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Saturday, January 2, 2010

MASSAGE - Where to find MASSAGE THERAPISTS in Costa Rica (Legit)

LEGIT (NON-sexual)

Below is the most DETAILED list you'll find on where to get a massage in Costa Rica.  I've created based on my experiences and many others sharing their stories.  It's currently focused on MASSAGE THERAPISTS in the Central Valley (mainly in the West-end).



! #1 – it’s YOUR BODY!!  We ALL have different likes, experiences and issues!! If something doesn’t feel right or you need it harder or softer or different - it's CRUCIAL that YOU speak YOUR THRUTH DURING the massage!!  They are NOT mind readers!!!  Yes – some therapists don’t like to be told what to do (some DO think they know it all and I’ve found OFTEN they WERE RIGHT – when I got out of MY way of knowing what’s best for me!!) so perhaps you can do it in gentler/less insulting way – like “I like it when . . . “.  If you don’t do it and you didn’t like your massage – was it REALLY the Massage Therapists “fault”???  Didn’t like the massage (first off, do you have a history of not finding the right massage therapist for you?  Of attracting negative things??  Hmmmm – so is it the Massage Therapist – OR - . . . . ???!!!)?  Bitching about it when you leave didn’t get you the results you wanted now did it??  SPEAK UP!!!!

If this happened – you most likely had an AWESOME Massage as they moved TOXINS out of your body!!!  This is a GREAT thing when it happens as ALL of us are FILLED with all sorts of toxins!!! 

Did you have MORE pain??  Were YOU by chance RESISTING it – kept yourself closed off/tight??  So the therapist was working AGAINST YOUR energy/blocks??? 

Hmmm – did you go back home and get on your computer and hunch over just like you’ve always been doing?  Basically putting your body BACK into the SAME position that CREATED the tension/pain in the first place???  We’ve ALL done (or am doing) it!!!

SURE you can – BUT – what is their TRAINING (MOST Massage Therapists I’ve encountered that come from the U.S. and Canada and Europe have LOTS more PROFESSIONAL TRAINING!!!!  Professional Massage Therapy Training costs LOTS of money usually and takes more than 1-2 days like MUCH of the training is like in Costa Rica that I’ve seen. 

Some of us have LOTS of years of RECEIVING PROFESSIONAL Massages so we know the difference between a REALLY GOOD Massage and an ok one. 

So far - ALL of those cheaper ones have watched the clock and are done RIGHT on time.  Well, I can tell you – MY body will NEVER say “1 Hour” for a massage.  It will say 2-3 hours – but NEVER just 1 hour!!  I want someone that TUNES IN to MY body and even better – if our energies mesh/become one!!! (but that’s just me).  IF they come to you, many do NOT have a table so you need one or they'll do you on the floor. MOST do NOT speak English and I find it REALLY HELPS if they speak your language – especially if you have issues/past problems you need to describe.  Bottom line – you get what you paid for!!

ANOTHER ANGLE:  A professionally trained massage therapist is important but someone that brings INTUITION is MOST IMPORTANT to ME as I’ve been receiving massages regularly for over 30 years and sadly, the most clinical/ detached/unintuitive/worst massages I’d ever received have sadly been in CR (it seems like many go to the same school and learn the same technique and do similar cycle on your body.  I've had MANY people share the same comments). 

I want someone that taps into what my body is saying - not just what they’ve learned or is their usual routine! 

I SERIOUSLY welcome you to bring your own music - otherwise you’ll get whatever the therapist brings (I wrote this after a massage therapist that was seeing a client at my place had JOLTING – NON-soothing classical music! I had to get out of the room it was making me feel so rushed and I wasn’t even the person receiving the massage!!). We ALL have our own taste and rhythm - help guarantee a harmonious massage by bringing your own beat!
 (and therapists – I’ll bet your clients would REALLY APPRECIATE it if you asked them to select their music or invite them ahead of time to bring their own cd or whatever you have.

Another nice thing – do YOU have an oil or scent YOU like?  Or do you have an oil you do NOT like??  Bring your own!  Or even bring a small squeeze bottle with a scent you like/feel you need & the therapist can add their oil to it. 

Do you have an allergy or don’t like incense or scents?  Tell your therapist BEFORE you come so they can be more conscious and YOUR experience can be even better!!

I’m ALL about creating the BEST experience I can for my massages!!  I don’t do “victimhood”!!  ESPECIALLY when it comes to something as SACRED as a Massage!!!!


Are YOU a MASSAGE THERAPIST – or do you know any?
Get Listed on our guide!!
Click below for details!!!



One word to describe Carolina - AWESOME!!  She is one of the BEST most intuitive Massage Therapists I've found!!  She combines her knowledge of the body (she was a nurse in the U.S. and has much of her massage training in the U.S.) along with that intuition and WOW!!  Are you TRULY ready/choosing to let whatever go and heal it???  She can do "feel good" massage (what most people are looking for I've found) but if you're wanting a REAL THERAPEUTIC massage - Carolina IS your gal!!  
TECHNIQUES: NEURO MUSCULAR (she's AMAZING at this!!), Therapeutic, Lymphatic (knocked the onset of a cold out of me!!).
INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY: $50/75 minutes for Regulars. $55/75 minutes for 1st timers and Non-Residents. 

LOCATION:  Works in Escazu.  Live in Alajuela
8-719-5468    CarolinaDel@gmail.com

I’ve experienced Iris and this woman has STRONG HANDS!!  She got in DEEP in some of my what feels like steel rod parts of my back!!"
LANGUAGE:  Spanish and English.
COMMENTS:  Sarah - "She WORKED on my knots and adjusted to the areas I wanted more or less pressure (she listened to me!). She was very nice and friendly and made me feel comfortable! What a wonderful way to end my vacation to Costa Rica! I can now get on the plane feeling mucho relaxed after a go-go-go vacation!"  Laine says “Iris is a beautiful Colombian gal with very strong hands, she’s professionally trained and really gives a great massage.” Alice said she was “Wonderful!”
TECHNIQUES: Deep Tissue, Relaxing, Lymphatic, Reflexology, Pregnant Women (with positioning), Hot Stones (23,000/75 minutes, + for longer), Digital Pressure.

INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY: 20,000 for 75 minutes (if she’s bringing her table [you don’t have one] you’ll pay her taxi fare)

(8-868-5880 / 2-289-2453 / IHude@hotmail.com)

Escazu (San Antonio) but she comes to you.

I received an AWESOME ReBalancing Massage from Barbara!!! WOW!! The technique (one only a few people do in Costa Rica. She learned it from Menla at HaciendaDelSolCR.com near Nosara) is REALLY SPECIAL! A good balance of numerous techniques and her space is MAGICAL!!
Barbara is Certified in ReBalancing Massage (a bybrid combo of trager and Feldenkreis, a LITTLE bit of non-painful rolfing, Reich - deep, slow and relaxing). She has one of the few tables around with a belly hole - perfect for pregnant gals. When I spoke with her she said she's quite busy so you may have to wait to get into her.
$55/hour, $70-1-1/2 hours
Pre-Pay for 5 hours at $50/hr.  
10 hours at $45/hr.  20 hours - $40/hr.
 NOTE:  Call at least a day in advance.  She also has reliable taxi service to her.

LOCATION:  Escazu - Bello Horizonte - She's WAYYYY up the hill (which is how you have those AMAZING views!!) though she has a reliable taxi service driver to pick you up and bring you there (it's also challenging to find).(you have to go to her though if you have mobility issues, she'll make an exception).  

(2-228-1049  • SecretGardenMassage@yahoo.com)


Santa Ana or she comes to you

TECHNIQUES: MASSAGES: Therapeutic • Relaxation • Russian Classic • Chiropractic • Swedish • Sports • Hot Stones (12,000-15,000-c) • Pregnant Women • Baby’s • Chocolate OR Fruit Therapy/Massages (grapes, orange, vegetables, cucumber) • Facial with mask with steam (45 min.) - 12,000 • Foot Massage includes Exfoliating - 30 min. 10,000. Full Body Dry Exfoliation - 8,000. Reflexology on the Feet &/or Hands - +20 min. +5,000. She can make up an oil and you can select the scent from her bottles of essences! She can also put a few drops of essences in the room to help set the mood.
INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY: 10,000+/session in her studio. 12,000/session at House of Self Empowerment. 15,000/session+ (depending on the services) in your house (plus her transporation to/from Santa Ana if she brings her table from Escazu to Cuidad Colon to Belen. Inquire for further).

Los Yoses•San Pedro

(8-831-2991 / MichalAisha@gmail.com)

I have not received a massage from Aisha but I CAN tell you she has some pretty INCREDIBLE energy and does ENERGY WORK!!!!
TECHNIQUES: Thai, Reiki, Acupuncture.

INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY: 15,000/hr. A combo of acupuncture and massage 21,000 for 1 1/2 hr.



(8-389-8864 / LSanchezCA@ice.go.cr [though he doesn’t always check his emails])
Sessions are normally 60-80 minutes using a combination of different

TECHNIQUES: Reflexology, Digit Pressure, Deep Tissue, Aroma and Therapeutic Massage. “My Commitment is to your Well-Being. To understand your body make you feel better while connecting with the Universe’s Vital Energy. I am just an instrument for helping you. When this becomes clear and you begin to realize the mission, the Universe will provide you with the tools needed to carry it out. Above all, our session will be an Encounter with yourself to discover your natural state.”

INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY: $30/hr. He sees people at the House of Self Empowerment in Escazu or comes to you if you have a massage table and is mainly available in the day till 3pm but he may be available at night with advance notice.

Alida Francisco
LOCATION: Ciudad Colon (As well, will come to you)

TECHNIQUES: Reiki Master • Therapuetic Body Therapy • Reiki Energy Healing • Therapeutic Body Work • Hot Stone Massage • Aroma Therapy • Chakra Healing/Balancing • Animal Medicine Therapy • Medicine Walks • Feng Shui • ** Reiki Level I-II and Master Certification
 I live in the natural raw Canopy of the Rainforest. I highly recommend you come to me for a session. The environment that surrounds Studio BE where you will receive the natural properties of the jungle will heal you from the inside out. 
My specialty: Primal Experience (call for details)
HealingOurMotherEarth.com  •  7-016-1013  •  AlidaFrancisco@gmail.com


LOCATION: NOW in Santa Ana - you go to him

(8-881-7602 / 2-282-5719 / movement8@yahoo.com)
I received a treatment from Freddy and my experience was that it was VERY relaxing and freeing!

TECHNIQUES: Rebalancing Massage (a combination of Joint Release, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral and Reflexology). Good English and Spanish.
HOURS: Weekedays-Mon.-Fri.

INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY: $35/session or $250/10.

Sunlight On Water Healing Therapies
LOCATION:  Playa Garza - Guanacaste

(2-656-8047 • sunh2oyes@yahoo.com [English] mangomama8@hotmail.com - [English•Spanish])
See her video of her doing WATSU Massage:

It’s interesting - for over 15 years I’ve been having people come to me to give me a massage and I forgot how nurturing and special it is to go to someone else in their space - especially one as MAGICAL as Erin’s!!
In her space you have those wonderful smells of the oils she uses for aromatherapy, it’s tranquil as it’s off a peaceful country road in Santa Ana (just east of Baccus Restaurant) and it’s a little piece of paradise!! She also put over my eyes an eye protector made out of flax seed with some eucalyptus oil that helped clear my lungs (since that was a BIG problem iw as having at the time) - DELICIOUS!!! Erin REALLY taps into your body and Spirit and knows just where to work her magic! You wouldn’t find that with most massage therapists that come to you! I was able to keep my VERY relaxed feeling even on the way home and till the next day!!

TECHNIQUES: 23 years in practice and a Certified Practitioner in Osho Rebalancing Massage (a combination of deep tissue, light tissue massage, joint release and integrative physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)  •  WATSU  •  Reflexology (a compression technique used on the feet, hands and ears to release energy meridians to enhance overall wellbeing, elimination, assimilation and relaxation), Cranio-Sacral Therapy (allows the body to realign thru gentle holding and manipulation of points on the head and other specific areas of the body. Profound relaxation occurs allowing pain patterns to dissolve and old injuries lose their grip. Emotional moods lighten and in a deep state of relaxation, your body will best heal itself), Kineseology (offers support through muscle testing in discovering, exploring and experiencing your emotions. When emotions are released, many times the physical challenges diminish), Aromatherapy Massage (blend with and compliment your wellness sessions on every level) and Warm Water Therapy’s (assists the body, mind and spirit to relax in warm water. Floating, being supported, massaged and stretched using Shiatsu techniques and movements in the water melts away tension and enhances vitality, thus overall wellbeing is integrated, creating a state of bliss and inner peace) to Nurture and nourish your body, mind and spirit, rejuvenate, relax and melt away stress.
Erin has a Mother's Option PREGNANCY TABLE, Erin is able to accommodate the expectant mother's from conception throughout the pregnancy, as well as baby massage. Erin takes special care to cradle and support the mother's baby with a state-of-the-art hammock table, for Mom's comfort so she can lay face down and have delicious massage on her back without causing discomfort for Mom or the baby (important note:  pregnancy tables can be dangerous if the support is not firm enough. Some tables with expanding elastics are not strong enough and will stress the lower back and abdomen of a pregnant woman).
HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 9am-5:30pm.

INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY: $45/hour (various packages)

Ramon is a very Spiritually Gifted energy with MANY very Spiritual techniques. Reiki - 15,000/hour. Flower Therapy helps with emotional upheavals, depression, to fortify the immune system, endocrine glands - 12,000/40 min. (includes the essences which lasts approximately 21 days). You then return on day 21. Tues. and The Sat. Schedule of attention 9 a.m. to 7p.m Saturdays until the noon. Both:
  Podal Reflexology with essences of orchids and tropical trees - 15,000/40 min. Thai Massage - 15,000/hr. Sensitive Massage - The dawn of the person balances activating the corpuscles of Meisner of the skin, is realized with essential oils, for the unfreezing of the power knots of perception extero and interoceptiva of the body - 15,000/hr. Podiatry Treatment/Massage for people with problems of the feet including calluses, ingrown nails and diabetic feet - 15,000/hr.
REIKI Classes - 1st Level - It is the rite or ceremony in which the masterful aids the students to connect for always with Reiki. It is not necessary to repeat it, but it is a process of in case so sanador that it is recommended to repeat it. In order to benefit from this process any preparation does not make lack, nor training, neither special study, nor qualities. In fact all initiation is a autoiniciación. The teacher is for facilitating, the process Is a process of connection with itself - $50/4 hrs.
2nd Level - Emotional Mental Reiki. It allows to treat remote the patients or to try at the same time as several people. It includes techniques for the treatment of mental and emotional problems (memory, addictions, problems of study, relation…). The capacity is increased to transmit energy and so the treatments are brief. Symbols and " are used; mantras" or phrases influence of the Budism - $50/4 hrs.
3rd/Master Level - Spiritual Includes the symbols to initiate to others. The symbol power the previous ones - $400/4 hours.

Shamballa Level - MASTERS: It contributes a western metaphysics to the traditional Reiki. It introduces to St. Germain and the teachers promoted like creators of Reiki at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. It contributes the initiation in the feet. Integra the Earth energy. It looks for the connection of the energies superiors the matter. The balance. It includes 352 symbols. The one for each level of conscience between this plane and source. The symbols visualize with color and in three dimensions. 32 are known and the rest is redescubren actually daily of the Reiki. Each connects with its creative power. It is a creative Reiki. Shambhala is based on the belief that all the beings have been initiated in Reiki in the past and now is becoming to wake up to the benefit of the humanity and for the soñación of the world. Shamballa acts in a plane of greater vibration and thus it can transfer energy with more rapidity and intensity - $50/4 hrs.
Unitario - Only for the Reiki teachers. The unitary Reiki is born from the necessity to reunite the Reiki Usui, the techniques of the Reiki Karuna and the multidimensional Reiki of Shambhala to create adapted an integrating and evolutionary Reiki to the new energy. It is a system of accomplishment of one same one by the power of the love; a route to connect with the source through the presence I am. New contributions: Anchorage to the Earth - Activation of the Merkabah field - Recognition of the divinity of the receiver - Connection to the source from I am - intense and sagrada Initiation during three days consecutive. The Unitary Reiki was canalized in the 2001 by Selene, sofrólogo doctor, and Cyrille Odón, psychologist, psychoanalyst and lecturer with more than thirty years of clinical experience. Both are power and masterful therapists of the Reiki Usui, Reiki multidimensional Karuna and of Shambhala. It is a new tool of work with a vibration suitable high energetics to the change that is taking place. The initiation is three days consecutive. It includes the three levels and the masters. It is avoided therefore the dependency with the teachers, Unitary Reiki only are Teachers - $550/5 days.
Cheyenne - of the American natives. Before the patriarcado one we were more united to the Earth and the nature, discovers your animal of being able. Reiki Cheyenne contributes the integration of the elements that form the life along with the universal spirit and the intention of your life. First level, second level and maestría - $125/ 2 hrs. in a week.
  Kundalini - a safe and smooth form to wake up kundalini. A series of three initiations is given abrir and to fortify your channels of energy, allowing that the energy reiki cleans your bodies. Kundalini is a sánscrita word that talks about the vital energy that remains slept in the base of the column in the majority of people, is powerful and creative and so the centers of body energy are abiertos taking contact with the Earth energy - $100/each level.
Initiation of the Mystical Rose - the mystical rose is the manifestation of God in the humanity, is the divine spark that lives in us, the Shekinah of the Hebrews. Flight, Hathor for Egyptian or the Demeler for the Greeks would come to be the intermediary between God and the world. It is the rose of the world, maintains the creation of which all we comprised and we are not separated of her. Its light shines more than the sun. Neither spirits nor demons can cause damage in their presence by their radiating star power. In the tibetana tradition is known it as Tare that means star and represents the feminine divinity, the flower of loto with the jewel. Equally it is Shakti for the Hindus. The feminine power this resurging nowadays, which means movements in favor of La Paz, rejection towards the coercive methods of social repression, a desire of greater beauty, love, cooperation, interrelations characterized by the values, the search of greater quality of life with sensitivity and wisdom and in balance with the masculine force. The mystical rose is the union of the macrocosmos with the microcosm, your spiritual essence and the essence of the universe is united for the purification and the sanación. The initiation is realized of form similar to those of reiki - $50/2 hrs.
Initiation of the Sacred Orchid - To connect your divinity with the divinities of the nature and to reach other dimensions of the angelical kingdoms. 3 initiations are realized connecting with the ray platinum. $75/2 hrs. Required: Have taken the 2nd level of Reiki Shamballa. Initiation of the 6 Dragons - iridium, rhodium, Indian, gold, platinum, ultraviolet. Activation of the bodies of light with the new energy.
Ramon also creates personalized flower essences you can wear around your neck, personal Manadalas and LOTS MORE!!

(8-866-6018 / EstrellaPistola@yahoo.com)

Nicki Smith
TECHNIQUES:  REBALANCING BODYWORK (joint release, deep tissue and skeletal rocking)
$50 per session for 10 sessions, $65 for single session (sessions are about 1 1/2 hours)
$30 for 1st session. This type of massage is usually based around 10 sessions work on the whole body from the ground up, 10 sessions are recommended but but it can be tailored to suit a specific area/session for a client.
NOW IN Santa Teresa
(8-857-5561 • Rebalancer@hotmail.com)

(2-254-3323) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maria Julio!!!!  Because I sit in front of the computer for hours on end plus ages ago I broke my coxis at time I get that jammed feeling in my lower back.  Maria Julio is a strong gal that even got up on the table and did this technique that I've never had anyone do in the past. She kinda pushed my tush upwards with both hands and it unlocked my tailbone/coxis area giving me more flexibility!! I don't believe she has a table so you need to have one (or she'll do you on the floor which gives for GOOD stretches). She also has some techniques (& a cream) that helps with CELLULITE REDUCTION.  She's an older lady but she had stronger hands than some guys that have done me!!!!
 She comes to you

$20/session (though she often does longer) plus her bus fare (you provide the table/bed. I haven't talked to her in years so don't know her rates now). 
Spanish only (though she understands a little bit of English. Be VERY clear)
(NOTE:  She's REALLY REALLY GOOD - BUT - sometimes “situations” come up with her family where she doesn’t show or call but if she comes - she's WELL WORTH IT!!)
She has a contact that can make you your own Massage Table for around $150-$200+.



Pablo has his own Pharmacy and can do cheap/relaxing massages from his pharmacist table. I had one from him and it was nice. He speaks limited English though he understands more but his son Estaban can help translate (please give him a propina for helping out!!).

TECHNIQUES: Massage, Aromatherapy, relaxation, circulation. He can also help you with Private medical assistance, IV's (for dehydration and to cleanse the blood for various things). He has his own lab to do blood work and he has MANY connections with GOOD people in the medical fields around CR. He can make emergency house calls (on sliding scale).
INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY: Massage in Pharmacy - 5,000/hour.
LOCATION:  Santa Ana

Tulio Alvarado

(8-826-2859 / talv3@yahoo.com)


After 4:30pm Weekdays



Diane Evans

Escazu (San Rafael) She will come to you or you go to her

(2-289-5529 / 8-832-4325 / Diane.Evans2@gmail.com)

Thai and Shiatsu

15,000/hour if you go to her. 20,000 if she goes to you close by.

Carlwyn Carby 


Santa Ana (Centro) - She will come to you or you go to her



Therapeutic, Sports, Deep Tissue, Hot Rocks, Cranial Sacral, Aromatherapy


$65/session if she comes to you (from Ciudad Colon to Pavas/Rohrmoser)

Victoria Schwarz 

Escazu (Trejos Montelegre) - you go to her)

(2-228-3163 / VictoriaSchwarz@aol.com / VESchwarz@gmail.com)

She is an Advanced Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Aromatherapy. She says her massages are 10% technique and 90% Spiritual Connection. She also specializes in pregnant women by propping you up with pillows.

$45 session (about 1 1/2 hours)

Michael (Mijael) Brandwaijn

Escazu - San Antonio

(8-353-6559 / http://CostaRicaYoga.net / Mijael@CostaRicaYoga.net)

Michael is new in town so I haven't gotten feedback on him yet but he has LOTS of skills/training from the U.S. and his native Venezuela (he speaks GOOD English). He will come to you or for less you can go to him. I'm awaiting his techniques list but I do remember he also does/incorporates Yoga.


Escazu (Los Laurels) - you go to her

(2-289-3687 / MercedesDaneri@hotmail.com) - She's no longer doing standard massage - she's now focusing on these

Cranial Sacral, MyoFascia (like Rolfing [looking for the sliding of masses to repair]), a combination of techniques working into the Mouth. She KNOWS the bod!!! She also does Spiritual Response Therapy (soul reading). Corporate Physcotherapy. Soft Oestheopathy - uses the chemical your body is going to elaborate to soften the tissues (chemical reaction to eliminate tension). She's been on this path for over 40 years.



Ciudad Colon - He will come to you or you go to him

(2-249-2563 / jgilmore7.1@juno.com)

TECHNIQUES: Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Tai Chi Teacher and founder of Diana Sarah Wellness Center and Cyber School. He also teaches Tai Chi Free Flow (Short Tai-chi forms, Medical Chi-kung, Tai Chi Ball Chi-kung and then the developement of our own unique forms) at Sat Yoga Institute in Escazu and Infinite Nine Tai Chi at the Kapoli Yoga Center.

INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY: 10,000/1 hour if you go to him. +5,000 if he comes to you.


Belen (you go to him)

(2-215-2139 / partlycloudy@rstocker.com)

30 years experience in ROLFING (VERY VERY VERY STRONG/DEEP [aka painful]).



Santa Ana (they come to you)

(2-282-3427 / 8-890-4153-cO / 8-866-7055-cM / Pizarro36@yahoo.com )

Both do massage and chiropractic (Marcella can’t work on larger chiropractic clients). Marcella does REALLY STRONG massages (to the point the person that told me about her said she adjusted something in him that had been blocked for awhile).

Theraputic, Relaxing, Shiatsu (Marcella), ROLFING/Deep Tissue (Marcella), Lymphatic (Olman), Bioenergetic, Marcella was trained in Germany. I think they were on the more pricey side compared to the others. English and Spanish He’s also a tour guide so he’s in and out a lot. Both speak good English and Spanish.

Locals-$30/hour + $7+ gas. Foreign $50/hour + $7+ gas.


Pozos de Santa Ana (or he can come to you)
(8-896-7911 / DharmaDave@gmail.com) - He does many types of massage plus he’s a Naturpathic Doctor. Professionally trained (still licensed in Florida) for over 16 years.

Massage or Naturpathic

$40/hour (can be workable with price for Tico’s and your situation). English


Escazu (she comes to you)

(8-355-3498 / 2-228-7635)

If you just need a basic/cheap massage. She does NOT speak English. I don’t think she’s professionally trained hence why the price.



She comes to you in the San Jose/Escazu/Santa Ana area


LANGUAGE:  ONLY Spanish. She's not professionally trained but the person that referred her said she gets the job done for cheap she always confirms with you the night before the appointment and is always on time as well. YOU have to provide a massage table and massage cream/oil (quite typical for the cheaper ones). Her sister also does massage so they can do a Massage/Pampering Party.

INVESTMENT IN YOUR BODY: 7,000 colones/hour

  HEREDIA (San Rafael)

Cambriael Mendorf
LOCATION:  San Pedro
2-237-1017 / 8-897-4838 / 


(2-262-3444 / 8-398-6670 / http://CRMassageSchool.com / zenmormon27@yahoo.com)

Massage Classes but they also have 3 Massage Therapists on property (not students) offering Relaxing Swedish Massage-15,000-c/hour. Deep Swedish 20,0000-c/hour. Sports Massage or Structural Massage 25,000-c/hour and give FREE MASSAGES by students (when classes are in session) when training is going on.
Directions: One block South of the big, big church in San Rafael

Heredia (above in Santa Barbara)




Swedish, Japanese, Deep Tissue.


$35/hour on East side. West side $40 - San Pedro - Los Yoses


(2-239-7233 / 8-377-4764)

Jorge Valverde Mora

(2-419-0392 [whomever answers doesn't speak English] / 8-879-0621)

He's young and STRONG and has professional training and also does Sports Massage and stretching etc. 

(per Jill Ruttenberg)


PriceSmart often has quite nice wider/padded table that’s adjustable height wise and around $275!!!!


Fausto Barrientos - Tibas (2-235-2646) (Spanish only).
HOURS: 7:30 am to 11:30am and 1-5:30pm.
DESCRIPTION: The table has a wooden frame with padding on top. Legs are made of aluminum. The table folds in half and it looks like a piece of luggage. It also has a piece for the head/face that allows you to put you face inside a hole when you are lying down on your stomach. The vinyl padding is in black; dark blue; dark brown or dark green.
ORDERING: You can call and order it by phone and it would take 8 working days for him to build it. You do not have to pay anything in advance. You pay when you pick it up.
INVESTMENT: 65,000 colones.

DIRECTIONS (it can be complicated unless you have lived here for a while and know your way around San Jose): Tibas - from the NE corner of the Catholic Church 100 meters north, 600 meters west (Clinica Dental), then 100 meters north until you find the Municipal Stadium until you get to School Jesus Jimenez then 200 meters east towards (Saprissa Stadium) until you find a property that is fully covered with a fence and you will find a public phone. When you get to the public phone call him and he will meet you.




Heredia (San Rafael) - One block South of the big, big church in San Rafael

(2-262-3444 / 8-398-6670 / http://CRMassageSchool.com)

Classes (including weekend classes) include the Basics starting with Anatomy and Physiology, Aromatherapy (including Raindrop Therapy), Iridology, Hydrotherapy, Kinesiology, Sports Massage/Lecture/Assessment, Swedish, Connective Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Neuromuscular Massage, Shiatsu, Integrative, Spanish For Massage Therapists and more!!! Want to learn some Basic Massage (for personal use)? They have a weekend class once a month - 12 hours for $120. They also have a Yoga classes in the morning for the public, as well as Core Strength classes 2 mornings a week. They have 3 Massage Therapists on property (not students) offering Relaxing Swedish Massage-15,000-c/hour. Deep Swedish 20,0000-c/hour. Sports Massage or Structural Massage 25,000-c/hour.

FREE MASSAGES by students when classes are in session - inquire.
OWNERS: Roblynn Neumann (zenmormon27@yahoo.com)

Centro de Balance Integral

(2-224-0883 / http://GaiaCostaRica.org / GaiaCostaRica@yahoo.com)
Director and Sexologist-Javier Ortiz - Classes in Training in Hypnotherapy for Child Birth, Yoga, Massage, Acupressure, Hypnotherapy. Personal sessions on Holistic Health, Transpersonal Psychology, Sex Therapy. Javier hosts a program on Channel 15 - “Musica por Inclusion”. Most of the classes in Spanish.

PLEASE “SHARE” this site with EVERYONE you know that could use some therapy•TLC•Pampering (including at hotels and B and B’s that allow LEGIT Massage Therapists to come in to their property).



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