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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Revenge - BE CAREFUL who you piss off in Costa Rica!!

Living in Costa Rica?  BE CAREFUL who you piss off!!   It's interesting the DEEP vengefulness that some "people" do!!  WOW - the stories I've been been collecting from people over the years blows me away!!! 

Whether it's people thinking you have more than them,  or you have something/someone they want (this is BIG in land disputes/squatting), whether it's intimidation, perhaps it's fear you may exposure something, there are MANY reasons someone would sink into MEGA lower "Lack Consciousness" going on!!

I've observed LOTS of usually BAD employees turning their bosses in for various things they knew (they didn't pay the CAJA [this often happens with newer bosses that don't know the laws & assume laws are like they are in developed countries where someone that works 1-2 or so days a week is an Independent Contractor.  Something that just is SOOOOO RARE here as employees have TONS of rights - even thieves [as MANY have experienced sadly]), bosses turning employees that were working illegally in that pissed them off (interesting how I've yet to hear of ANYTHING happening to the boss that HIRED the illegal employee - hmmmmm), or people/groups/governmental agencies that don't like being embarrased" or exposed - suddenly appearing at people's homes or businesses demanding to see documents and records or filing lawsuits against people threatening to go to the media to expose ineptness from governmental workers (the INDIVIDUAL employee doing the "questionable job" filing the suit - can you believe that) - OBVIOUSLY to intimidate the foreigner.

There's even a new law being proposed that it looks like an underlying repercussion from it could give jail time to someone that exposes a governmental scandal (amongst many other things nice and neatly built into that bill)!!! (I'll post that law soon along with a link to the text on it!!!)

If there seems to be the chance of this happening to you, make sure to let as MANY people you can know as MANY DETAILS as you can share about this - especially in case you "disappear", get put in jail, deported or worse (and this DOES happen - especially in land disputes is where I've seen it most) and find some GOOD RELIABLE journalists both in Costa Rica and internationally that you or whomever can get that information to (I can share some VERY GOOD investigative reporters in Costa Rica - that know how to sit on a story till the time is right!!).

If you have any important documents - store it in numerous places - ideally originals locked up in a Safety Deposit Box at the bank (but make sure you have someone you trust that can sign to gain access to the bank and knows where the key is - otherwise no one's getting into that box for YEARS!!!). 

Anything that is electronic media - I HIGHLY suggest you get http://DropBox.com or such a service and have a couple people that you TRUST have the code (and don't make it one of your easy codes).  These type of file storage services - called "Cloud Storage" basically store all your things OFF your computer and in cyberspace so you can get it from any computer (you just log on).  Note if there is a chance of your computer being taken from you, you might want to set your settings so you HAVE to log in every time you get on even your computer.

The bottomline is protect yourself and make sure plenty of people know of any pending problems and WHO could be behind it (with contact information to provide whomever you can trust to do something about it).

Please feel free to share with me any of your past stories so I can add them to my growing list and in time I'll start sharing some of the instances (withOUT names attached since the Slander Laws in Costa Rica seem to be meant to protect the "accused" guilty more than the innocent based on what MOST have shared with me and I have observed).  Your stories can potentially help someone else avoid similar situations (creating GOOD KARMA for you!!!). 
Send stories with as MANY DETAILS as possible to:  LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com

And remember - at least there's KARMA!!!  What goes around DOES come around - PERIOD!!! (don't you just hope you can be there to watch it come back since it does - WAYYYY MORE than what they initially did!!)



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