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Friday, March 2, 2012

AIRPORT PARKING at SJO - Juan SantaMaria Airport - Long-Term & Short-Term (& how locals can get a FREE TAXI RIDE!!) - San Jose, Costa Rica

Long-Term and Short-Term

at or near

SJO - Juan SantaMaria Airport - San Jose, Costa Rica 


By far NOT the cheapest but surely the most convenient.  I hear the most secure area here is as close to the cashier as you can get as they have video cameras there.  24/7 parking.  Some areas are protected and some are above ground/open.  I heard it is now automated with NO attendant.  When I called to get the rate they said they do not quote it in colones - only in dollars - so that rate varies by the bank rate of the day.

HOUR (minimum amount of time):  1,150-c / $2.28/hour (as of July 1, 2014)

DAY:  $15/24 hours period (NOTE rates are in U.S. $s so the colon rate is based on the U.S. $ that day)

WEEKLY:  $87.15  MONTHLY:  No special Monthly Rate

CASH ONLY - They do accept dollars and colones but NO Credit Cards.

NO Valet Parking.

CONTACT:  2-440-6700-Garage Guard / 2-437-2400-Office  


Lion Share Bodegas and Vehicle Storage
THE ultimate in security as you get your OWN individual locked (you bring your own lock) individually enclosed  - 9'x1/2"-Width x 7-1/2'-Tall and either 20' ($150/month) or 25' ($175/month) Deep storage space to park your car and anything else you can fit in there.
SECURITY:  The entire complex is surrounded by a 7' cement wall and they have closed circuit TV System that monitors the entire complex 24 hours a day and incorporates a motion detector alarm for nightime coverage - PLUS they have dogs that roam at night.

INSIDE PRIVATE•SECURE:  9'x1/2"-Width x 7-1/2'-Tall - 25' ($175/month) ($6/day) 
OUTSIDE•UN-Covered:  If their Vehicle Storage spaces are full, people can store their cars in their secure compound though UN-covered for $4 a day (but bring your own GOOD UV protected cover - otherwise they disintegrate fast in the Costa Rican sun!)
AIRPORT TRANSFERS:  Store your car with them and they will take you to the airport at Juan Santa Maria after you drop your car off or pick you up when you arrive at the airport for $35 (vs most taxis charge $50). 
HOURS:  Monday-Saturday - 7am-5pm.  Sunday (and other times) - By Appointment
OWNERS:  Larry and Nancy Rusin (from Seattle) live on premise (with their 3 large dogs) (tell Larry Vicki sent a BIG HUG!!!).

LANGUAGE:  English and Español
LOCATION:  12 miles (20 minutes) West from SJO - towards Palmares/San Ramon in Rosario de Naranjo (near Vista del Valle).  StorageInCostaRica.com/directions.htm
CONTACT:  2-451-8063  •  8-980-0468  •  1-305-914-5143-from US  •   SelfStorageInCostaRica.com  •  CRCaseyBoy@gmail.com

July 1, 2014
Available for immediate occupancy.
 25' DEEP - $175/month
PLUS - Outside Unprotected parking
- $150/month


(coming soon)




Some hotels in the area allow you to leave your car with them for FREE or a cheaper charge if you stay•pay for usually 2+ nights minimum!!!! (though most have you park at YOUR own risk - no liability to them).


OK, I'm going to share with you some 
REALLY VALUABLE DETAILED information that I KNOW you will NOT find anywhere else (unless they've copied it from me!!) 

and even an INCREDIBLE little known AWESOME SERVICE that many locals do not know about (at the bottom) - giving more EASE!!!

PLUS I'll be adding even MORE info in the near future!!!

Taxi AeroPuerto
(and hospital/clinic and MORE!!)

SHHHHH - not many people know this FABULOUS SECRET - but I want you to tell THE WORLD!!! (well - everyone you know that has FULL INS insurance coverage in Costa Rica that is!!)

For awhile I'd been hearing this rumor but never got details - till NOW!!!!

So here it is . . . If you have FULL insurance coverage on your CAR or HOUSE with INS, they will give the person that is REGISTERS/who's name is ON the policy (if it's in the name of a Corporation - only the person who's name is on the policy) - 
(or 4 one-way trips)
to/from the airport per YEAR!!!  

(NOTE:  This is ALSO good for trips to/from the Hospital or a Medical Clinic [you must provide proof of your appointment] or if you have an accident and your car is not functioning [gas, lost key, broken down, etc. - like AAA!!!] and is towed, INS will take you and your family/people in a taxi to where you need to go [tow trucks in Costa Rica do NOT allow passengers in their truck]).

•   This is good for within 40 km/24 miles of ANY airport in Costa Rica (SJO, Pavas or Liberia Airport) (if you live further, you just pay the difference in price [call for price difference but an example - from San Isidro de General Centro to SJO is ABOUT 80,000-colonies/each way).  
•    It's ONLY good on vehicles from 2006 or newer.   
Before getting all excited about it - FIRST CALL the number below to make sure you qualify!

•    At LEAST 1 day before (ideally 2-3 days) traveling, call 800-800-8001 (506-2284-8388 if you're outside of Costa Rica) with your name, policy number, Airline, Flight Number and Departure or Arrival time.
•    INS will coordinate and pay the driver.
•    When the taxi arrives, before you get in the vehicle, you MUST GIVE the driver a copy of your itinerary/ticket (your proof you're flying out and how your driver gets paid.  No proof upon entry - NO RIDE - PERIOD!!!!  For hospital or clinic visits - some sort of official proof/copy of the appointment like an email confirming it or your receipt when you're leaving [sadly, in the beginning some fools took advantage of this as a free ride to come into the Central Valley to do their shopping and things - whereby making it more complicated for others that TRULY needed this service])
NOTE:  This is NOT retroactive as they're tight about the procedure I mentioned (call in advance, give proof of the trip to the driver upon pickup - otherwise the driver can't get reimbursed as well).  More proof of why it's important for the CONSUMER to learn/read their policy when you first get it!  VERY FEW people I know know about this gem!!

(this is THE SMARTEST Customer Service move I've heard of in Costa Rica!!!  Plus, the less people on the road - the fewer accidents and less break-ins/stolen vehicles!!).

Know any LEGAL RED TAXI DRIVERS OUTSIDE the Central Valley?
Do you know a LEGAL RED taxi driver that could use more business (ESPECIALLY English-speaking or other language!!!)?  Right now they have all the drivers they need in the Central Valley but they need more drivers around the country (again - ESPECIALLY English-speaking).
CONTACT: Sergio Vargas - 2-284-8500 xt. 8313  and find out the process to register as one of their preferred drivers. 
(Sergio does not speak English but Jairo from accounting xt. 8771 /  JRubi@InsuranceCR.com / JRubi@INS-cr.com helped me and he was SOOO helpful and Customer Service oriented!!!  REFRESHING!!  THANX Jairo!!).

*****Here is a reason you'd want to keep INS in mind as your insurance provider vs other ones!!!!!******


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