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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SOCIAL MEDIA GURU's•SITES - Learn some hints on how to use Social Media to Promote Your Business

This is not Costa Rica related per-say BUT MANY MANY people could use learning more about Social Media to help promote their business via things like FacebookTwitterLinkedIn • and now the fast growing PInterest - so below I've started creating a list of some of the SOCIAL MEDIA GURU's that sometimes share (or teach) hints/tools, Webinars•TeleConferences (sometimes FREE!!), e-books (sometimes FREE!!!), YouTube videos and MORE!!!


Do you have more "Guru's"•Sites to add
How about any FREE Webinars
TeleConferences or eBooks?  
Some GREAT Social Media Hints on YouTube?   

PLEASE e- me their links to so I can share them here!!



Need help with
Tourism Marketing and Facebook Marketing?

Let me help you!

Here are some examples of pages I've started

(I believe that first you get the content lookin' good/cleaned up and THEN you promote it•work on getting more "Fans"•"Friends")

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