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Saturday, September 25, 2010

MACROBIOTICAS • HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACIES • HERBALISTS where you can find Natural • Homeopathic Remedies in Costa Rica

where you can find

A MACROBIOTICA is where you can find MANY natural vitamins, tinctures and some herbs!

NOTE: Have anyone coming from the States/Canada to visit you? You may want to ask them to bring you a few months supply (though not too much as you don’t want Customs thinking you’re buying them for a business).

Shipping ANY form of natural medicine/herbs/etc. into Costa Rica
You might SERIOUSLY want to rethink that as those items, if properly labeled, WILL most likely get stopped by the Eduana (customs) and you get to jump through LOTS of hoops, time and expenses to get them out of the Eduana including YOU usually will HAVE to get special Health Permits - IF you can even get them (which is happening more and more sadly).

For now, many Holistic treatments are ok (operative word - “ok”) in Costa Rica but we're hearing of the powers that be shutting down more and more of these people that have special "gifts" to share that help MANY (bottom line people - even God can't heal you if there's not a part of you somewhere that TRULY is willing to let whatever ails you go!  For over 20 years there has been much talk about getting it all licensed (who in the U.S. government are they hanging out with or might it be the LARGE drug manufacturing company presence that is here?).


(2-222-7470  •  HomeopatiaUniversal@gmail.com)
They do homeopatía, alopatía, macrobiótica and are the oldest Macrobiotica in Costa Rica (30+ years) and MANY have shared with me that they feel they're one of THE BEST!!!
LANGUAGE:  ENGLISH:  Laura (she's GREAT, REALLY HELPFUL and GETS the concept of Customer Service!!).
HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 8:30am-6:30pm.  Saturday - 8:30am-3pm.
LOCATION:  San Jose-Downtown - Calle 4 between Avenidas 3 and 5.  50 mts North of Banco Nacional  - in front of Optica Visión.

(2-223-5372  •  FNHCR@hotmail.com)
The BEST place in the country with MUCH HIGHER potencies than elsewhere (even in the states).  They even also make their own homeopathic remedies and they have a 

Susan said they were some of the BEST remedies she’s EVER used in Costa Rica or the U.S. (she’s worked in Alternative Medicine most of her life and KNOWS from which she speaks).  HOMEOPATH ON-DUTY (EXCEPT noon-2pm)
DELIVERY / EXPRESS (central San Jose).
LANGUAGE:  ENGLISH:  Katia and Roy (car041@hotmail.com)
HOURS:  Mon.-Fri. 9am-5:30pm and Sat. 9am-12:30pm
LOCATION:  San Jose-Barrio Los Angeles - on Calle 12 between Avenida 8 and 10.  250 mts South of the Church of Merced

Macrobiotica La BUENA HIERBA
(2-233-0363 • 2-233-0065 • 8-381-9883 HendrikStins1940@hotmail.com

Dr Hendrik Stins Ham is a Naturopath, Reflexologist, Iridologist, Herbal Medicine, Nutritionist, EFT, Color Therapy, Homeopath, Holistic Medicine.  His associate Amirah does Reiki and Physical Therapist
LANGUAGE:  Dr. Hendrik and Amirah speak DUTCH-1st language, ENGLISH, SPANISH, GERMAN and some FRENCH and ARABIC. 
HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 9am-5pm.  Saturday - 9am-12pm/noon
LOCATION:  San Jose - Paseo de Los Estudiantes, in front of AyA - Calle 9 and Avenida 10 - around the corner from Tin Jo.
(THANX Monic and Naomi.  Tell Dr. Hendrik Vicki with the blog connected you!)

(2-223-4747 / 2-222-1680 / lab_han@racsa.co.cr)

HOURS:  Monday-Thursday - 8:20am-noon and 1-6pm.  Friday - 8am-5pm.
LOCATION:  San Jose-Downtown - Paseo Colon on Calle 24 (?)- past ARCR on way Downtown.  Walking toward Downtown SJ, you come to the intersection where Scotia Bank is.  Turn Right at the gas station.  Walk 2 or 3 blocks and it's on the right
(THANX Dolores)

Jill Ruttenberg at Ama Tierra 

(http://AmaTierra.com / 2-419-0110  •  JillRuttenberg@AmaTierra.com) 
in San Pablo de Turrubares is a HIGH LEVEL HERBALIST who has a WONDERFUL BandB that has many great retreats/workshops!!!!   

Macrobiotica Tibas
(2-240-3248 • FlorMacro@gmail.com)
One of the older ones.LANGUAGE:  Spanish ONLY
HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 7:30am-5pm.   
LOCATION:  Tibas (Centro) - In front of Burger King

Farmacia Homeopatia Hering
(2-257-1304 / 2-222-3018)
HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 9am-12/noon and 2-7pm.  Saturday - 9am-1pm
LOCATION:  Tibas - 5 corners past Clinica Clorito Picado 400m West

Natu Vit
HOURS: 9:30am-7pm.
OWNERS: Jose and Zeneida 

LANGUAGE:  Spanish and ENGLISH (Zeneida)
LOCATION:  Escazu (San Rafael) in the little strip mall behind Mas x Menos off Calle Vieja
(THANX Margie).

Natural Center Macrobiótica
(facebook.com/pages/Natural-Center-Macrobi%C3%B3tica/187571438082688 • 2-248 4609 •
NaturalCenter.rh@yahoo.com)Natural products, quality, prices, good treatment Description We have a wide assortment availability of natural products for the good state of health, as well as personal care products; with all major brands of quality found in the market. - Vitamins & Minerals - Antioxidants - Herbs & Remedies - Sports Nutrition - Seeds & Fiber - Natural Makeup - Oils - Natural Dyes - Homeopathy - Himalaya products.Productos Naturales, calidad, precios, buen trato Description Tenemos a la disponibilidad un amplio surtido de productos naturales, para el buen estado de las salud, asi como tambien productos de cuidado personal; con las principales marcas de calidad que se encuentran en el mercado.  - Vitaminas & Minerales - Antioxidantes - Hierbas & Remedios - Nutrición para deportistas - Semillas & Fibras - Maquillaje Natural - Aceites - Tintes Naturales - Homeopatía
HOURS:  Daily - 9:15am-8pm.   
LOCATION:  San Jose-Sabana Este•East -1000 La Sabana near Mas x Menos

Bio Salud
They have many natural products and LOTS of imported things including Birkenstakes
Escazu - They no longer have their MultiPlaza "store" but you can order from them and have it delivered to friends store in MultiPlaza (2-201-6138)
Curridabat - Plaza del Sol (2-234-2475 / 2-280-7861?)

(http://NaturaStyle.com / 2-235-7654 / 8-386-0092)
They DELIVER to you!! My only complaint (other than it is pricier but it IS more of a one-stop shopping place [well - by CR standards] and ya pay for convenience) is in rainy season - like everywhere - it does not always look very good. They have everything from veges/fruits to herb pots, skincare, vitamins++++!

GNC - Check before you go if they've re-opened as they're having some b.s. dispute with the Costa Rican government on the importation of healthy•natural goods (GRRRRRR!!!)
(2-221-8986 [this is the only number they give out in their website])
(note: I have found their prices can be nearly/at least double that from the States. I was able to find Tea Tree here SOMETIMES)
LOCATIONS:  For a list of their stores go to 

Escazu (San Rafael) - in Plaza Laureles
Escazu-MultiPlaza-Escazu/West - 2nd floor towards the middle of the mall by the eisle leading to the Food Court (this one is NOT clearly marked on their website)

LOCATIONS: http://OmniLife.com/centros_distribucion/centros.php
San Jose (La Uruca - Juan Paulo Secondo Bridge)
San Ramon
San Pedro
Perez Zeledon

Here are some more:


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