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Sunday, June 14, 2009

VEGETARIAN, ORGANIC, RAW, JUICE BAR Restaurants in Costa Rica (UPDATED April 2014)

The concept of VEGETARIAN, ORGANIC, RAW, JUICE BAR restaurants in Costa Rica is SLOWLY catching on. I've JUST started this list so PLEASE share any new ones you have!!!!

There are more choices of vegetarian•conscious dining restaurants in the San Pedro•UCR university area.

This is the BEST LIST of VEGETARIAN RESTAURANTS for Costa Rica.  I'm slowly working on updating•enhancing this!!:

BUENA TIERRA Coffee Shop/Organic Cafeteria & Market
(facebook.com/CafeOrganicoBuenaTierra  •  CafeOrganicoBuenaTierra.com  • 2-288-0342-restaurant • 8-950-5930-if no one speaks English • BuenaTierra.Organica@gmail.com)
In their COOL UNIQUE PLACE (the tables are made out of tree stumps!!)/coffee shop they serve breakfasts and lunches all made with high quality ingredients, organic and natural. Home made cakes, organic coffees and teas, take-home our gourmets dishes or just order them, buy cosmetics and biodegradable cleaning products. TASTY, GOOD, HEALTHY FOOD with NICE presentation!!
The are the organizers of the ORGANIC FERIA•FARMERS MARKET in Escazu and they also do DELIVERY for the groceries.  Send orders Friday-Sunday (before 6pm) for Wednesday afternoon delivery.  CONTACT:  buenatierra.feria@gmail.com
DAILY SPECIALS includes soup, rice, beans, salad and an entrée & Natural drink. All our ingredients are 99% ORGANIC.
HOURS: Mon-Thurs-8am-5pm, Fri-8-6pm, Sat-9am-2pm.
OWNERS:  Laura & Fiona (tell them Vicki with the blog Connected you!)
LOCATION: Escazu (Centro) - 1 block South/up the hill from the main entrance of San Miguel Catholic Church in Centro Escazu in the Plaza Buena Tierra. It is a green 2-story building decorated with amazing mosaics made by artist Rebeca Fernández.

GOKUL Restaurant
(facebook.com/pages/GOKUL-RESTAURANT/146137772128843  •  8-380-2042  •  2-280-5649  •  RestauranteGokul@gmail.com) 
Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Indian  A small AUTHENTIC INDIAN•Hindu outdoor patio restaurant connected to the theater. Short menu with authentic Indian cuisine. Menu items are mix and match, and the plate of the day is filling. ALFRESCO•Outdoor seating. Moderate.  Previously named Cafe Giratablas.
HOURS:  Mon-Sat 10am-8pm.
OWNERS:  Pramila Dasi & Mukunda Das•Sanjay Patel (BIG HUG from Vicki)
LOCATION:  San Pedro - Calle de la Amargura - in the Giratablas Theater (inside), in front of the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) - OR- across from the train rails, in front of bar-rest Omar Khayyan. Next to COASA photocopies. If coming from Los Yoses (ruta de San Pedro), near the corner of Calle 27)

OWNERS:  Pramila Dasi & Mukunda Das (BIG HUG from Vicki)
I hear the food is REALLY tasty and good sized (compared to most other Indian restaurants)
LOCATION:  San Jose•Sabana Sur - contiguo a edificio American Data, sobre carretera vieja a Escazu,  75 meters West of the Contraloria (parking is challenging so be prepared)

Mantras Veggie Cafe 
(2-253 6715 • twitter.com/MantrasCafe)
HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 8:30am-5pm. Saturday - 8:30am-3pm.  
LOCATION:  San Jose-Barrio Dent - 200 m. Norte del Centro Cultural Norteamericano por el Auto Mercado.
Tin Jo
(2-221-7605 / 2-257-3622 / http://tinjo.com/tj/index.php?id=67 [the English version] / hola@TinJo.com)
They're a mixed Asian restaurant (THAILAND, INDIA, CHINA, VIETNAM, FILIPINA & JAPAN,SUSHI & VEGETARIAN) with a HUGE menu hence LOTS of "Vegetarian" options! 10 dishes. DIM SUM all-day on Sun. VERY pricey. NOTE – their prices INCLUDE the 13% tax & 10% service. Many feel this is the best Asian restaurant in CR - I guess if that's what you're comparing it to but if you're used to REALLY GOOD Asian food - don't go with high expectations (as I did - hey I'm learnin' here. I lived in San Francisco for 17 years - I WAS spoiled!!).
HOURS: 11:30am-3pm, 5:30-10pm
LOCATION: San Jose – Downtown - Calle 11, Ave. 6-8

(facebook.com/pages/Vishnu-Restaurantes-Vegetarianos/128868297197826  •  2-256-6063 / 2-222-2549 / 2-290-0119)
A fast food chain with 9 locations in food courts. Large space. Vegetarian menu includes veggie burgers, juices, sandwiches, soup, beans, & more. CC – MC/V
•  Vishnu Himalayas (2-256-6063 • 2-222-2549)  -  HOURS: 8am-10pm  -  LOCATION:  San Jose - Avenida 1 Calle 1 y 3 Frente al Edificio Cristal. 
Natural (2-223-3095) – HOURS: 8am-10pm  -  LOCATION:  San Jose – Avenida 4 & Calle 1
•  Vishnu Montaña (2-223-9976 • 2256-5786)  -  LOCATION:  San Jose – Avenida 3 between Calle 0 y 1 - Costado de la Iglesia del Carmen.
•  Vishnu Universidad Latina  (2-224-4845 • 2-283-0117)  -  LOCATION:  San Jose - Edificio Ciencias de la Salud Universidad Latina.
•  Vishnu Valle Verde  (2-223-4434 • 2-222-5785)  -  LOCATION:  San Jose – Calle 0•Central between Avenida 6 y 8 - frente al antiguo Cine Metropolitan.
•  Vishnu Nirvana (2
-221-3164) – HOURS: 8am-10pm  -  LOCATION:  San Jose – Costado Sur de la Corte • Avenida 8, Calle 9 & 11- Costado Banco Popular 
•  Vishnu Mango Verde (2-237-2526 / 2-560-0236) – HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm, Sat. 9am-5pm  -  LOCATION:  Heredia - Avenida Central/1, Calle 7 - de la entrada principal de la Universidad Nacional 100 Oeste y 75 al Sur.

(2-296-6110 / bangkok@racsa.co.cr)
Tico Thai and Indonesian cuisine but one of the better I’ve found. MANY VEGETARIAN dishes. Beef Satay. spicy CC-MC/V.
HOURS: Wed.-Thurs. Noon-3pm & 6-10:30pm. Fri. Noon-3 & 6-11pm. Sat. noon-11pm. Sun. Noon-8pm.
LOCATIONS: San Jose - Sabana Oeste•West - 400m West of Pop's Sabana, by UCIMED University.

PU TI(HappyCow.net/reviews/pu-ti-san-jose-30195  •  2-224-8952)
Taiwanese family-run, small vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. Soups, noodles, rice and many specialty dishes that are plant based such as eggplant with basil, bamboo and vegetable stir-fry and potato curry are also on the menu. Also sells mock pork and mock fish for home use. Price: Inexpensive Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Take-out, Taiwanese.  Vegetarian Sushi on weekends.
HOURS:  Closed on Thursdays
LOCATION: Guadalupe - In front of Pali NovaCentro

(2-248-0862 / Chen@Papirotyr.com)
Yummmmy VEGETARIAN dishes at GOOD/CHEAP PRICES!! Kazzrie shared “Everyone that comes in to this special little place becomes a friend. The decor is simple yet cheery & colourful. The music is always interesting! The food is simply delicious. & best of all the prices are very affordable. Plato del dia with soup, drink & vegetarian casado - 1500 colones. OWNERS: Pedro & Marcela (or Simon Chen? / 8-820-5033)
HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10am-5pm (on the weekends they do seminars).
LOCATION: San Jose-Sabana Este, on the east side from Soda Tapia, 100 meters south, 50 meters east. Directly behind ARCR/Casa Canada

Mantras Veggie Cafe and Tea
(HappyCow.net/reviews/mantras-veggie-cafe-and-tea-house-san-jose-18650  •  2-253-6715  •  twitter.com/MantrasCafe)
Local restaurant serving fusion cuisine and some RAW FOOD choices. Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Caribbean, Costa Rican, Raw, crispy chicken salad and a vegan burger.  Take-out, Delivery.  PET-FRIENDLY area (double check on this) with ample parking. Price: Moderate
DELIVERY:  Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm, Sat 8:30am-3pm
LOCATION:  San Jose-Barrio Escalante - 200 este de la Rotonda del Farolito.     

(facebook.com/ShaktiNaturista  •  2-221-4631 • 2-222-4475)
Matt says the best thing about them is their DAILY SPECIALS!!
LOCATION: San Jose - Avenida 8 and Calle 13 - next to the Turrialba bus station.

Naturama Uno
Avenida 1 / Calles 3/5

VEGETARIAN Chinese restaurant.
LOCATION: San Jose (Sabana West/Oeste) - 300 meters west of POP'S ice cream -

La Mazorca
LOCATION: San Pedro - near the University of CR

Restaurante Vegetariano
LOCATION: San Pedro - near the University of CR


TZU JAN Restaurante Vegetariano y Cafeteria  -  CLOSED


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