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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Are "American's" being arrogant calling themselves "Americans"??

Ok, YES - SOME (ok - MANY) "Americans" can at times be rather arrogant - thinking the world evolves around them & that they're "Superior" - BUT when it comes to the age old argument
“ALL people from North, South & Central America are "Americans"
I hear what you’re saying - BUT it’s not FULLY accurate.

Let me share with you ANOTHER way of looking at that statement because, as with most things in life, there IS usually ANOTHER way of seeing it & this is BIG!! 

I welcome those that think that way to take a deep breath & open your mind for a moment & read what I’m sharing - looking at the FACTS.

I could understand where you’re coming from as I USED to think as you do - that people from the U.S. were just being arrogant in calling themselves “American’s” - till one day I questioned my thinking as something about it wasn’t “feeling” right - so I went DEEP inside & did a little research & discovered these fascinating FACTS . . . :

•   Canada - the "Dominion of Canadian"  -  They don't call themselves Dominion-ans do they?  They're “Canadians” - right?  (or "Canuck" [that's not an insult is it??])
•   Mexico - the “United Mexican States”  -  making them “Mexicans” - not "United-ers" right?
•   Guatemala - the "Republic of Guatemala"  -  "Guatemalans" (aka "Guatemaltecos" or "Chapines")
•   Honduras - the "Republic of Honduras"  -  "Hondurans" (aka "Catrachos")
•   El Salvador - the "Republic of El Salvador"  -  "Salvadorans" (aka "Salvadoreños")
•   Nicaragua - the "Republic of Nicaragua"  -  “Nicaraguans” (aka “Nicaragüenses”) - RIGHT?
•   Costa Rica - the “Republic of Costa Rica”  -  making their people - “Costa Ricans” (aka “Costarricenses” or "Ticos")
•   Panama - the "Republic of Panama"  -  “Panamanians”
•   Venezuela - the "Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela"  -  "Venezuelans"
•   Colombia - the "Republic of Colombia"  -  "Colombianos"
•   Peru - the "Republic of Peru"  -  "
Peruvians" or "Peruanos"
•   Brazil - the "Federative Republic of Brazil"  -  "Brazilians"
•   Paraguay - the "Republic of Paraguay"  -  "Paraguayo"
•   Uruguay - República Oriental del Uruguay (Eastern Republic of Uruguay)  -  "
•   Bolivia - the "Plurinational State of Bolivia"  -  "Bolivians" or "Bolivianos"
•   Chile - the "Republic of Chile"  -  "Chileans"
•   Argentina - the "Argentine Republic"  -  "
See where I’m going with this . . .??  Anyone other COUNTRY have the word "America" in their OFFICIAL name?

The USA - the “United States of what??? . . . AMERICA" - is the ONLY COUNTRY that has the word "America" in their name - making their citizens what . . . ??  “United Staters?”  NO - that WOULD OFFICIALLY make them “AMERICANS” - RIGHT??? 

Yes - those that live in North America, Central America or South America are located on the CONTINENT of the “Americas” - but the ONLY COUNTRY with “AMERICA” in it’s official COUNTRY name is - the United States of “AMERICA”.  Si?? 

I used to think like you - but because I'm open to questioning things (especially if they didn’t “feel” right), I was able to see things a different way & learn something new.  
I hope you can understand what I share & are open to seeing things through new eyes & logic also!!


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