Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nosara Sostenible•Sustainable Cultural Expo 2012

Nosara Sostenible•Sustainable Cultural Expo

Artisans and exhibitors will showcase the Nosara community at the Expo Nosara Sostenible 2012 

Expo Nosara Sostenible is an opportunity for everyone in Nosara to come together to learn about our efforts to establish a more sustainable community. Recycling, responsible tourism, conservation, economic opportunity and sustainability stewardship will all be presented.
Plus, learn more about our community’s proud culture.
Participate in sports events. Soccer, anyone?
There will be activities for children of all ages.
And, food, refreshments, and prizes!

It will feature music and dancing, sports events, and education on fitness as well as environmentally friendly activities such as recycling and composting.   

DATE:  Saturday, December 8, 2012 - 2-6pm

WHERE:  Nosara - Del Mar Academy -  Section L - Costa Rica


Persons can also provide donations which organizers will allocate for the construction of the the new collection center and environmental classroom. 


$10 for associations and small business. $50 for large businesses

Invitación Público General/ General Public Invite:  ExpoNosaraSostenible.com/everyone_invite.html

Invitación Patrocinadores/ Sponsorship Invite:  ExpoNosaraSostenible.com/sponsors.html

Invitación participantes(stands): / Participants and Booths Invite:  ExpoNosaraSostenible.com/artesans.html

CONTACT:  info@ExpoNosaraSostenible.com


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