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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where to UNLOCK or JAILBREAK YOUR iPhone or CELL PHONE in Costa Rica

NOTE:  UNlocking Cell Phones is now ILLEGAL in the U.S. (as of January 26, 2013) so it's going to be harder to get unlocked•jailbroken cell phones on eBay.com  
Read about it at:  QCostaRica.com/edition/2013/01/25/unlocking-your-cellphone-continues-legal-in-costa-rica

Do you need to find someone to UNLOCK or JAILBREAK YOUR iPhone or CELL PHONE you brought with you from the states (it's WAYYYYYYY cheaper buying it outside of CR [though of course you’re not locked into a 2 year plan like in the states])?  Below is a list of who can do it.

REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR POWER CORD with you (just in case)!!!!

HUGE NOTE (learned the hard way)!!  
Once your phone has been Jailbroken/unlocked - ESPECIALLY an iPhone - do NOT NOT NOT Upgrade the latest software!!!!!!!!!!!!  "WHY?" you ask?  Well - I learned the hard way - either way you WILL screw it up.  It could be minimal that you just need to have it taken back to it's original connection (often ATandT and they say you should have your original password [which I did NOT have it as I bought mine on http://CostaRica.en.CraigsList.org the day I was moving so I couldn't even find the contact info on the people I bought it from - my bad!!]) and you just need to have it Jailbroken again.  OR - you could do what I did which looks like - possibly fried the software making my 2 month old (for me) iPhone obsolete!!  

FYI -  You can buy cell phones WAYYYYY CHEAPER in the States so if you can find someone coming to visit Costa RIca - you might want to buy one that way!!  There are Craig's Lists in MANY places in the U.S.  If it were me, if there wasn't one near me, I'd look in major cities where technology is quite trendy - like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco - where people might just get bored with the old, wanting to get the latest & maybe their cell isn't that old.


On that note, though I was told by a few people - including when I called into Apple - that my iPhone was basically dead/useless - as a last resort, I went to DOCTOR CELULAR in Escazu (Centro) who WAS able to FIX IT FOR ME!!!!  (MY HERO!!!) for 20,000-c (MUCH cheaper than a new cell eh?!! WELL worth the investment!!) - THOUGH - I did loose EVERYTHING that was in it so don't be attached!!!


Officially ICE says that they “accept” the following phones to work with their systems (BUT, MOST people I've spoken with have said they haven't had any problem with other phones not on that list):


(2-228-8828 / Dr.CompuCel@hotmail.com )
Owner Enrique "Kike" (who speaks GOOD ENGLISH as does some of their staff) does everything from selling new cells, to repairing computers plus they have LOTS of accessories (this is where I got my little Universal Battery Charger gizmo that I use for my digital camera - for like 6,000-c that Radio Shack was wanting $40 for!!!).  He's who I turned to out of desperation when I killed my iPhone by attempting to upload the latest version of the software (do NOT NOT NOT upload the latest software for cell phones that are unlocked or jailbroken!!!!!!!!).  Prices/more details coming!!  A VIC's FAV!!!
LOCATIONS:  Escazu Centro & Santa Ana Centro

DETAILS at:   LivingLifeInCostaRica.blogspot.com/2012/05/doctor-celular-cell-repair-purchase.html

(8-853-2451 / Skype: Davidz_65 / David@TerraMundis.net)
David's who takes care of ALL my Apple needs (non-repair on iPhone but yes on unlocking/jailbreaking), GOOD person! 
COST:  ?
LOCATION:  Escazu-Bello Horizonte (just up a few blocks from Sorrettos) - but sometimes he will come to you (sometime there will be a fee).

(8-854-4399 / MattMartin2@gmail.com / Skype: Matt.martin.1)
Super nice.  He sometimes has phones for sale.  
COST:  iPhones-10,000-c (need to leave the phone with him overnight) and most others (with sending instructions)-5,000-c.    
LOCATION:  San Antonio de Belen.

(8-362-1153 / info@FleaMarketCR.com)
Michael can unlock most cell phones and you don’t even have to go to him (except for iPhones).  
WHAT'S NEEDED:  The IMEI # (the 16-17 digit # that's usually under the battery), the name of the original carrier and the model #.  He can usually just email you the instructions on how YOU can do it (of course you pay him upfront)
iPhone’s - you must go to him as it’s LOTS more complicated (he needs to hook it up to the computer) and in a couple hours you have it!
COST:  $20-$40+ (+ is if there are more complications) 
LOCATION:  Rohmosser
(make sure to tell him Vicki shared the information)

(8-391-0604 / 2-289-4036) 
They can do it all - UNLOCK CELL PHONES (including iPhones), SELL new and used cell phones plus rent cells for a cheap base/deposit (but the prices to call are high [this is great for someone mainly needing to stay connected just in case]). 
COST:  Regular cells - 12,000+.  iPhones - 22,000/$44+.  
HOURS:  Mon.-9am-6pm.  Sat. 9:30am-3pm
OWNER:  Dad Jorge speaks some English and his son Jorge Jr. who speaks more English (it’s more challenging on the phone)
LOCATION:  Escazu (San Rafael) - 150 meters West of ICE Office - on the North side of the street side facing Calle Vieja - JUST East of the corner where Vet Dr. Bitter, Banco Premier and La Primavera Mini Super (they’re by my home so if you’re in the area and want to stop in - come on by!!  Call me at 8-378-6679)

Tico iPhone  http://TicoiPhone.com
(8-860-1670-c / 2-
I believe their also do REPAIRS as well.
LANGUAGE:  I believe Spanish only
COST:  Unlock iPhones - $75
HOURS:  Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-5:30pm and Sat. 9:30am-3pm
LOCATION:  San Jose-Paseo Colon - East of Sabana Park - "INA of Paseo Colon???" - 200 meters North and 50 meters West (opposite/adjacent to Floristeria ValVerde Racing) - Calle 30 and Avenida 3.  Also Puntarenas (you have to go to him)

NOTE:  Takes 2 days
COST:  Unlock iPhones - $50  
LOCATION:  Desampardos (you have to go to him)


Do YOU know a person that can UNLOCK CELL PHONES?  
E- me their DETAILS (including their location/city, price, what's entailed, phone #, email, what kinds of cells they unlock and any other info on them) at Info@CostaRicaResourceGuide.com


Please make sure to tell them that Vicki (aka the Sarong Goddess) Connected you and let me know how YOUR Experience was!!!


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