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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Help Attempt to Break the Worlds Record of "the WORLDS LARGEST HULA HOOP Class" - Wednesday - December 12, 2012 - at CENAC in Costa Rica

Hoopnosis Costa Rica

plans to break the Guinness World Record for the 

World Hoop Day!!

Come solo, get your friends, co-workers, family members, sports team, school, corporation together and join in this WAYYYY FUNNNNNN event.

They will have the
MOST CLOWNS Hula Hooping
and the
MOST PEOPLE TEXTING while Hula Hooping!!!

Be a world record holder!!

12 • NOON

*There will be a "Soft Opening" at
Yoga, Kirtan and Hooping to Mantras

with Devaya Yoga  -  DevayaYoga.com

Remote simulcast teams welcome!!!!

Funds raised will be used to supply free hula hoops and workshops to all the senior citizens groups.

There are approximately 10,000 golden agers who have recently reconnected with their youth inside the hula hoop!!!

WHEN:  Wednesday - December 12  -  11am-11pm*

WHERE:  San Jose - CENAC

Full Day  -  Adults - 8,000-c.  Kids (16 and under) and Seniors (55+) - 4,000-c.
1/2 day (until 5pm)  -  Adults - 4,000-c. Kids/Seniors - 2,000
Nightime (6-11pm)  -  Adults - 6,000-c.  Kids/Seniors - 3,000-c
(Registration Fee includes Drinking Water and Popcorn - so you have energy to dance!!)

Bring your own Hula Hoopor
 buy a special "MADE IN COSTA RICA" Hula Hoop (where some money raised from it goes to help others obtain Hula Hoops which helps with their health, fitness and well-being!!)
Mini  =  7,000Junior   =   10,000Adult   =   11,000Giant Hoop  =  25,000
including some HOT oneswith LED Lights  =  starts at 40,000

It will also be the Central American Premier of the Spanish version of the feature film
"The Hooping Life"

These are a few of the beautiful dancers that will be participating in the
First EVER in HISTORY - an
Indigenous Dance Exchange between
Native Americans and Costa Rica's
Terraba Indigenous!!

Hoop performances by national and international hoop dancers. Nighttime - television personality Thelma Darkings. Miss Costa Rica and many more!

Sponsor Miss Costa Rica
(and you will get to Hula Hoop with her and take her to lunch if you'd like)

Sponsor the feature film - "The Hooping Life"

Sponsor for the Native American Dancers
flyer miles, $$, meals, tours.. gifts... souvenirs etc.

Silent Auction Donations Needed
Meals, hotel, vacation rental time, tours, personal services, gift certificates, etc.

Part of the money raised will go towards getting
10,000 Hula Hoops for Senior Citizens
in Costa Rica in 2013

(and when they achieve that, extra money will go towards purchasing Hula Hoops for local toy drives)

CONTACT:  Marty Bernard  -  CostaRicaYall@yahoo.com  •  2-222-7594

PLEASE "SHARE" this with EVERYONE you know that wants to bring their Kid out in themselves!!!  This is a FUN Event for people of ALL ages!!!

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