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Saturday, November 29, 2014

"EDUCATIONAL" GIFT • TOYS IDEAS for Kids Living in Costa Rica & Why

Normally I'm VERY ANTI MATERIALISM - ESPECIALLY for kids, BUT - in a country (Costa Rica) that's only been a "Car Society" (meaning the masses had cars) for about 25-30 years AND, where it is NOT Mandatory to get ANY formal training on how to drive, hence I've never in ALL my travels - been to a country that had WORSE DRIVERS (trust me, I am NOT just talking about Tico's!!  I SWEAR EVERY BAD driver from other countries has chosen to move here or visit and the WORSE WORSE WORSE MOST IN-considerate drivers - MOTORCYCLISTS!!!!!

So, what I'm saying, I think getting a child one of these type cars - IF they have space to ride around in it (NOT in the house) and IF someone is actually TEACHING them HOW to drive - I think this is one of THE BEST GIFTS you can give a child living in Costa Rica to
HELP THEM IN THE FUTURE (and help everyone else that gets on the road - either driving or walking!!)

I would think the masses of these - especially for better prices - come out around Christmas Time (which in Costa Rica is getting earlier and earlier - like sometime in October•November [depending on the store - like WalMart - the day after they take their Halloween stuff down - November 1ish])
WalMart probably has a couple - mainly around Christmas.

I think Radio Shack often has these type "toys" (or as I like to look at them - "Educational Toys") but they tend to be quit expensive.

November 29, 2014 (Christmas time) I saw these pictured at

Just ANOTHER way of looking at things!!!




Friday, November 28, 2014

CPR - Hints & Classes - HEART ATTACKS • CPR • STROKES - Where to Learn How to Do CPR • Clases de RCP cursos in Costa Rica


I just heard on "The Doctors" that if someone is having a Heart Attack & you're not sure what speed to do the CPR Compressions - they say the perfect speed to to the beat of “Staying Alive"!!!!
Now doesn't that make it easier to remember - think John Travolta! (SERIOUSLY!!!)

As Expats Living in Costa Rica there are a couple things that it's

#1  -  KNOW how to give DIRECTIONS to your place in ESPANOL!!!!

#2  -  Have someone that can CLEARLY EXPLAIN the SYMPTOMS in ESPANOL!!!!!
(to ME - this is why I used to belong to an ambulance



Heart Attack Symptoms in Women
Women don't always feel chest pain with a heart attack. Women are more likely than men to have heartburn, loss of appetite, tiredness or weakness, coughing, and heart flutters. These symptoms should not be ignored. The longer you postpone treatment, the more damage the heart may sustain.
(SOURCE:  WebMD.com/heart-disease/ss/slideshow-visual-guide-to-heart-disease)

 Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Heart Disease

Beth Shared:
If someone is having a heart attack, they should

DRINK 1 TEASPOON of CAYENNE PEPPER in a glass of water -
it opens up the arteries, thus slowing damage or stopping a heart attack immediately. Always have cayenne around! 

Of course you should still get them to a hospital either way, but that can definitely help if you don't know CPR!

With that said - Lee shared this link on the risks of using Cayenne when someone is taking
the blood thinner

Coumadin or Warfarin


Do YOU know any special HINTS for Performing CPR
Some trick to help one remember what to do??


The above Hint reminded me that it's been AGES since I've taken a CPR or First Aid class & I'm sure I'm not the only one (added to all that have not taken a class yet) so I'm seeking information on where one can take CPR and/or First Aid Courses around Costa Rica to share here!!
If you know of any - in English and/or Spanish, PLEASE help get and email me -
the DETAILS (especially if it's in Espanol as I don't speak enough to get the details) including the city and province, location of classes, hours, price, contact (email and cell phone and land line), contact name that speaks English, language it's in, price of the class, title and description of the class and ANYTHING else you feel would be helpful•bring one EASE!!!


This section is reserved for classes I'm going to be seeking on How to Perform CPR as well as other First Aid hints and I will share here.
Check your local
(though I'm pretty positive they'll be in Español only)
facebook.com/CruzRojaCostarricense  •  CruzRoja.or.cr


for other courses in Spanish - Steve suggested
google "cursos rcp costa rica"
(I'll let someone else do that if they'd like since my Español is limited but if you find any on-going ones, PLEASE Share them with me so I can add them to the list)


Saturday - November 29

Revive Wellness Center at Langosta Beach Club

Is doing a WHOLE DAY of various CPR and First Aid courses

(I'm checking to see if they'll be doing more in the future but if you're interested, "Like" their Facebook page)


In the meantime - here are some longer VIDEOS to show you
(or a little refresher) and some

First Aid Training Video - How To Perform ABC's of CPR (Adult Episode)

How to Perform CPR on an Infant - short version


CPR AED First Aid Infant Child Adult Certification Course Safety Media On Demand Online


Child CPR 2010 guidelines training video following New CAB method How to CPR Video


Infant CPR ESPAÑOL 2010 directrices video de entrenamiento siguiente Nuevo método CAB Cómo CPR vídeo

SPANISH Infant CPR 2010 guidelines training video following New CAB method How to CPR Video


Basic First Aid Training HD


FIRST AID TRAINING - the Au Par Course


Basic First Aid Training HD


Standard First Aid - Basic Life Support & CPR


Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a 4th Indicator - 


Remember the 1st 3 Letters.....
S. T. R.


During a BBQ, a woman stumbled and took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) ....she said she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes.

They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she appeared a bit shaken up, Jane went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening.

Jane's husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital - (at 6:00 pm Jane passed away.) She had suffered a stroke at the BBQ. Had they known how to identify the signs of a stroke, perhaps Jane would be with us today. Some don't die. They end up in a helpless, hopeless condition instead.

It only takes a minute to read this.

A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke...totally. He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed and then getting the patient medically cared for within 3 hours, which is tough.

Thank God for the sense to remember the '3' steps, STR. Read and Learn!

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify.
Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

Now doctors say a  bystander can recognize a stroke by asking 3 simple questions:

*Ask the individual to SMILE.

*Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK a SIMPLE SENTENCE  (Coherently)(i.e. It is sunny out today.)

*Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call emergency number immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

New Sign of a Stroke -

Another 'sign' of a stroke is this:
Ask the person to 'stick' out his tongue.
If the tongue is 'crooked', if it goes to one side or the other that is also an indication of a stroke.



Thursday, November 27, 2014

MY FAVORITE Radio Station in Costa Rica - RADIO DOS•Radio 2!!!!

SOOOO COOL!!   A "Suggestion" popped up for me on Facebook for
RADIO DOS - Radio 2 - 99.5 fm
& though I normally do not listen to much music (I LOVE Silence ) - I LOVE this Costa Rican•Americana radio station!!

I clicked onto the link remembering they have it LIVE:
& there was my THEME SONG from my youth -

"Born to be Wild!!!!" - Youtu.be/1ivRRrUhz4Q
(though for me "wild" had NOTHING to do with drugs, alcohol or smoking [sex - YES!!!]  What's funny is most of my songs growing up were about being "Wild" or Single!!!  Even my Barbie had her own business, numerous boyfriends, traveled a LOT & lived in the jungle [ahhh my moms atrium!!]!! I was such an "Aware" "child"!!).

This station also takes me back to my past - especially my "youth", as songs have always played a BIG PART in my memories - & it's reminding me what an INCREDIBLY AWESOME LIFE I've had growing up in Southern California - & how BLESSED I feel to have had a GREAT youth/school years/upbringing on SOOO MANY levels!!

What a MOOD SHIFTER Radio Dos is to/for me!!!

It's a GREAT station to sing-along too!!
(I LOVE to sing - even at the top of my lungs - even though I don't have a great voice!! I figure - if you don't like my voice - close YOUR EARS!!! I FEEL music & I EXPRESS what I FEEL!!!!).

Funny how when I listen to many of these songs - I realize either even back then - I didn't know what the words are!!!   Thank Goddess for Lyrics on YouTube.com!!!

Anyone else LOVE Radio Dos????

I welcome you to share you Comments - or FAV song below!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top 10 reasons to THINK & BUY LOCAL first!!!!!

GAY • SAME SEX COUPLES can now be INSURED TOGETHER in Costa Rica's Socialized Medicine system - CAJA

I'm not sure why this is news now as I THOUGHT it was voted on back in May 2014 and I also see some articles from October 17, 2014 but I'm seeing it come up again NOW - so, here ya go . . .

YEAHHH!!!!  Gay • Same Sex Couples living in Costa Rica that have been together for 3+ years, can now* register with the CAJA and be covered for Medical Insurance!!!!

AND they will also have hospital visitation rights AND the ability to make medical decisions for surgery and/or in emergencies (THIS is CRUCIAL as I can't tell you how many times I've KNOWN people who's family has disowned their gay son or daughter but when they were in the hospital or worse, on their death bed, they swooped in to make medical decisions AND STEAL EVERYTHING away from their partner - sometimes their partner of 30+ years!! [the karma THEY WILL have to deal with . . . ]).

They also will be able to insure their non-working partner as their family member.

3 years is what is considered "Common-Law Marriage in Costa Rica.

CAJA (Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social)
CCSS.sa.cr  •  facebook.com/CCSSDeCostaRica
is Costa Rica's MANDATORY Socialized Medicine system that you MUST register with and pay into if you have Residency.

All I've seen so far is sometime in February 2015.
(this is interesting as most things that seem to be voted on sure seem to go into effect practically immediately.  Interesting this would take 1-1/2 - 2 months)

I saw this mention in the Tico Times in October 2014
"In order to register a partner as a health insurance beneficiary, a person must be affiliated and current with Caja obligations.
The couple then will be interviewed by Caja officials and will be asked to provide a written statement and a witness’ declaration confirming a stable relationship for no less than three years, as well as proof that both are legally single."
The WHERE is still unclear but I'll keep you posted.

I'm SOOOO HAPPY Costa Rica has taken a step in the right direction towards treating ALL God's Children with EQUAL RESPECT!!!

(check out their other WONDERFUL articles also!!!)

Monday, November 24, 2014

INK CARTRIDGES - Where to find Ink Cartridges in Costa Rica

First off, Printer Cartridges are THE BIGGEST SCAM out there as you can usually buy a new printer for dirt cheap - but then the Printer Cartridges cost a small fortune - ESPECIALLY in Costa Rica!!

Sure the standards - Office Depot • WalMart • Jimenez and Tanzi - have them - but I think they have some of the MOST EXPENSIVE prices on Ink Cartridges (ESPECIALLY Office Depot) and they tend to mainly have the Printer Cartridges for printers they sell in Costa Rica.
(on that note, I have found MANY electronic things or appliances purchased in Costa Rica - that model numbers don’t seem to correspond with anything you can find on the web.  Hmmmm - I wonder why that could be???).

Either way - Printer Cartridges are LOTS MORE EXPENSIVE in Costa Rica!!!!  I’ve PAID $18-$38 (YEARS AGO) and that adds up since I've found I usually had to buy a FEW if you have a Color Printer (sometimes 3-8 different color cartridges) - AND - THE BIGGEST BIGGEST scam I’ve experienced is even when I did NOT print hardly ANYTHING in color - I seemed to HAVE to buy new ones all at the same time as - they DRY UP!!!!

So if you've brought your printer from the U.S./Canada - IF it were ME, I'd somehow get LOTS of EXTRA cartridges down here as you can usually find them online for WAYYYY CHEAPER.

Shipping ANYTHING to Costa Rica these days OFTEN seems to get caught up in the Aduana - Costa Rica's version of the Tax Man!!  This can be VERY COSTLY but worse - a pain in the tush if you are doing it yourself vs having shipped it through a private mail company (usually based in Miami.  See my article on those:

OFTEN you can get Printers on sale REALLY CHEAP - so sometimes it’s cheaper just to buy a new Printer (THOUGH - NOTE that MANY of those do NOT come with FULL regular size Printer Ink Cartridges - but at least you’ll have a Printer that MAY be easier to find new Ink Cartridges for!!
BUT - if you think you can get your cheaper Ink Cartridges in the States and have someone bring them for you - guess what - you can NOT find those model numbers in the States - hence can NOT find that Ink Cartridges for them or the CHIP that's in it is not programmed for it (I've heard that those Chips CAN be removed if someone knows what they're doing)!!!

So what’s a girl to do to get her Printer working when the Ink Cartridges run out . . .


WalMart's do Refilling in their Electronics Departments (they used to when they were HyperMas AGES ago) but NOT ALL printers can accept Refills as they have a Chip in them (I've heard that a more technically minded person can figure that out). 
Some you will screw them up BIG TIME - hence potentially screw up your Printer (been there - done that [trying to do it myself even though I was warned!!])

Has a section where you can give the province in Costa Rica and it will give you a list of people that can do refills.

The Jaco Library and Monster Ink have partnered with a cartridge refilling station

I had a guy up in Tamarindo that had a business doing refills and he was looking to expand that business.  I'm checking to see if he's still doing them and will comment back here.


You can check with the Printer Manufacturer to see who some of their "officially authorized dealers" are - but chances are REALLY GOOD that that will equal LOTS more $$$.

The BEST place I’ve found in my 9 years of living in Costa Rica for Printer Ink Cartridges and at WAYYYYYY CHEAPER PRICES than ALL of the big boy stores is:

ManiaDigital.com  •  facebook.com/ManiaDigital
2-290-7322 / info@ManiaDigital.com

IN THEIR STORE they carry the standard popular brands of Ink Cartridges - Epson, HP, Canon, Lexmark.

BUT - they can SPECIAL ORDER other printer cartridges - it just takes 1-2 business days.  Ana (who speaks GOOD English) said to do that, just CALL, they’ll tell you if they can get it and the price and to guarantee you're going to honor your order, you would TRANSFER 50% of the total to their BCR, BNCR, BAC account. 

They also carry Printer Paper  •  Photo Paper  •  Scanners (Canon, Epson, HP)  •  Printers including all-in-1’s (Canon, Epson, HP)  •  WiFi Routers  •  Wireless things from Printers, Keyboards and Mouses  •  Computers (Dell, Lenovo, HP, generic)  •  Computer Equipment and Parts (NO Apple)  •  Computer Repair (diagnosis is just - 10,000-c)  •  Computer Cables  •  Tablets (Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, HP, Lenovo, iPad, and some generic brands)  •  Laptops (Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo)  •  SmartPhones (iPhones, Samsung, Sony, Huawei)  •  USB Memory Sticks (they have some incredible sales on these every so often on their Facebook page!!)  •  Headsets (I’m checking to see if they have any Apple compatible ones)  •  Webcams (I’m checking to see if they have any Apple compatible ones)  •  Digital Cameras  •  External Hard Drives  •  Speakers  •  Audio things  •  Software  •  Projectors (Epson, Sony)  •  Computer Desks  •  Ergonomic things (mouse and keyboards, gel strips)  •  Chairs++.  

If they don’t have it - ask - they might be able to order it.

Make sure to sign up and regular check their FACEBOOK page as they have LOTS of specials on that!!  (MY FAV is their USB Flash Drive - 16GB for JUST 6,780 IVI!!!!)

Ana (she speaks good English & gives GOOD Customer Service).  Owner Rodrigo also speaks English.
(make sure to tell them Vicki with the blog Connected you!!)

Mon.-Fri. 8am-5:30pm.  Closed on Saturday and Sunday
San Jose-Sabana Sur - NEW LOCATION!!
FROM ESCAZU:  Take the Old Road•Calle Vieja - that runs along side the pista going into San Jose - Turn RIGHT at AM/PM.  Go 1 block and at the light (and church) turn RIGHT.  Go 1 block and turn RIGHT & they’re on the RIGHT side of the street about 25 meters inside the Centro Comercial Sabana Sur - on the right side (ahhh - all the one-way streets).

I gave directions from Escazu as I'm not sure you can always enter from the East side of the Old Road (by McDonald's in Sabana - all depending on traffic hours) as I've seen it blocked off at times so perhaps you could figure out how to get there till I can find this out.

(Glad I called as I noticed they had moved but I kind of assumed they closed - but they’re not!!!  They used to be Oeste/West of de La Contraloria - across from Sabana Park (their site says de la Iglesia Perpetuo Socorro - 100 Oeste•West, 25 Norte•North)


Damoa Electronics
facebook.com/pages/Damoa-Electronics/331113976985493  •  2-256-5419  •  g_bilopez@hotmail.com
I noticed on their facebook page they had a Grand Liquidation Sale and it’s after hours so I’ll check tomorrow to see if they’re still around.
Tenemos sucursales en Diferentes Zonas del area central del pais.
Acerquese a nosotros sera un gusto atenderle
Moravia - detras de la Iglesia catolica - 2-240-4451
San Jose - Detras de Diario Extra - 2-222-7809
San Jose por el Hotel Balmoral - 2-221-4305
Heredia - Del Bar Doble Cero 25 al norte - 2-261-8718.
San Ramon de Alajuela - a un costado de Alis - 2-447-0031.
HOURS:  Monday-Saturday - 8am-5:30pm


AmericanInkCR.com  •  2-552-1526  •  info@AmericanInkCR.com



Thursday, November 20, 2014



THIS position HAS been filled - BUT - they have other needs in the future so still send me your info.

EXAMPLE of a job I shared (FILLED):

Seeking a VERY responsible, nice, easy-going, REALLY GOOD in both English & Spanish (without a strong accent), professional person to help translate verbally for an English-speaking lady visiting from Belize for a convention.

Monday November 24 till Thursday November 27 - 8 hours each day
AND - Friday - November 28 - 4 hours total


Marriott Hotel
(I’m waiting to get confirmation on which exact Marriott it is but it's in the San Jose, Costa Rica - Central Valley area)

Email me your resume/details/experience & I’ll pass it on to Karolina - LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com



LAW OF ATTRACTION Workshop in Costa Rica's Southern Zone with Jannette MacKinnon

Take a Chance • Make a Choice

And be sure to bring a notebook -
there will be lots of valuable information, tools, and techniques to take home with you.

Monday  -  December 1, 2014  -  1-4pm
OJOCHAL - Bellena Bistro

Wednesday  -  December 3, 2014  -  1-4pm


Jannette MacKinnon

(make sure to tell her Vicki Connected you!)



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ASIAN MARKETS in Costa Rica - Where to find Asian (Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Filipino+), Indian & Middle Eastern Ingredients & Food Products • Productos Oriental in Costa Rica

Finding Asian (Thai • Chinese • Japanese • Taiwanese • Filipino+), Indian and Middle Eastern Ingredients & Food Products • Productos Oriental - in Costa Rica is NOT easy to find!!  Added to they have been in HUGE scrutiny over the past few years from the government - mainly because most things don't have proper labeling in Spanish and/or dates have expired.  So at one time or the other, most have been closed down or items removed. 

Sadly, my FAVORITE Asian Market - Super Sony - sold and moved and the new owners are only going to be selling wholesale to restaurants.

So here's a list of some of the stores I've found so far.  Hope it helps & if you find others to add, PLEASE get me ALL the details you can and email me at:

Ancyfer.com  •  facebook.com/pages/Ancyfer/254639467897677  •  2-256-8106  •  2-223-3082  •  ChikFung@racsa.co.cr
great option for Asian products.  LOTS of sauces!!  Wholesale to other restaurants+.
Note their website looks like you might be able to order online and have it delivered to you with a $100 minimum
San Jose - Calle 11on Paseo de los Estudiantes and Avenida 10-12 - 100 meters East•Este y 50 meters South•Sur of Acueductos y Alcantarillados (I saw that it's 1 block South of Tin Jo)
(they have their own parking lot)


Kawo Mercado Oriental - aka SuperMercado Asia • Supera Asia
crjin.com/esp/t/t008.htmlKawoCR.com • 2-235-9891-customer service • 2-236-3103-office 2-236-0308 servicio@KawoCR.com  •  kawo@sol.racsa.cr
General Manager - Rodlolfo Koo Chang - RKoo@KawoCR.com  •  Sales - Michael Rojas Viquez - MRV@KawoCR.com

Dim Sum, Green Teas, all sorts of

Gallon bottles of Soy Sauce, Sesame Sauce, Fish Sauce, Kung Pao Sauce, Plum Sauce, Duck Sauce++
 my FAV Sweet and Spicy Chili Sauce

Many flavors and sizes of Rice including Jasmin Rice and Basmati Rice, Ramen Noodles (not just the standard one you find in general markets) and Udon Noodles, Miso, Shiitake Mushrooms, fresh Oriental Vegetables, a BUNCH of Frozen things, Oriental Liquors and LOTS MORE (check out their website for great pictures showing what all they have!!).

2 doors down from SuperMercado Asia is their mega chunchie store

Feng Shui tools

Monday-Saturday 8:30am-8:30pm. Sunday - 8:30am-8pm
(I've also seen -
Monday thru Sunday, 9am - 6:30pm AND I've seen Daily 9am-8pm.  I'll verify)


 Tibas - 500 meters Sur•South of the iglesia•church
(map - crjin.com/esp/espmapa001.html)
Dolores did great bus directions at on SuperMercado Asia on her blog:
Other directions
Tibas exit from 32, follow road North, down in front of McDonalds to the dead end at the plaza, and take a left. and its 400 meters (1/2 mile) on the right side. and the gift shop is 2 more shops down on the right.


Distribuidora Hong Kong
Super Han
Súper El Puerto
SuperMercado Da Xing
SuperMercado Los Angeles - San Jose Centro
SuperMercado 88 - Barrio México


If you read about a SUPER SECRET Asian foods store (with no sign) in Rohrmoser • Pavas - note that one of my drivers went by there with a few clients a few months back and it was strange as they were VERY SECRETIVE and though they let them in to buy THIS time, they were saying they're really more for restaurants (though I found that odd as Abner brought me one of my FAV Sweet Chili sauces [but not my regular/fav brand at all!!]).


173 10/7/15


Beauty Supplies in Costa Rica WILL cost you a small fortune - especially anything imported (most) and choices are VERY limited.  If you're attached to a specific brand - find a "Mule"•friend to bring them to you as choices are limited and prices can be double - or MORE!!!

Larger grocery stores have some options.
The largest selection I've found so far was at WalMart.
AutoMercado has MANY things also.


facebook.com/pages/Super-Salon/182496421797480  •  SuperSalonCR.com
2-210-0405  •  2-210-0464

Super Salon carries everything from:
Cosmetics • all things HAIR related including higher end•professional Hair Color (Super Salon is where I get my Schwarzkopf hair color from and I do it myself for LOTS less than a salon would charge!!) • Nails (Manicures and Pedicure supplies) • Massage • Waxing • Facials • Grooming Products for Men and MORE!!!
Their products tends to be more higher end products.
They sell RETAIL•to the Public - BUT - offer BIG discounted wholesale prices to people with a license.

Super Salon lleva todo, desde:
Cosméticos todas las cosas relacionadas PELO (Super Salon es donde me sale el color de mi cabello Schwarzkopf desde y hacerlo yo mismo los lotes inferiores a un salón lo haría por !!) Uñas Masajes Depilación Faciales Productos de Aseo para los hombres y más !!!
Venden MENOR al Público - PERO - ofrecen precios al por mayor a las personas con una licencia.


Most stores I've been in, no one speaks English so
KNOW BEFORE YOU GO the translation of what you want!!

BUT - I go to the Escazu Centro store and ANNA DOES speak English (though she says she does not but she DOES - better than she lets on.  She also has an INCREDIBLE MEMORY and is VERY CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTED!!!! 
Make sure to tell her that Vicki - the BIG gal with either red, orange or purple hair [depending on my mood at the moment] - Molly's friend says "HOLA!!")
Monday-Friday  -  9am-6pm.  Saturday  -  9am-5pm
The Escazu Centro store is about 25 meters up the hill from my FAV "soda's"!
If you're up that way you MUST check it out!!!

Need a store open on Sunday?  Their San Rafael de Escazu store is open:
Monday-Friday  -  9am-6pm.  Saturday-Sunday - 9am-5pm
Calle Vieja - Centro Comercial Plaza San Rafael


"LIKE" their Facebook page
because they have some extra SPECIALS there as well as some stores sometimes have visiting technicians demonstrating some of the products.

I've seen at times BAC - Banco San Jose had promotions for a
10% discount at Super Salon
when you charge your items to your BAC credit card (not sure about the Debit Card).


Super Salon has•tiene
70 stores•tiendas en todo•around Costa Rica

Monday, November 17, 2014

EGGNOG•ROMPOPE - Where to find Eggnog in Costa Rica & what it's called here - Rompope

I remember my first couple years living in Costa Rica missing EGGNOG SOOO MUCH (ESPECIALLY around the holidays) - because I couldn't convey "EGGNOG" with my VicLish (my funnier version of Spanglish!).  Then one day I learned about


“EGGNOG” as we in North America know it as is something that hits the milk case at your grocery store basically for Christmas & often around Thanksgiving.

But NOT in Costa Rica though!!!

Rompope - is QUITE similar to store bought Eggnog - BUT -
•  you can find it YEAR-ROUND in one of those Tetra boxes (so they last for MONTHS!  The box I’m drinking from now I bought November 15, 2014 and it’s good till March 27, 2015) on the SHELVES in the milk section (plus they usually have some refrigerated ones).   Being available year around to me makes it on the list of PLUSES on living in Costa Rica!!
•  the larger 1 liter boxes have 4% ALCOHOL - RUM•”ROM” (the "Rom" part is the Spanish word for Rum) in them!!
(as I’m writing this I’m drinking some and getting a buzz on [what can I say, I’m a MEGA lightweight!!].  The little kids juice box sizes are “Sin Alcoholico” - NO alcohol.  Hmmmm - are kids under 18 years old [the legal drinking age in Costa Rica] able to buy it.  Anyone else find it strange that it's NOT sold in the alcohol section!! Go figure!!)!!!

The cheapest I've seen it was 1,900-c at Pali


The Tico Times did a good article on Rompope many years ago:

Rompope Gives Eggnog a Ron for Its Money
Posted: Friday, November 20, 2009 - By Chrissie Long

The volume of names and adaptations for the sweet, milky drink that appears on dinner tables around Christmastime could fill an encyclopedia.

There are ponche crema in Venezuela, cola de mono in Chile, eggnog in North America and England, kogel mogel in Poland, advocaat in Holland, coquito in Puerto Rico and eierlikör in Germany. In Central America and Mexico, it’s called rompope.

Even within the tiny country of Costa Rica, regions have developed their own variations on rompope, sometimes adding coconut or cinnamon, sometimes adding a heaping cup of sugar and sometimes leaving the sweets out altogether.

How did rompope come to Costa Rica? Legend has it the beverage has its origins in the Santa Clara convent in Puebla, Mexico, where nuns played host to traveling dignitaries.

Adapted from Spain’s ponche de huevo, the egg- and milk-based drink made its way down the Central American isthmus, with families adding their own accents.

Today, rompope is manufactured by local dairy giant Dos Pinos, with some companies producing do-it-yourself kits, a takeoff on packaged brownie mixes.

In an effort to provide readers with the best-tasting rompope this holiday season, The Tico Times conducted a thorough taste test involving Ticos, North Americans and one Nicaraguan.

We scoured our archives for recipes, quizzed our friends and did a little Web searching to put three recipes on the table for our enthusiastic samplers.

After an evening of sipping the thick, creamy drink out of miniature medicine cups, our taste-testers chose a recipe taken off the Web site of Costa Rica’s National Museum. We’ve provided that recipe and the runner-up here.

Tico Times Taste Test Winner
3 boxes milk
1 small can condensed milk
1 box Romporika (mixture available at most supermarkets)
6 egg yolks
1 cup sugar
Rum to taste
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp vanilla

Boil milk with nutmeg and cinnamon.
Blend in egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and Romporika. When mixture is fully blended, let cool and add vanilla and rum. Cover and let cool in the refrigerator overnight.

TICO TIMES Taste Test Runner-up
7 eggs
3 cans evaporated milk
3 cans condensed milk
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1 1/2 cups rum or guaro (Costa Rican sugarcane liquor)
5 cans water

Beat the evaporated milk, condensed milk, water and eggs for 5 minutes. Heat on low heat for 20 minutes, stirring constantly without letting the mixture boil. Add nutmeg and remove from heat. Cool and then add rum or guaro. Refrigerate until served.

Finding the right rum to complement your rompope doesn’t require travel beyond Central America.

Here, you’ll discover some of the top-ranking rums in the world, a product of ancient sugarcane plantations and a longstanding distilling tradition. Costa Rica has its Centenario, Guatemala has its Ron Botrán and higher-end Zacapa, and Nicaragua has its treasured Flor de Caña, which can be found in 40 countries. Flor de Caña has been making rum since 1890 from its distillery in Chichigalpa, just northwest of Managua.

Prices vary depending on the age of the rum – the older, the higher. A 750-millileter bottle of Centenario runs about ¢8,700 ($15), the same size of Flor de Caña ranges from approximately ¢7,700 ($13) for a four-year rum to ¢46,500 ($80) for a 21-year spirit, and a bottle of 15-year Zacapa goes for about ¢19,200 ($33)