Sunday, December 1, 2013

Become a Citizen Journalist With The Costa Rica Star

Sometimes some of the coolest•most interesting pictures come from regular every day people that were at the right place at the right time!  The new word for that is


The Costa Rica Star explains Citizen Journalism AND they are interested in what info YOU find•what images you see!!!  Click here for more details . . .

Become a Citizen Journalist With The Costa Rica Star
“Citizen journalism” has become a standard part of the way we gather and report news. But that was not always so.

Once upon a time, reporters felt pretty good about themselves when they would take time for a telephone call from a reader (or viewer) to listen to a “tip.” Occasionally, if they were feeling particularly generous, reporters would break away from planned stories and editor assignments to actually pursue the reader’s concern. And that was about the extent of “reader interaction” and citizen participation in the newsroom.
These days no big story can be covered without citizen involvement.

And though the ingredient that citizens contribute is not always, technically, journalism, it is valuable in helping to get to the truth of a story and ensuring the thoroughness with which issues and events are covered. . .

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