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ACIM - A Course in Miracles - in Costa Rica

I'm not sure of any ACTIVE ACIM - A Course in Miracles groups or events in Costa Rica in ENGLISH,
and the only consistency in Costa Rica - is the IN-consistency and with over 2,000 entries on my blog, I don't have time to stay up on every entry so before you go to anything listed, make sure to
And if you find any changes
hear of any groups, PLEASE let me know so you can help others!!  E- me at:


Tilaran - Tuesdays - 10:30am - Not positive it’s still going on
CONTACT:  Kathy Riggle
(she emailed me in Feb. and I JUST saw it in my emails)

Diederik (506) 2-694-4290 and Claudette - Norma Clarke?
They do something with ACIM at their retreat property in the Arenal area:
Choose Again Center
(not sure if these 2 are the same)


This IS happening as of February 19, 2014

Sheri has been sharing this experience since 1986
It's a direct experience of remembering who you REALLY ARE - beyond your conditioning and beyond your beliefs.
A combo of meditation • Sheri teaches from her healed•whole•unified mind (so it's spontaneous based on what comes up) • Reading from the book (sometimes everyone that desires reads, sometime Sheri just reads) • Sharing and Questions.  It's a group of VERY advanced souls that are attracted to be there!

Potluck after!

Saturdays from 10:30am-2pm

about 15 minutes East of San Isidro
in Barrio Mira Valles

ALWAYS CALL FIRST for direction and just in case of any changes

Sheri Cooke - 8-796-4758 •

Visitors are always welcome (call first)

If YOU'RE interested in connecting with other ACIM - A Course in Miracles folk (even if you're just passing through Costa Rica on a visit), feel free to write up a paragraph about yourself with your contact information in "Comments"!


There are some information for groups in ESPANOL•Spanish.  Details are at:


Do you know of any other A Course in Miracles group•gathering around Costa Rica?
Help me update this site by filing in the DETAILS at:


MANY people involved in ACIM - A Course in Miracles are also involved in Unity churches.
Here is link to the Unity church gatherings in Costa Rica


PLEASE pass this link on to others you know in Costa Rica that are interested in

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