an instrument, drum, voice, or song that you would like to share, please bring it along.  
Schedule: This Saturday, March 3, at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30pm.  
No Fee: Satsangs are FREE (but, of course, Love offerings are accepted with gratitude, and they enable us to continue offering these sacred gatherings)

Parking: We are asking all to park outside of the institute, but to please be mindful of our neighbor's lawns and property when choosing your parking spot. And please help our guard and his family with a good tip! 
Please Register As Soon As Possible by calling our volunteer staff at 2288-3294 or confirm by email. Please arrive on time so as not to interrupt the meditation experience for others.  
We look forward to sharing the sacred space with you, and being with each other in Truth. Om Shanti.  

Sat Yoga Seminar I - March 10 & 11, 2012 
(This seminar is a prerequisite for participation in all other seminars and/or advanced classes)  
Sat Yoga Seminar I
This paradigm-shifting seminar will introduce you to all the fundamental concepts employed in Sat Yoga classes. It will enable you to participate fully in discussions and provide you with a larger and more encompassing identity and set of tools with which to navigate through life. The insights you will gain from this weekend seminar will crack open the ego shell and reveal the Pearl of Great Price at the center of your Being. It will shake you out of your comfortable (and/or miserable) egoic certainties and take you beyond the event horizon of mundane "normal" life. It will reveal that the sense of lack that plagues your life has all along been the gateway to eternal bliss-but now you will know how to make that bliss forever real and actualized in your everyday existence.

Not only will you receive the conceptual blueprint of the illusory egoic complex which has been ruling your mind, but you will be further aided by guided meditations that take you into the higher dimensions of Being, enabling you to liberate yourself in real-time from the delusions of Maya. You will learn the art of total mastery over the ego mind. You will learn to wield the sword of the spiritual samurai, the archetype of the flaming sword of Truth, and cut through the Gordian knot of the false self in one fell swoop. You will learn that you can silence the mind at will and ceaselessly abide in the deep silence of divine love and serenity that is our Supreme Reality.

Be a true pathfinder. You must have the courage and willingness to take the journey of Self-discovery all the way to its glorious denouement. Join us for this seminar if you dare-to be great. 
Where: Sat Yoga Institute (San Rafael of Escazú)

When: 10am-5pm Saturday & Sunday, March 10 & 11, 2012.

Lunch and other refreshments included both days.

Requested Donation: $200 (or 104.000 colones). The suggested donation is to help support the Ashram & Institute

Minimum Donation: $150 (or 78.000 colones)

Partial scholarships are available to those with financial limitations (but our number of scholarships are limited, so please inquire soon). Please talk to Radha if you need a reduced fee and can do karma yoga in exchange. Students who have already attended Seminar One but would like to take it again can participate for half-fee ($100). To secure your seat, we are asking for a 50% Non-refundable deposit.

Please register at least one week in advance. Thank you.

SMOKING BAN Approved - Costa Rica

March 5, 2012:
Sala IV FREEZES action on new tobacco measure

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Sala IV constitutional court has ordered the executive branch to freeze action on the new tobacco law because the magistrates have accepted an appeal from 10 lawmakers.

The lawmakers appealed but the legislature passed the measure for the second time before there was formal notification. The Sala IV will determine if there are any constitutional objections in the bill, which generally follows a treaty that Costa Rica has signed.

The measure forbids smoking in all public places and even at outdoor bus stops. There are still fines.

The magistrates also ordered the executive branch to withhold publishing the measure in the official newspaper. Publication is a requirement for a law to go into force.


As expected, lawmakers give final OK to tobacco ban

The legislature approved for the second and final time Monday a law to forbid smoking in most public and private locations. The vote was 45 to 2.

The action was expected because the measure had been approved overwhelmingly in an initial vote, and the country already said it would take this action when it ratified an international treaty against smoking in 2008.

The law, when signed by President Laura Chinchilla, will take about 18 months to go into effect. Then there will be stiff fines for persons who smoke in forbidden places. And these are about anywhere someone may be except the open air and their own home.

Those who dare smoke in a forbidden location face fines. The average citizen or resident who is caught smoking in a prohibited place will face a fine of 15 percent of a base salary, which now is 316,200 colons. So the fine would be a bit more than 47,000 colons or about $94.

The proposed law prohibits advertising related to tobacco products. And cigarette packages have to have 50 percent of the outside space dedicated to health messages.

Also prohibited is the Costa Rican tradition of selling cigarettes one at a time. This is common at vendor stands in urban areas. When the measure goes into effect, the minimum purchase will be 10 cigarettes.

Administrators of businesses where illegal smoking is found are subject to a fine of 50 percent of a base salary. That also goes for those using a method of sale, such as the Internet, where they cannot verify that the purchaser is an adult. The same fine is specified for anyone who sells cigarettes in quantities less than 10 and anyone who does so through a vending machine.

Business operators also have to put up and maintain posters that say smoking is illegal.

The measure also provides for health services to help those addicted to tobacco.

Also covered are smokeless tobaccos, such as snuff.

The measure also imposes a special tobacco tax, which is 20 colons for each cigarette, cigar or other type of tobacco. Some 60 percent of the tax will go to the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social to support anti-tobacco programs and cancer treatments. Some 20 percent will go to the Ministerio de Salud to support its obligations under the law. And 15 percent is earmarked for the Instituto sobre Alcoholismo y Farmacodependencia. The Instituto Costarricense del Deportes y la Recreación gets 5 percent.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Photo Credit: Fotolia/Mara Zemgaliete 

COTTAGE CHEESE (especially good cottage cheese) can be a challenging thing to find in Costa Rica!  

Craving it but can't find it? Here's supposedly a quick/easy recipe:

Homemade Cottage Cheese 
From North Central Kansas

This story is from Chris Long, submitted as part of our Wisdom From Our Elders collection of self-sufficient tales from yesteryear. 

I grew up in a self-sufficient homestead on the plains of North Central Kansas in the 1930s. My mother often made homemade cottage cheese. We always used skim milk so the cream could be taken along with the eggs to “trade” for groceries. We were eating “healthy” and didn't know it! We let a gallon of the milk set on the back of the cook stove (where the water heated, it was always warm) until it "clabbered." The clabbered milk should look kind of like jello. This could take a day or more.

When I make cottage cheese today, I add a half cup of buttermilk (How to Make Your Own Buttermilk - http://FrugalLiving.about.com/od/condimentsandspices/r/Buttermilk_Sub.htm), which speeds the process up, and I make it in my crockpot at a low temperature. Then, I use a large whisk to stir occasionally and cook until curds form and separate. This process takes a day or more. Place cheesecloth in a strainer or colander and pour mixture in. Drain thoroughly. Add cream or half-and-half, salt and pepper. Enjoy!

I found another recipe on the internet for quick cottage cheese. 
Heat a gallon of skim milk to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, remove from heat, and add 3/4 cup vinegar. Stir slowly for 1 to 2 minutes. 
Curd should separate from whey. 
Cover and let set for 30 minutes, drain through cheesecloth, and rinse in cold water. 
Squeeze as dry as possible. 
Add 1 1/2 teaspoon salt. 
Store in refrigerator until needed. 
Add cream or half-and-half as desired.

Another recipe:


Saturday, February 25, 2012

CANCELLED - "Rock' N Roll • Hollywood All Stars" - May 3



REFUNDS available through PubliTickets

Matt Sorum's

Celebrating 10 years of 80's and over - a SUPER HEAVY METAL CONCERT featuring several legends from the likes of:
Billy Duffy (The Cult) 
Duff McKagan (Guns N 'Roses, Velvet Revolver)
Ed Roland (Collective Soul)
Gilby Clark (Guns N' Roses - guitarist) 
Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple and Black Sabbath - bassist)
Jason Newsted (Metallica bassist)
Joe Elliot (Def Leppard)
Matt Sorum (Guns N 'Roses and Velvet Revolver - drummer)
Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) 
Steve Stevens (guitarist - Billy Idol)
Vince Neil (Motley Crue)
Gene Simmons (legendary band Kiss bassist) 

and MORE!!

Charlie Sheen will be the Master of Ceremonies.

Brunka Producciones (a partnership of Craneo Metal and Costa Rica Metal) expects some 20.000 people, lovers of rock music, to attend.

Tickets go on sale on March 3 for 14,000-44,000-c (Sol - 14,000-c, Sombra - 19,000-c, Platea - 24,000-c, Palco - 44,000-c, Gramilla VIP 39,000-c) at - http://SpecialTicket.net ServiMas, Bansbach, Arenas Insomnia and 2-206-7770


Got a DENUNCIO/legal judgment against you? You might not want to attempt to leave Costa Rica!

Got a DENUNCIO/legal judgment against you?   You might not want to attempt to leave the country!!!

OIJ Disbanded Group Dedicated To Irregular Procedures With Passports

To ensure that a person with a date with Costa Rica's judicial system does not flee the country, it applied what is called an "impedimento de salida".

This legal action allows immigration officials at border crossings - land, air or sea - to stop them from leaving Costa Rican territory. But, we have read it over and over in reports where people do get through, that is they are able to evade jurisdiction by going to Nicaragua or Panama, as well as other destinations.

This occurs when someone looks the other way, as is the case of the detention of a group of "gavilanes" (hawksters) by the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) dedicated to irregular procedures at Paso Canoas border crossing.

Authorities say the group charged us$500 or more to give someone the ability to leave the country though they were restricted from doing so.

One immigration official was also detained in the police operation that used marked money to uncover those involved.

To leave Costa Rica, a person has to check into an immigration post where the officer checks the passport against a database. If the person is restricted from leaving the country, could be for failure to pay child support or alimony or a date with justice, they are denied the exit stamp.

The procedure is clear and up front at the land border crossings at Paso Canoas (Panama) and Peñas Blancas (Nicaragua), however, occurring behind the scene at airports like the Juan Santamaría and Tobias Bolaños (Pavas) in San José and the Daniel Oduber in Liberia.

At airports, passengers are required to hand in their departure tax form to the airline, which in turn hands it over to immigrations officials who do a database check before the flight is allowed to leave.

If a person is found to be restricted they will be pulled of the flight if not detained at the boarding gate and the reason for the "one hour"* early rule for international flights, allowing time for the behind the scenes process to take place.

*Airlines are not permitted to issue a boarding pass to international passengers if they arrive at the counter less than one hour before the flight is scheduled to leave.


AeroMexico With Daily Flight to Costa Rica Starting In March

AeroMexico With Daily Flight to Costa Rica Starting In March
Airline will also start flying to Bogota, Colombia on March 9

Starting next month it will be easier to fly to and Costa Rica and Mexico and connections with the start of of daily flights by Aeromexico.

The flights will start on March 15 the company announced and part of its expansion in Latin America.

Aeromexico said it will use a Boeing 737 with a capacity of 134 passengers on its flight between Mexico City and the Juan Santamaria (San José) airport.

Aeromexico will fill the void of direct flights to and from Mexico and Costa Rica with the failure of Mexicana.

The company said it will also start flying to and from Colombia starting March 9.

Airways of Mexico, SA de CV[(Aerovías de México, S.A. de C.V.), operating as Aeroméxico, is the flag carrier airline of Mexico based in Colonia Cuauhtémoc, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City. It operates scheduled domestic and international services to North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. Its main base is Mexico City International Airport.

Aeromexico is a subsidiary of Grupo Financiero Banamex, a subsidiary of Citigroup.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Democrats Abroad Costa Rica•DACR - February Meeting - “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act - FATCA - What it Means to You""

"SEARCH" our site for "DACR"
for more current information

Sharon Wildey, retired litigation attorney, will speak at
DEMOCRATS ABROAD Costa Rica's (DACR) Monthly Meeting on
What it Means for Citizens Living Abroad” 

WHEN:  Saturday, February 25, 2012  -  9:30am - noon


San Jose - Downtown
 Holiday Inn Aurola - 3rd floor
Calle 5 at Avenida 5 - in front of Parque Morazan
2-523-1000 (hotel's number if you get lost)

FREE parking
is located ONLY in the Herdonza Parking Lot  
which is on the East side of the hotel.  At the meeting they'll announce instructions and you'll get a voucher in the lobby from the Bell Boys to present (get there early to get a space as it fills up fast on meeting days!!).

Contribution for bocas and coffee break and meeting room space

Reservations are REQUIRED at
call Nelleke at 8-721-6497
*Please be sure to make your reservation if you plan to come to any DACR meeting as their cushion between what the hotel charges them and what they charge for attendance is getting very thin.  They used to order bocas for 3-5 extra people for meetings, but if they did that now they would lose money, so they order only for those who made their reservation, and then order extra on the day of the meeting.  However, the hotel can charge them 20% extra if they order bocas on the day of the meeting, so they need to avoid that.


Are you available to Drive?  Are you needing a ride (and willing to contribute towards gas/wear-n-tear)?  Want to Share a taxi?


Guest are welcome at 1 meeting and then asked to *"join"•register -
it's FREE!!
it's FREE to join!
To join - just attend a meeting  OR 
 go to the official International Democrats Abroad site:





Costa Rica Democrats Abroad - Costa Rica





DemocratsAbroad.org  •  Facebook.com/DemsAbroad


Please SHARE this link with EVERYONE you know that will find this information helpful/interesting (especially on Facebook!)
(and tell them VICKI CONNECTED you!!):



WORKSHOP ON / Taller sobre ASPERGER Costa Rica


Wednesday / Miércoles - March / Marzo - 7 - to - Friday / Viernes - March / Marzo - 9


WEDNESDAY / Miércoles - March 7
9am-12-noon  -  "My son has Asperger's" - Aimed at parents  
“Mi Hijo tiene Asperger” - Dirigido a padres de familia

1-4pm:  "The Child with Asperger Syndrome" - Aimed at parents, patients with asperger, psychologists  
“El Niño con Síndrome de Asperger” - Dirigido a padres de familia, pacientes con asperger, psicopedagogos, psicólogos

THURSDAY / Jueves - March 8
9am-noon  -  M.D. "A teenager with Asperger" - Aimed at parents, patients with asperger, psychologists  
“El adolescente con Asperger” - Dirigido a padres de familia, pacientes con asperger, psicopedagogos, psicólogos  

1-4pm  -  "The adult with Asperger" - Aimed at parents, patients with asperger, psychologists  
“El adulto con Asperger” - Dirigido a padres de familia, pacientes con asperger, psicopedagogos, psicólogos

FRIDAY / Viernes - March 9
9am-noon  -  "Approach in the classroom from preschool" - Aimed at parents, teachers, patients with asperger, psychologists  
“Abordaje en el aula desde pre escolar” - Dirigido a padres de familia, docentes, pacientes con asperger, psicopedagogos, psicólogos  

1-4pm  -  "Approach in the classroom in primary and secondary" - Aimed at parents, teachers, patients with asperger, psychologists 
“Abordaje en el aula en primaria y secundaria” - Dirigido a padres de familia, docentes, pacientes con asperger, psicopedagogos, psicólogos   

REGISTER BY:  Monday - March 5  

PRICE:  Each class costs 15,000-c - OR - get all 6 classes - the complete package - 80,000-c (includes certificate of participation)   
Monto: ¢15.000 en la mañana o en la tarde, paquete completo, precio especial ¢80.000 (incluye certificado de participación).


No de Cuenta BN: 200-01-154-00-7777-7

LOCATION:  Auditorium at CENAREC, 150 West of the Cementery in Guadalupe  /  
Lugar: Auditorio CENAREC, 150 Oeste del Cementerio de Guadalupe - 8-856-0437

Twitter  -  AutismoFeliz  

Where to find a USB Computer Headset, Apple, Skype

Had a HARD time finding a HEADSET for your computer that has a USB thingie/port (ALL the ones I've found in over 10 stores including most of the big boys had the 2 prong which does NOT work with my laptop), PLUS be Apple / Macintosh compatible, PLUS be Skype compatible?  

I JUST found one on the Skype page that sounds BEYOND perfect AND and INCREDIBLE DEAL!!!
iTech EasyChat 814

Comfortable stereo headset for Skype calls, music listening and phone calls (meaning it looks like also can ALSO connect with your walkman [or whatever the trendy music system is these days -  MP3 or something maybe???] & cell phone [providing you have the right "hole"!!]). Flat folding design enhances portability and, together with built-in microphone / PPT button, allows for seamless switching between calls and music
•    Skype certified for guaranteed quality and ease of use.
•    Wideband audio.
•    Convenient USB adapter for use with PC’s, Mac’s and laptops.
•    Comfortable noise isolation ear cushion prolongs music enjoyment.
•    Rich and full range digital audio performance.
•    Slim 7 durable stainless steel headband.
•    Flat folding design to enhance portability.
•    In-line microphone with push-to-talk button for talking on calls.

Right now it's just $20 (30% off the $28.56 price) 
+ 60 minutes FREE Skype Credit!!!!

UNFORTUNATELY this GREAT DEAL headset is NOT located in Costa Rica so you'll have to have it sent to someone - or your PO Box in the U.S. and somehow get it to you in Costa Rica as I don't believe Skype ships to Costa Rica but it's small so shouldn't weigh much.
Please share this link with EVERYONE that could use this information:


APPLIANCE REPAIR - REPAIRMAN in the Central Valley, Costa Rica - MELVIN Valverde

(yup - that's Melvin with my OLD ORANGE fridge FILLED with POSITIVE messages!!)

MELVIN Valverde   
(8-398-4614-NEW NUMBER / 2-289-9565 / MelEscazu@hotmail.es
[best to call as he does NOT check his email often]

The FIRST person I call when I have a problem with some sort of appliance (fridge, dishwasher, stove, oven, washing machine, dryer, freezer) is Melvin!  

Melvin is AWESOME!  He is VERY FAIR with his prices AND - he GUARANTEES HIS WORK for up to 6 MONTHS (how many others do that in Costa Rica [and honor it!!!])!!!!

COMMENTS:  Melvin was VERY resourceful in helping me "Tico-ize" things with my "fiscally challenged" times (ie; get me a temporary fix on some OLD appliances - to get it working - for NOW).  One funny one was on this OLD purple fridge I had where the seal wasn’t sealing properly around the door so he put VASELINE around it and it SERIOUSLY worked for another year!!!).  He's also done a REALLY GOOD job when I DID have $$ to fix things properly. 

ALL of the people I know that have used him have RAVED also!!

ENGLISH:  I found Melvin to speak quite good English (though he doesn't admit to it.  Though like with most people, it's best when you're face-to-face and you aren't rambling like I tend to do!!),

LOCATION:  Escazu - but he’ll come on his motorcycle to you all over (though if you're further out, there will be some sort of nominal fee for the extra time/gas).  


Please "Share" this link / Por favor, "Compartir" en este enlace - with everyone you know that would ENJOY IT!!  /  con todo el mundo sabe que lo disfruten!


And if you found this helpful/brought you some ease/business and you want to help keep this site ALIVE - I welcome you to consider making a DONATION (details at the top right corner). ANY size donation would be GREATLY appreciated (especially since this is my ONLY form of revenue now!!)


U.S. proposes minimum tax for overseas subsidiaries

U.S. proposes minimum tax for overseas subsidiaries
By the http://AMCostaRica.com  staff
and wire service reports
February 23, 2012

President Barack Obama's proposed revision of the U.S. Internal Revenue code would subject subsidiaries of U.S. corporations operating abroad to a minimum tax.

“This would stop our tax system from generously rewarding companies for moving profits offshore,” said the Framework for business Tax Reform released by the White House.

The proposal has relevance in Costa Rica where many subsidiaries of U.S. firms are located.

Foreign income deferred in a low-tax jurisdiction would be subject to immediate U.S. taxation up to the minimum tax rate with a foreign tax credit allowed for income taxes on that income paid to the host country, according to the proposal. The minimum tax rate was not specified.

The president's proposal would end tax deductions for U.S. companies that move productions overseas and provide new incentives for bringing production back to the United States, the Framework said.

The president's proposal is to give a 20 percent income tax credit for the expenses of moving operations back into the United States.  He suggested some kind of advantage for firms that do this but did not clarify in his State of the Union Address.

The current U.S. tax code allows companies to deduct interest expenses for borrowing and investing overseas even if they pay little or no U.S. taxes, the Framework notes. Obama wanted to eliminate this practice.

“Our tax system should not give companies an incentive to locate production overseas or engage in accounting games to shift profits abroad, eroding the U.S. tax base. Introducing a minimum tax on foreign earnings would help address these problems and discourage a global race to the bottom in tax rates.” said the Framework.

Obama aims to cut the U.S. corporate tax rate from 35 to 28 percent, while eliminating dozens of tax-saving deductions American companies now enjoy.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner unveiled the tax overhaul Wednesday, two days before a tax proposal being offered by one-time venture capitalist Mitt Romney.  He is one of the leading Republican presidential contenders seeking his party's nomination to face Obama, a Democrat, in next November's national election.
tax reform report
The face of the joint Framework report

Government officials said the plan would cut the effective tax rate for manufacturing firms from the current 32 percent average to 25 percent.  But the proposal would raise taxes on oil and natural gas companies.

The top U.S. corporate rate of 35 percent is among the highest in the world, putting American firms at an economic disadvantage.  But numerous U.S. corporations, after taking allowable deductions for business expenses, often pay at a substantially lower rate, and occasionally, nothing.

The Framework also discusses the advantage of a Subchapter S corporation where any profits are passed without tax to the shareholders. Although there is no specific mention of a plan to end this type of corporate structure, the Framework characterized as a distortion the difference between this time of firm and a typical corporation that pays taxes before distributing dividends.

The Framework document is clearly a political one. It is filled with words like loophole, distortions and subsidies.

The conservative Heritage Foundation quickly issued a lengthy critical commentary.

“The vision Obama outlines is to punish firms that outsource jobs and incentivize 'insourcing,'” said the column by J.D. Foster. “The net effect, however, would be quite different. The net effect is to put a 'for sale' sign on every profitable U.S. multinational company. The buyers, however, won’t be U.S. companies. The buyers will all be foreign companies.”

(Vicki's comment:  "Say WHAT?!?!?!?!" [ok, & some other nasty words] to this JD Foster's comment???  "WHY on earth should any American company that's LEFT the U.S. and GREATLY effected the economy, be GIVEN ANY "relief" from the U.S.???")