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Thursday, January 9, 2014

SAFETY HINT - ALWAYS CHECK ID!! When someone comes to your gate•door - ALWAYS CHECK ID+ in Costa Rica

So today, while House Sitting WAYYYY up in the mountains of Escazu, up, up, up a LONG STEEP driveway, in a BIG beautiful house TOTALLY removed from it all, a motorcycle starts LAYING on the horn at the gate below - for over 5 minutes!! 

Since that past 2 weeks there were 2 Home Invasions on this block of expensive houses (which went UN-reported at least in the English media I might add) I was going to PROTECT MY tush and the house, so I got into the car and drove down to the gate to find out why this person would keep honking for over 10 minutes at that point. 

When I got there it was a guy saying he worked for the Costa Rica power company - Fuerza y Luz. 

Since we've all heard stories (all OVER the world) of people pretending to be utility workers and Home Invasioning people, I asked to see his ID (and this time I looked CAREFULLY to see if the picture matched the face since banditos often steal someone's id).  Now, NORMALLY I would say, CALL the company (which would mean having the electricity and water company phone numbers IN your cell), but my cell was in the shop - so I took a picture of his id up close (below), and one of him with the id (above.  YIKES - I JUST realized, it would have been smarter to take a picture of the driver, the id AND the vehicle WITH the license plate!  JUST in case).

So what I did next I think is a CRUCIAL preventative measure!!  
I told him before I opened the gate, I needed to send the pictures via WiFi to my Facebook - for my protection - and I hoped he could understand that since Costa Rica's been having MORE and MORE problems with crime (MANY of which go UNreported because MANY people have shared a feel of "Why bother" since rarely anything seems to come from reporting it)!

Once I felt comfortable I let him on the grounds and luckily the meter was just up a bit.  I waited and let him out and he was gone.

I REALLY BUGS me that I even feel I MUST be so suspicious - but these are different times which call for being AWARE•CONSCIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So next time someone you don't know comes a knockin' on your door•gate - CHECK THEIR CREDENTIALS!!  The life•possessions you save could be your own!!!

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