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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

EVENT - June 12 - Alternative Energetic/ Holistic Healing Practitioner Festival and 5th Ann of Tienda de Armonia

WHAT: A FESTIVAL featuring various Alternative Energetic/ Holistic Healing Practitioners and celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Tienda de Armonia / Wind and Water (Feng Shui / harmony store) (http://TiendaDeArmonia.com / 2-201-8393) is happening on

WHEN: THURS. JUNE 12th from 6:30-9pm

WHERE: MultiPlaza West/Escazu – in front of Tienda de Armonia’s Kiosk (bottom level – East end near Hulligen’s & the ICON Apple store)

The public is welcome to come learn and participate and meet practitioners sharing their service, presenting demonstrations, meditations, healings, etc. for free!

Participants will have a table and many will have a few minutes to share about their service.

Here’s a sample list of participants that have already confirmed:

6:30pm – Flower Therapy with Penelope Bayona (PenelopeBayona@gmail.com / 8-383-4216)
7:30pm - Reiki with the ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL Energy Worker Ramon Martinez (EstrellaPistola@yahoo.com) performing a Cheyenne Reiki ritual with Dragons of Light, for purification and protection of the planet, Costa Rica and yourself. If you would like to participate, bring a candle and a paper with your desires written on the paper. He will spread his Mandala Star of Earth on the floor and you can be blessed also. Reiki treatments are also possible. For me, Ramon is an AMAZING energy worker who has shared his gift with me with WONDERFUL results (including assisting me in re-discovering my violet light!!! Vicki).

The Intention of Feng Shui - Iside Sarmiento (http://LivingSpacesCR.com / 8-851-8899 / contact@LivingSpacesCR.com) - Feng Shui Consultation, Geobiology, Land Analysis, Interior Design and Architecture

Chi en aplicaciones de belleza - Frank Martin (FrankMartinHair@hotmail.com / 8-392-9922) - Frank is an WONDERFUL Hair Stylist that’s uses natural hair products in Desamparados

Bio Bella - Monika Bingen-Hara (http://BioBellaOrganics.com / 8-393-2401 / info@BioBellaOrganics.com)

Ayurveda - Leonardo Cordero (http://DisfruteLaVida.com / 8-302-1428 / 2-228-1350 / DisfruteLaVida@gmail.com)

Yoga with Nityananda (pronounced “Neatee”) Das-Paz (http://NityanandaDas.com / 8-371-0344) (Hatha & Bhakti [23 years doing it – private & group classes in Escazu]), Ayurveda (1st Level), Reiki (Energy Flow 1st), Veda, Massage (Yogassage), Henna Tattoos, I-Ching, Egyptian Tarot, Chef (Vegetarian Indian Food, Asian Food "Sushi", Veggie Food), Cloth Design (Indian Fashion Dress), Meditation (Saguna), Jyotish (Vedic Natal Chart, Indian Astrology). As well as Graphics (business cards, brochures, logo design), Web Design (inquire about his Event Specials!!!), Art & Tools, DJ & English Translation.
Also – Diane Evans – Zen Shiatsu Therapist & Thai Massage (8-832-4325 / Diane.Evans2@gmail.com) Together they’re doing a Thai Massage Class on Sat. June 28 from 9am-5pm at Kapoli http://nityanandadas.com/img/ui/massage.png

Shiatsu - Davide (ilramofiorito88@gmail.com / 2-224-4985)

Meditation del Aura - CasaSana - John Laurent (olympo@yahoo.com / 8-396-5764)

Sal de Himalaya - Il ramo fiorito (IlramoFiorito88@gmail.com / 2-224-4985)

Tai Chi - Ligia Chavaria (TaiChiCR@gmail.com / ligiaisa@gmail.com / 8-829-0237)

Ashtanga Yoga Demonstration de series avanzadas - Mariela Cruz (http://AshtangaYogaCostaRica.com / AshtangaCostaRica@gmail.com / 8-393-1803)

Lumta Yoga Studio - Rocio Hernandez (RHernandezS@bp.fi.cr / 8-369-5295)

Qi kung - Mariano Ardissone (http://AyamaYoga.com / manoyoga@bellsouth.net / 8-375-7354)

Iridology, Tonic Detoxification - Jimena Martinez (jimenamguillen@gmail.com / 8-868-4830)

Organic Food - Lula Catering (http://NinasKitchen.net / 2-281-3060 / mlGarcia@NinasKitchen.net)

Aromatherapy - Aromaflor (sewakCR@gmail.com / 8-833-0253)

Sound Therapy & Mantras - Larisa Coto (LarisaCoto@hotmail.com / 8-817-7873)

Attitude Organic Dead Sea Skin Care Products - Ayama (http://Attitudeline.com / 8-372-0538 / ReinaDelMar7@gmail.com

Hippocampus Bioresonancia Devices (BRT) - Pepe Bayona (http://Hippocampus-brt.com / 8-347-3040 / PepeBayona@gmail.com)

OMMM Yoga Studio - Orit Tarkay (8-332-3534 / Otarkay@gmail.com)

Kapoli Yoga Center - Silvia Monge (http://Kapoli.net / 2-228-1350 / JardinKapoli@gmail.com)

Krama Yoga - Esteban Salazar (http://KramaYoga.com / 8-369-1508 / kio21@hotmail.com, yogi_es@yahoo.com, info@kramayoga.com)

Iridologia - Teresa Martinez (2-288-6112 / IriMex@iname.com)

Noni - Adrian Villalobos (http://CostaRicaNoni.com / Adrian@CostaRicaNoni.com)

Shamanismo - Nora Badilla (http://TejedoraDeUniversos.com / 8-858-6803)

Acupuncture - Martha Vargas Piedra (8-385-4018)

Reiki & Holistic Therapy - Deyanira Perez (http://ManosDeMariposa.blogspot.com / 2-269-6791 / ManosDeMariposa@gmail.com)

A few additional modalities they’re waiting to confirm: Sound Therapy, Mantras and Reflexology.

This festival is going to be an AWESOME way to connect with other like-minded people, learn about various services as well as network (bring your own business cards!!). It's going to be an Energy interchange so please pass on this information to all you think could benefit from it.

MultiPlaza is donating the space and chairs, Radio 911 (http://911LaRadio.com) will donate the sound (microphone, iPod and CD for those that require sound for their presentation) and Wind and Water (http://TiendaDeArmonia.com / 2-201-8393) contributes the tables, refreshments. Living Spaces http://LivingSpacesCR.com

CONTACT INFO: Iside Sarmiento with Living Spaces (8-851-8899 / 2-201-8393 / http://FengShuiCostaRica.com / isar9@yahoo.com)


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