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Thursday, January 9, 2014

GRANADA - I'm Seeking info on GRANADA, Nicaragua (#1 for my friend that's moving there in January - plus to share with people looking to do their Visa Run • or considering Moving to Nicaragua)

GRANADA, Nicaragua

I have a friend moving FROM Costa Rica TO GRANADA, Nicaragua on January 14, 2014.
She's only been 1 time for a few days but she's feelin' like a change (a MUCH cheaper change) plus there are LOTS of people sharing with me (because of my big Costa Rica English Information site:
that are interested in going to Granada on Visa Runs from Costa Rica • &/or seeking information on places to potentially move to in Granada, so I'm helping everyone find resources/contacts on:

Where to go for great Desserts? 
The best Coffee? 
Good, CHEAP Eats? 
Specials - like Taco Tuesdays?
Happy Hours?
Cheapest Casado (is that what they call it in Nicaragua?  What does it typically include?)?
Best Casado?
Americana type food?
Best Fish restaurant (in general and also cheap)?
BEST NicaTamales?
Coldest Beers?
Where to go for that SPECIAL meal (if $ is NOT an issue)?
Where to celebrate U.S. holidays (food wise)?

Special NICE people (no drunks, druggies, inconsiderate smokers, no drama queens) to meet?
Lounges with nice quiet music/for the older crowd to hang at (non-drunks)?
PARTY places for the younger crowd?
Any gringo hangouts/gatherings? 
Live Music?
DANCING - Latin?
Dancing - ____???
Dancing - young crowd?

Anyone/Shuttles doing regular or monthly runs to Managua for shopping/errands or other things/places?
Anyone/Shuttles to the Costa Rica border?
Anyone doing regular runs/shuttles between Granada & San Juan del Sur?
Any GREAT, English-speaking, GOOD customer service-oriented Tour Guides &/or Horse Drawn Carriage Drivers?
More UNIQUE Tours/Things to do/see?
Any movie theatre or regular theatre?
BEST/cheapest Boat Tour?
Best place for Sarongs/Paraeo's (ok - so that's for ME!!)?
Best place to find souvenirs?
Side trips nearby?

Any place to find ORGANIC•Natural food/things?
Spiritual/Self Empowerment oriented people &/or activities? 
Place for Herbs•Natural Health products?
GREAT Massage Therapist (NON-gringo rates)?
Holistic-oriented Doctors • Dentists • Practitioners?

Rooms to Rent in a home?
$10-$20 range?
$21-$35 range?
$36-$60 range?
$61-$80 range?
$80-$100 range?
$100+ range?
Are there any hotels NEAR the lake??

Any English-speaking LEGAL, RELIABLE Taxi Drivers IN Granada?
Where to go, what to see/do? 
Best Market with more gringo products?
Best store to find 1/2 decent priced furniture & Household things?
Sites where people advertise things for Sale/Seeking?
Any learn Conversational Español groups?  Or GREAT Español teachers?
Groups to help Nica's with Conversational English? 
Places to Volunteer?
Your fav ENGLISH SPEAKING dentist, doctor, gynecologist?
Anyone with a special skill/passion that they can/do teach to others (artist, cooks, hobbies . .  .)?
Cheapest pharmacy?

How about other Granada &/or ExPat FB Pages • Message Boards or Forums? 
Or Info websites? (in English)
Other Media in English

Any BLOGS by people that are/have lived in Granada?

What's the BEST cell service for Granada (what do the majority of people have - MoviStar or Claro)?

What are the tv stations that at least sometimes have English programs?

Any safety hints or warnings - especially warnings on certain areas?

How about people that assist with Residency?

REALTORS - Great, HONEST, DETAILED Realtors? (I have a BUNCH a people looking to leave Costa Rica and at other options)

Anything/one else to share•Connect??!!!

Please "Comment" below - and/or email me 
(Vicki Skinner - aka "THE Sarong Goddess") at


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