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Saturday, January 26, 2008



"Healthfood stores" in Costa Rica are called "Macrobioticas"
(where you can find MANY natural vitamins, tinctures and some herbs)!

NOTE: Have anyone coming from the States/Canada to visit you? You may want to ask them to bring you a few months supply (though not too much as you don’t want Customs thinking you’re buying them for a business).

Shipping: You might SERIOUSLY want to rethink that as those items, if properly labeled WILL most likely get stopped and you get to jump through LOTS of hoops, time and expenses to get them out of the Eduana including YOU getting some special Health Permits.

For now, Holistic treatments are ok (operative word - “ok”) in Costa Rica but there has been much talk about getting it all licensed (who in the U.S. government are they hanging out with or might it be the LARGE drug manufacturing company presence that is here?).

They have many natural products and LOTS of imported things including Berkenstocks
Escazu - CLOSED here but doing deliveries (2-201-6138)
Curridabat - Plaza del Sol (2-234-2475 / 2-280-7861?)

Escazu (San Rafael) (289-8965) - OWNERS: Jose & Zeneida HOURS: 9:30am-7pm. LOCATION: in the little strip mall behind Mas x Menos on Calle Vieja, just West of San Rafael (THANX Margie).

One of the oldest in the country and they sell a tons of products every week. DIRECTIONS: In front of Burger King in Tibas Centro.

(http://www.NaturaStyle.com / 2-235-7654 / 8-386-0092)
They DELIVER to you!! My only complaint (other than it is pricier but it IS more of a one-stop shopping place [well - by CR standards] and ya pay for convenience) is in rainy season - like everywhere - it does not always look very good. They have everything from veges/fruits to herb pots, skincare, vitamins++++!

(2-221-8986 / http://www.GNC.co.cr / info@GNC.co.cr)
Escazu - Plaza Laurels(2-228-4162) - HOURS: 10am-6pm Mon.-Sat. LOCATION: ON Calle Vieja 200 mts West of Calle Country Club
Escazu - MultiPlaza-West - 2nd floor towards the middle of the mall by the eisle leading to the Food Court (2-201-6070)
Curridabat (2-224-0741)
Heredia (2-237-2900) - Paseo de las Flores
MultiPlaza East (2-253-7958)
Papagayo (2-667-0883) - Do it Center
Pavas (2-231-6033)
San Pedro Mall (2-253-2300)
San Ramon (2-447-7104) - Plaza Occidente
TerraMall (2-279-9494)
(note: I have found their prices can be nearly/at least double that from the States. I was able to find Tea Tree here SOMETIMES [though it is not like what I'm used to)

(OmniLife.com/english/home.php /
LOCATIONS: http://OmniLife.com/centros_distribucion/centros.php
San Jose (La Uruca - Juan Paulo Secondo Bridge)
San Ramon
San Pedro
Perez Zeledon
(THANX Gabriel)

Rick at the Costa Rica School of Integrative Massage in Heredia (8-398-6670 / ZenMormon27@yahoo.com) is a Distributor

For an additional list of locations or distributors, go to their website at NSPCentroAmerica.com/Centers.aspx
San Jose - Paseo Colon (2-256-1265 / ClienteSunshine@correo.co.cr) - 50 mts East of Sobre Paseo, de la Torre Colo
Perez Zeledon (2-771-8627 / jbogap@ice.co.cr) - 200 mts West and 75 mts North of the gas station/estacion bomberos
San Pedro (2-225-8062 / NSPSanPedro@ice.co.cr) - 200 mts North of Pizza 2x1.

(2-468-0352 / 8-369-7415 / orgbot@sol.racsa.co.cr / www.NewChapter.com) grows MANY of their FANTASTIC ORGANIC products that are sold in the U.S. and Canada at their Luna Nueva Farm in La Tigra 2 1/2 hours north of San Jose, on the road from San Ramon to Fortuna.
DAY TOUR: They offer a 3 hour Rainforest Mysteries Day Tour on Food Medicine Habitat (http://fincalunanuevalodge.com/costa-rica-day-tours.html) where they say “Guests will walk through majestic, towering rainforest alongside poison dart frogs, colorful birds, and howler monkeys, through our Sacred Seeds Sanctuary where the rainforest’s most powerful and important species are housed, and in to our organic biodynamic gardens. Visitors will have a chance to sample some of the Earth’s most potent plants and participate in the systems that make a sustainable human environment possible.”
ACCOMMODATIONS: And they even have a Lodge at their BEAUTIFUL Finca Luna Nueva Lodge in San Isidro de Penas Blancas in San Ramon (2-468-4006 / 2-68-0352 / http://FincaLunaNuevaLodge.com / info@FincaLunaNuevaLodge.com) with prices starting at $60 for 2 (less $10 for a solo) in Green Season (+$10/n in High Season plus 16.39% tax) and that includes a full Breakfast Buffet PLUS a Cultural Tour around the finca plus the use of their Natural Spring-fed pool, a solar heated Jacuzzi, WiFi, a Restaurant serving home cooked, natural and organic meals - 90% of which is created from fruits and veges from their garden and they have their own goats and cows producing their own yogurt and cheeses (yummmm) and bake their own breads (what meat and fish they offer for meals is raised in healthy settings), Hot Water, Hammocks, Climb their 16-mtr/50 ft Observation Tower and catch a glimpse of the Arenal Volcano, Volleyball, Ping-Pong, Table Soccer, Board Games and they also offer Spa/Massage Services, Laundry Services, Mountain Bike and Horseback Riding.
CLASSES: They are a Working Farm and Education Center specializing in growing Ginger and Turmeric and offer such classes as Biodynamic and Organic Farming, Sustainable Living and Preservation of Natural Resources and even courses in Culinary Arts and MORE!! Contact Paul Schulick & Steven Farrell



Most AutoMercado's now sell it (except are Centro and Herradura) - For more info contact Enrique at EnriqueVidales@yahoo.com / http://Nievesdelteleno.com / http://www.lowcucar.com.br



Acupuncture & AURICULOTHERAPY - Amazing Results!!
Have I a treatment for you that’s had AMAZING RESULTS for most of the people that I’ve shared his info with!

Eugene "GENE" McDonald (352-0661 / acutherapy0@hotmail.com) in Centro Escazu has a VERY unique machine that I've seen over & over to have AMAZING results!! It's called AuriculoTherapy - like acupuncture but without needles - an electric stim type gizmo that goes around the acupressure points inside your ears which then goes to various organs, etc. (Chinese medicine going back THOUSANDS of years!!).

I've seen MANY MANY other people have AMAZING RESULTS in just one or two visits in LOTS of other areas with AuriculoTherapy!!!

I have PERSONALLY known MANY people that have had BIG SUCCESS with Auriculotherapy for things like NECK, SHOULDER, ELBOW & BACK (recently I had a guy at my place that could barely stand. After one visit to Gene he was DANCING!!), SCIATICA (I had a guest that had sciatica for YEARS & got off a plane in INTENSE pain. One visit & over 6 months later - NO sciatica & she was then able to do the zip line/canopy tour she'd always dreamed of but didn't think she could get up to prior to Gene), PAIN (I've know quite a few people that have gone to him for various pains from surgery related, falls, etc. that had GREAT results!! One person had an injury 30 years before & after one treatment - had FULL range of motion from his treatment. Another had an injury 3 years before & was 80% healed in 1 visit!!), PMS (I have a friend that goes to him for period pains & HORRIBLE PMS with GREAT results & she’d been going to another popular acupuncturist for YEARS!), WHIPLASH, SPORTS INJURIES, CARPAL TUNNEL, FIBROMYALIGIA, SACRO ILIAC, STRESS (I went for this t he day before leaving on a trip & my blood pressure was SOARING initially & afterwards I was 80% calmer after just one visit!!), TENSION, HEADACHES, MIGRAINES (I've known quite a few people that have EXCELLENT results with this), DEPRESSION (I had a friend that was literally ready to go OVER the edge that went to Gene & survived & is thriving!!), ADDICTIONS FROM ALCOHOL, SMOKING, DRUGS, FOOD (REALLY GOOD results. I had a guest that was at the point of drinking straight rubbing alcohol & had been drinking heavily since she was 8 years old & after just 3 days [of a 30+ day program] & 6 months later, the thought of alcohol STILL, over 6 months later, makes her want to throw up & she's been challenged every day by an alcoholic boyfriend but no drinks for her yet!!! My perception is that it helps tremendously for people to get off the "iction" [though emotional therapy is still a REALLY important enhancement for long term results with this I believe!!! We ALL must deal with our "stuff" that creates the "izm" that we ALL have & unfortunately AuriculoTherapy doesn't do that so therapy is REALLY important to do with it I think]), ANXIETY, INSOMNIA, FATIGUE, EPILEPSY, FLU-COLD, SINUSITIS, HEMORRHOIDS, TMJ, FACIAL PARALYSIS, APPETITE, VOMITING, ARTHRITIS, KIDNEY STONES, HEMIPLEGIA, ONE-SIDE PARALYSIS, CONSTIPATIONS, DIARRHEA (I know a pregnant gal that couldn't even hold down water & had horrible diarrhea & had amazing results immediately!!) & LOTS of other things++!!!! Some have even gone to him to get even better results than a Massage!!

Of COURSE I believe YOUR success depends on YOU believing it can help as with ANYTHING in life - your doubt/negativity can override even the most amazing technique!! NOTHING can work if you don't BELIEVE & LANGUAGE that it will!! (I've had people tell me they were "healers" & that tweeked me as I believe that Spirit/God can't even "heal me" if I'm not TRULY desiring to RECEIVE! This type of "belief" is what got me to name my retreat/workshop/holistic wellness space "The House of SELF Empowerment")

Your results/amount of time for healing can also take longer if the injury/illness has been with you for some time &/or is deep.

My wish for you if you go to Gene is that you have at LEAST the success these people did or MORE!!!!

INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY/HEALTH: $30 for the first visit & $25 thereafter (possibly less if it’s a quick & easy thing). He’ll give you a FREE CONSULTATION if you’d like.

Definition of Auriculotherapy and Ear Acupuncture
Auriculotherapy is a clinically effective treatment modality utilized for the relief of chronic pain and the alleviation of substance abuse. The external ear has been shown to have a somatotopic organization in an inverted fetus pattern, wherein each part of the auricle corresponds to a specific part of the body. Detection of electrical conductance and tenderness palpation can reveal specific auricular reflex points which can be stimulated to alter pathological reflex patterns in the brain, in internal organs, and in different peripheral regions of the musculoskeletal body.


Eric Chacon (eric.chacon@gmail.com / 371-8013 / 228-7850)
He works with the Indigenous people, learning their herbs/medicines and is one of the few doctors in Latin America that works with SPICES! He's also the president of the IberoAmerican Ayurveda Association and is legally certified here in Costa Rica


Juan “Choto” Sanchez (2-418-6360)
LOCATION: Between Cuidad Colon and Puriscal - I've been to him and had AMAZING results when I was going through the darkest of the Dark Night of the Soul. ONLY for people REALLY FIT as it's a BIG hike down/up through this wonderful jungle!

Santana is the BriBri tribes Shaman (see "Medicine Man" below)


don Candido Morales (2-756-8007 - directly to don Candido though in Spanish only or email his son Enrique at enrimorsaz@yahoo.com who speaks English)
A BriBri Indigenous tribe member medicinal plant doctor / doctor de botanico (note Don Candido is not "theoretically" a shaman / curandero) that has had BEYOND AMAZING results for MANY people from helping them cure “terminal illnesses” (including CURING cancer, brain tumours++++!!!), diabetes, hepatitis, migraines and LOTS more using plants and accupressure type moves. For most, he is able to hone in on the ailment just by looking at you and touching. Need an English-speaking person to help facilitate the contact, contact Nancy and Barry with The Bridge Project at barrystevens@earthlink.net / 2-750-0524. For more information go to www.OneHumanTribe.com/The_Hidden_People_2.html LOCATION: Puerto Viejo/Hone Creek

Santana is the BriBri tribes Shaman


Regular Massages can only help in your healthy day-to-day existence - HONORING YOURSELF!!   For a list of MASSAGE THERAPISTS, go to:



Roy Nicholas (8-381-1816 / HolisticCR@yahoo.com) - He comes to you! Holistic medicine & natural healing. Natural Healing and Alternative Health Care Natural & Homeopathic Medicine Hydro-therapy, Psoriasis, AIDS, Asthma, Athletes Foot, Shingles, Insomnia, Prostate, Acne, Burns, Bladder Infections, Cystitis, Gladular Therapy.  HEAVY WORK helping people with CANCER.  LANGUAGE:  English & Spanish.  (tell him Vicki Connected you)

ESCAZU - Dr. Williams (289-7996) - MD specializing in holistic medicine & natural healing. Speaks English & Spanish

SANTA ANA - Noe Zamora (203-3047)(I believe he only speaks English?)

LA GUACIMA, Alajuela - Roudin Salas (438-0185)

GUADALUPE - Walter (399-2121 / 268-3336) - Speaks English & Spanish. 5,000 visit, 5,000 bottle of potion

TARBACA DE ASERRI - Clínica Holistica- Integrativa y Botiquín Santa Marta (230-1256 / 230-1305)

Here's to your health!!!


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