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Monday, May 26, 2014

Costa Rica will help CALL YOU TO CONSCIOUSNESS!!!!!!!! You MUST be FULLY AWARE EVERY SECOND when Walking or Driving in Costa Rica or risk ACCIDENTS!!

Costa Rica is a country that WILL help CALL YOU TO CONSCIOUSNESS - or you WILL PAY for not being conscious 24/7!!

It's a country where EVERY STEP YOU TAKE you MUST BE 101% FULLY AWARE on what is in FRONT of you - otherwise - DOWN YOU GO!!!
(which doesn't help when there's a sharp metal overhang at a bus stop that's level with your head)
(these things sticking out of the grounds are some metal pieces - left over from some sort of signs perhaps - or bars used to block the entrance of the parking lot when this bank on Calle Vieja was closed.  I went down here - ended up face down on the asphalt on the street!! Scrapped up my face & right hand!!)

(this is a sidewalk in a VERY prominent Escazu neighborhood.  NOT easy for one with mobility issues or weak ankles to maneuver)

 (this is a metal overhang at a popular bus stop that was LOW!!  I can't believe a BUNCH of people haven't gouged their heads open.  Ahhh - life in Costa Rica!!!)
 (the mold and moss on many sidewalks in Rainy Season [ESPECIALLY worse June-November/December-ish])

 (make sure you have a flashlight with you when walking at night!)
(yet ANOTHER drop [this one is about 4 feet down] on THE major street in Escazu.  More proof you MUST be looking down ALL the time when you're walking in Costa Rica!!)

Jo Ann share THIS reminder - "As well as looking ahead, also be aware of hazards behind you!! I'm always very careful when walking, but recently, I was taking to someone as I stepped backward...uneven sidewalk behind me & I fell backward! Broke a bone in my wrist since I tried to catch myself. One more thing to watch for next time!!"


Even when driving - you MUST have ALL your eyes WIDE OPEN AND FOCUSED (even those on the sides AND back of your head) - otherwise - DOWN YOUR CAR GOES - into that 6' deep open manhole where the 2 guys are walking away with the cover - or while you're in that left turning lane, a motorcycle comes up along your LEFT side and you hit him and YOU'RE responsible - or some fool insecure unconscious insecure driver that's never taken a driving class comes out of no where - or goes through his red light  -  or as you go over that little puddle in the road - down you go into a DEEP POTHOLE - breaking your front end  -  or you go to parallel park your car and you don't realize there's a  (ALL these are things that have happened to people I've encountered that have shared their experiences!) . . .

 (Potholes in Paradise!!  This was the road going to Tamarindo [at least now it's paved]. In Rainy Season - even in the best of areas Potholes come out BIG TIME and you WILL be weaving in and out - EVEN on the MAIN ROADS and HIGHWAYS THROUGHOUT Costa Rica
(remember when you're backing up what's behind you!!  With all the LOW cars in Costa Rica - this could do some serious damage to your car!!)

(NOTE:  I speak from LOTS of experience on this topic in my nearly 9 years living in Costa Rica and I have plenty of scars, torn ligaments & even a torn meniscus in my knee [from when I didn't see that one step that came out of no where - that reminds me of how CRUCIAL it is for me to be CONSCIOUS with EVERY step I take - otherwise - DOWN I go!!).

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