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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Scammer trying to buy higher end homes in the Central Valley of Costa Rica

A realtor shared this warning about a Scammer - THIEF that is going around claiming he is looking to buy higher end homes in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.
(I'm not sharing her name for her safety)

At least ONE of the names he goes by is Jeremy K
(there's a celebrity whose first name starts with this K name.  It sounds like a popular yogurty kind of drink that's REALLY GOOD for you [different spelling]) 
(not posting the last name to protect my tush from slander). 

He claims to be 6'3' but the realtor says he is more like 6' or 6'1"
About 250 pounds. 
Short light brown/reddish hair.
Blue eyes.
Says he's a Swiss citizen
Late 40's
Speaks French, English, German and Spanish. 
No visible scars or tattoos.
He says he is Jewish.
Claims to be a Forestry Engineer, PHD among other things.

He claims to have $7 million in the bank which he inherited from his Grandfather.  
Says he is a "cash" buyer up to $500,000 U.S.
He will want to "do the deal today", wire the total price to your bank here, the U.S. or Canada, including all furniture you may be selling.
He will ask for your account number and routing number.  His email, passport number, etc. are ALL false.

This man is VERY smooth and quite believable, he will even speak with your Attorney.  

His phone number here ends in 7067
(covering my tush by not giving the WHOLE # which I DO have if you get a call from him) - which he of course does not answer after he's done his deed.

He responded to an ad for a house for sale on Craig's List.
She took him to look at 2 homes (he said he looked at an additional 3 homes in Roka Verde and Atenas).
He took a gun•pistol, IPod, I4 phone, gate remote control and a Notebook
(I'm getting more details on how that came down).
She said he was not violent with her.

Unfortunately the realtor had befriended him (as MANY realtors do with potential clients) and invited them back to her place for dinner and drinks.  Luckily he did not do anything to harm them.

She said she "can NORMALLY spot a phony at 20 miles and this was the first time she has ever been taken in.  This guy is REALLY slick." 

If he calls to meet you - PLEASE, IMMEDIATELY
CALL the OIJ (Organismo de Investigación Judicial
 [pronounced “O-E-ho-tah”] - Costa Rica’s version of the FBI)
 to accompany you/bring him down!! 

HELP STOP HIM before someone else is taken in!!!
Keep your eye open for him!!! 


Since your life and possessions are more important than a little inconvenience on someone - especially since crime is on the rise BIG TIME (all over the world) and "looking at houses for rent or sale" is a GOOD way for criminals to scoop out a place, why not take a photo of EVERY PERSON that comes to look at your place.
I'd then IMMEDIATELY email/send it to someone - ANYONE - JUST after you take the picture - or post it on your facebook!!

And/or ask them to send to you BEFORE they come over for you to verify with your friend/"in" at Migracion - a picture of themselves along with the full name on their passport, passport number and country of issue or cedula number for locals.

I'll BET this will help weed out SERIOUS people from lookie-loos or criminals!!!

The life YOU save MAY be your OWN!!!


PLEASE forward this warning to EVERYONE you know that has a place for sale or rent in Costa Rica!!!!

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