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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BEDS • CAMAS • MATTRESSES • FOAM & FUTONS - Where to Find them in Costa Rica

The word for "Bed" in Costa Rica is "CAMA"

Finding Beds and Mattresses in Costa Rica isn't always one of the easiest things to do ESPECIALLY since beds in Costa Rica.

I find it helps if you have an idea on what TYPE of bed you want - hard*, soft, Memory Foam, with a Topper, "Orthopedic" . . . CHOICES!!!

First thing to know for all you newbies out there, Costa Rica beds tend to be on the MEGA HARD side - border or more like HARD AS A ROCK (by MY body's standards)!!  

HINT: Since beds in Costa Rica tend to be HARD (fyi - MY experience has been "Orthopedic" usually equals "Hard as a Rock!!"), if you don't like it like that, you can always get a less expensive bed and either get a piece of foam to put on top (espuma de cama) - OR - MY FAV option - have someone bring you a MEMORY FOAM TOPPERS from the States (do NOT open them from their air-tight sealed packaging or you won't be able to fit it into a suitcase. Otherwise, I've had kings fit into a large duffle bag easily). I've gotten all 8 of mine this way from http://Overstock.com

It seems one of the hottest things around are "Pillow Top" mattresses.  Ahhh - "Pillow Top" sounds LUXURIOUS si??!!!  Well, think about it.  I don't know about you but I like to flip my bed around or over every month or so.  Since I'm just one person - I don't want it wearing down on one side - right??  BUT - UNLESS the "Pillow Top" part is removable (which I have NOT seen many removable ones), the ONLY way you can move it around is on the SAME SIDE - NO FLIPPING as the ones I've seen/had/slept on as what I've seen so far, the bottom was HARD like a box spring!!!  Now if you're flipping your bed around/over, it also PROLONGS the life of your bed right???  So do you think a Pillow Top mattress will last you as many years as a regular one??

For ME, if I was wanting something softer, I'd buy a Memory Foam or some other type of TOPPER - though unfortunately they are NOT easy to find in Costa Rica and if you can, they're not real cheap.  BUT, if you order one like on OverStock.com, they scrunch down BIG TIME when they're vacuum packed and can fit into a large suitcase or at least duffel bag!!


It's not real common to find Mattresses and BoxSprings as we know them.  Often what you find here are either the mattress with a wood fram

Next - How much do you want to spend???
New beds in Costa Rica can be QUITE EXPEN$IVE!!!  Especially if you buy it from the big boys mattress stores!!  LOTS more than their counterpart in the U.S. and not necessarily for quality.
Especially if you're not wanting hard or you don't have lots of $$ to spend, are you seeking a new one - or are you ok with a used one??  (note, some used ones were just used in guest rooms that did have much activity sometimes!!  I once helped some guys with their Moving Sale and they sold their 2 years new $2,500 beds for $800!!!!!!!)? 

If I was looking for a used on, with ALL the ExPats that are leaving, the first 2 places I'd look AS WELL AS POST what I WAS LOOKING FOR are:

MY experience when looking for some Twin (in Costa Rica they call them "Individual") when I first moved to Costa Rica was the size
that seemed hardest to find used.  Kings were the Easiest to find (maybe because they're not often the easiest to fit into a room and not many Tico's sleep in one.  On that note - if you have a rental property or many guests, having been in Vacation Property Rentals for MANY years, I find THE BEST size for this situation are 2 twins because 2 twins can push together [I'd use those pull-ties at the top of the legs to keep them together] and make into a King - that way you can accommodate 2 buds travel together that don't want to sleep together - OR a couple!).  FYI - I find that MANY Tico couples seem to sleep on what we call Full or Double - what they call Matrimonial.

I finally gave up looking online and went to Jiron which was recommended by CaribbeanSoul•Isabella and EscazuNews Daniel and I was quite pleased with the results. Here are the details:

(http://Jiron.com / 2-217-1000 / 2-226-0750-sales)

They seem to be the MAIN Mattress manufacturer in Costa Rica.

For the cheapest prices, buy at their OWN stores (listed below) and you’ll save LOTS more than buying in the stores that imply they’re dealers (when they’re just retailers).

I bought their 2 cheapest/bottom of the line Twin Mattresses AND BOX SPRINGS with screw-on wood legs (no frame needed. I've NOT found lots of beds here with box springs. Most have just been the mattress and you build a frame with wood slats for it. I bought the basics as I use special Memory Foam Mattress Toppers to make them comfy!). As of June 2010 their cheapest 2 piece twin (mattress and bottom base with wood legs) was 85,000 (about $160. I saw the SAME bed at HiperMas for $190 with NO delivery [and I think 13% tax also]). It was actually quite comfortable so I'm glad I bought them now and wish I hadn't wasted so much time being cheap looking for used ones. (note these prices were about 5 years ago)

If you ASK for it, they will give you 5% if you pay in cash and only on mattresses (sometimes more with volume).

They also have FREE DELIVERY if you're within the Central Valley (I got mine delivered THAT DAY!! My Relocation Angel Frank Chicas got there around 11am and they DELIVERED the 2 beds to my home in Pozos de Santa Ana BY 4pm [I gave a nice tip as I was SOOO appreciative I didn’t have to deal with getting it to me. They were greatful and even helped me make them with the cool bedding I have!]).

STORES: jiron.com
/dormicentros.html  •  facebook.com/ColchonesJiron
•   Escazu (2-217-1079) - HOURS:  Monday-Saturday - 10am-7pm.  LOCATION:  Plaza Itskazu
•   Moravia (2-217-1078)
- HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 9am-6pm.  Saturday - 10am-4pm.  LOCATION:  in front of the cemetary
•   PAVAS•Rohrmoser (2-217-1077 / 2-217-1078) - HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 9am-6pm.  Saturday - 10am-4pm.  LOCATION:  I don't know if they've moved but here's what I have - Carretere Pavas - 300 West of Cemaco, Past the Shell Gas Station, next to Radio Shack.  Here's what their website shows - from the South corer by TeleTica, it's 225 meters West of JetBox.
•   Pinares (2217-1073)  - HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 9am-6pm.  Saturday - 10am-4pm.  LOCATION:  Centro Comercial Mabinsa Sur - Carretera Vieja a Tres Rios
•   San Jose - Avenida 2nd (2-217-1028) - HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 9am-6pm.  Saturday - 10am-4pm.  LOCATION:  100 meters East of CCSS
•   San Pedro (2-217-1072) - HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 9am-6pm.  Saturday - 10am-4pm.  LOCATION:  125 meters East of the church.  
•   San Sebastian (2-217-1000 / 2-217-1010) - HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 9am-6pm.  Saturday - 10am-4pm.  LOCATION:  125 meters North of the church.

They call these Cama Nido.  They're awesome when you don't have a lot of space but occasionally have guests as they just slide right out from under!



I have a resource for REALLY GOOD QUALITY Customized 100% Cotton filled, hand-made, semi-orthopedic, chiropractic recommended MATTRESSES made with imported fabric for a bed or futon (not the frame).

I recently tried one that my friend bought and it was REALLY NICE! Not too hard or too soft and they can adjust yours according to YOUR body's desires!

For more details and the latest information and prices go to:


facebook.com/Proursa.ColchonesEnSueno  •  mercadeo@Proursa.com)
They make mattresses plus have foam for beds, pillows and futons (this is where I got my twin foam futon chair) and can custom made things (this is where I got my foam bolsters made for my couches!!). Twin Foam Futon 53,100. Twin firm foam - arou (OLD prices!!!). Lidia speaks good English.
SPECIALS:  Proursa.com/category/productos-en-promocion
DIRECTIONS: Guadalupe (
2-285-0505)  -  in front of the AYA water tanks.  OR 1 km. East•Este de la Clínica Jerusalem
Curridabat (2-
253-9396)  -  75 este de la Pops

GrupoLazaro.com/inicio/?q=en/node/20facebook.com/GrupoLazaro  •  2-257-0220
HOURS•HORAS:  Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm • Sat. 9am-12pm/noon
LOCATION:  San Jose (Downtown), Costa Rica - Avenida 10 (a one-way East-bound street) between Calles 12 and 14.  You can't miss them - they're 2 GREEN buildings on BOTH sides of the street  -  OR  -  100 meters South and 50 meters East of the old Cruz Roja • de la antigua Cruz Roja, 100 sur 50 este (5 blocks South of D'Selecta)

Colchones Comodisimos
Details at:  CostaRicaBargains.blogspot.com/2013/09/MattressPads.html

Don Colchon

DonColchon.cr  •  2-537-1373  •  info@DonColchon.cr



Do you have one of those typical Hard as Rock mattresses and don't want/can't find a Memory Foam Topper (Memory Foam Toppers are NOT easy to find in Costa Rica)?  Get a piece of FOAM!!!

SOMETIMES you can find them at Ferreteria's (Hardware stores) which they often just have a few sizes and not lots of variety in firmnesses.  

I got some of mine at my FAV ferreteria in Escazu (for price and customer service):
I LOVE this mom/pops type hardware store / ferreteria that often has things that I can’t find at EPA and often cheaper!! They also have FOAM for beds+ (downstairs) and I found them often cheaper than Proursa, BUT, the don't always have them. (tell them Vicki sent you!).
DIRECTIONS: Escazu – Centro (up the hill) - 25 mts. North/West of the Municipal de Escazu and the park/church.

If that doesn't work for you, and for more selections of firmnesses - including customized sizes (I got a Futon chair made there and Bolsters for my couch):
PROURSA (above)


Camas Metalicas Colchones


Where to Find
Futons are VERY challenging to find at all in Costa Rica.


It's NOT NOT NOT easy to find QUALITY Bedding in Costa Rica. Here are some contacts:

.5587 - 3/24/15

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