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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dr Doug Lehrer - FREE LECTURE - by this pioneer in Epigenetic medicine (mind-body-energy medicine) - Thursday, August 1 - 6pm - Escazu, Costa Rica

DR. DOUG MAY be coming back to Costa Rica around December 28-January 6, 2014 so check out this page for more info!!


Dr. Doug Lehrer, Pioneer in Epigenetic medicine (mind-body-energy medicine - AskDrDougNow.com), visits Costa Rica and will give a


Janine Fafard  -  Stressful to Soulful
StressfulToSoulful.com  •  facebook.com/StressfulToSoulful
Doc Harmony  -  Harmony's Ear Candles

Thursday  -  August 1, 2013  -  6-8pm

Escazu - Janine Fafard's Turya Yoga Studio
(call for reservation and directions)

“I help people notice and clear the blockages in their life that have kept them stuck in the past.  Once we clear the unconscious memory held in the brain and soul-spirit, the body can heal itself for the client's optimal well-being.  This healing transforms the body and emotions at the cellular DNA level.” Dr. Doug Lehrer

With Dr. Doug Lehrer's Epigenetic medicine techniques he can find the stress induced, memory retained, physical and emotional blockages that cause pain, inflammation and aging issues, and chronic health, weight and injury issues that opens the abundant flow to vital health, happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, inner peace, personal success, financial and even spiritual well-being.

Based on a simple strength and resistance test on arms and legs, Dr. Lehrer reads the brain and body for information about where the person is stuck in “Survival Mode”, which occurs when we afraid and stressed.  When we are trying to survive, our body creates pain and the physical and emotional symptoms of disease.  Dr. Lehrer gently applies light pressure on specific points on the head and back, which turns on the body's ability to heal itself and to balance the energy systems and emotions that are controlling the person.

This healing process updates, clears and resolves issues at the physical DNA-cellular and emotional-energetic levels.  It heals painful, chronic and difficult health conditions and emotional stress patterns.  As a result, the survival physiology - the reason people lack health, happiness and success - within the brain, body and soul, disappears.

Internationally known doctor and Bio Energetic Medicine healer, best selling author, speaker and host of his own radio show on CBS radio, Dr. Lehrer now lives in Los Angeles, California. He has treated thousands of clients, including many A list Entertainers and Film industry.  Dr. Doug Lehrer travels the world, training practitioners in mastering the epigenetic/energy medicine called, "Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique"™.

For the past 3 years, as Director of his non-profit foundation, "Richin-Health",  Dr. Lehrer has trained hundreds of practitioners in Israel and Palestine. He and his practitioners help children heal the physical and emotional wounds of war, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Dr. Lehrer's Bio Energetic Medicine and Healing has been studied at major university medical schools and colleges. It is a proven and effective system for turning on the body's own ability to heal and improve physical and emotional functions.

 “I am in Costa Rica to check out locations for my health, youth and longevity retreats.  Since I have been here, I have been asked to speak, treat and work with those who would like to create healing and transformational miracles in their lives.  I am especially gratified by helping children to resolve stressful family situations.  Adults can expect quantum leaps in personal mastery and professional success. They can also expect to live in a healthier, younger and more vital body”, says Dr. Lehrer.

Many clients come to Dr. Lehrer for help with stubborn weight & belly fat, aging related complaints, addictions, eating disorders, chronic pain & inflammation, allergies, fatigue, sleep problems, digestive problems, depression, anxiety, low resistance to stress, adrenal exhaustion, fibromyalgia, relationship, success and failure issues, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, Lymes, ADD, ADHD, ASD, chronic& other serious health conditions.  People even come to see Dr. Lehrer when they don't know what's wrong with them. They discover many problems they have given up on soon heal, change and transform their life deeply.

Dr. Lehrer states, "The healing changes are potentially immediate and permanent. Chronic issues may take more visits to correct deeply engrained patterns that keep them stuck in survival (non-healing)mode. The more patterns you clear out from your subconscious brain, the more self-confidence and self-worth you have, the better and more loving your relationships become, and the better the overall quality of your life."

To contact Dr. Lehrer for appointment in the San Jose and Escazu area.  Dr. Lehrer is also giving some complimentary workshops.
8-972-3564 or email Dr. Lehrer at info@AskDrDougNow.com for time and location.



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