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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Reader is seeking new Friends (Liberals)!

One of my new buds (more like family) is moving to Costa Rica in September 2013 and he is seeking to meet other like-minded folk!  Here's his story!!! 

"I am looking to find individuals living in either Cartago, Orosi, Cachí or Palomo.  I am a very liberal ex-Catholic/Episcopalian/Buddhist practicing individual.  I like labor unionist, ex-commies, educators, socialists, social democrats, ex-hippies or other liberals who are so far on the left that they nearly spin around 360 degrees.  I like very liberal Canadians also, I am always impressed how they know so much about the recent national budget before their Parliament.  Also, I was the founder and only member during the 1976 bicentennial in the United States of the "Society to Return to the Authority of the Crown!"  We have no meeting, no dues and no success in 1976 which was a real shame.  It we would have had a Parliament, Richard Nixon would probably only lasted 30 days after the Wednesday question period following Watergate Break In! 

I own a small bit of property in Palomo with no house on it.  I have owned the property since May 2008.  I want to email chat with people living in area about what is available educationally, like studying Spanish, book clubs, eating clubs where we share meals together, take drives, maybe walks, other outings where we get to know our Tico neighbors.  I am not a great card player, since I can't seem to remember the cards that were just played.  In the service in the 1960's I was driven out of a games of poker when the my bunk mates decided I would never ever remember the hands having been played.  However, I would be willing to learn how to play Mah Jongg or other board games.

I taught and tutor English 1965-1967 at a Dominican language school in Tokyo, Japan.  I would be very interesting in working with others to become free English tutors in the Cartago area schools.  I am also interested in dog rescue and I have a good contact for a vet in Cartago who does Pro Bono spaying of dogs one or twice a week.  She is willing to train me to assist in the logistics of her clinic and operating room which I would very much to learn.

I would like to hear from people who are fellow travelers politically and emotionally.  I am not interested in reforming myself to be more open to people on the right unless I hear from either the Holy Spirit or the Buddha to do so.  Then I would make an effort.

I am single, I keep a very great English Spaniel who is black and white.  Her name in English is "River," in Spanish "señora bicicletas."  Why "señora bicicletas?"  Just write and ask, I will be happy to explain it to you.


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