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Thursday, August 5, 2010

CHIROPRACTOR and PHYSIOTHERAPIST - Shahin Ravery - San Jose, Costa Rica

VICKI'S #1 Choice (BY FAR) for 


I've found in

with Delta Chiropractico
Dr. Ravery
(I just call him "Ravery" because it's easier for me to remember/pronounce!) 
is both a 

For MY (Vicki/the Sarong Goddess') body, a chiropractor that mainly just cracks me and I'm out in less than 20 or so (IN the office [not including waiting]) does NOT work!!  My body needs careful handling!!  MOST IMPORTANTLY (this being with a chiropractor or ANY doctor) - I want someone that takes TIME with me.  First work on relaxing my tight muscles (that have formed to being in a sitting over the computer for 15-20 hours a day position) and do some physical therapy actions BEFORE jumping on me and crackin' my bones - hence potentially causing serious pain or worse - doing damage to me (which HAS happened).  (I’ve been going to chiropractors on and off for over 25 years including some top notch ones in San Francisco and San Diego. My SF chiro used to make me get a massage or sit in a jacuzzi before he’d do me since I was so tight [I got them for free so it wasn’t that he was making more $ out of me.  Ahhhh life working in advertising!!]). 

I'd known of Dr. Ravery for many years from MANY friends/people I'd met that had been going to him, but my first experience with him wasn't till July of '07 when I dislocated my humerous (sp?) and clavicle (from a fall where I landed on my elbow and dislocated it). 

I need someone with machines/toys/equipment to help "warm me up" and what impressed me the most about Shahin Ravery was that he spent WELL over 2 hours with me utilizing physiotherapy / physical therapy methods and machines!!!  As well as chiropractic moves, Dr. Ravery had/did everything from an:

Electrical Lower Back Traction Unit 
(I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!! It's SOOOOO freeing of my lower back that often feels all jumbled up!!!)

Muscle Stimulation
Ultra Sound  

He also has all sorts of

Physio Therapy Toys, weights, balls+++

Chiropractic Moves

He is even skilled to work on

EVERY time I've seen Dr. Ravery, I have felt a noticable difference and he did a GREAT job on me and most of the people I've shared his information with!!

Of course it's up to ME to continue the treatments/therapy as it's been because of MY laziness/unconscousness, that's created the improperly formed muscles to do what they're doing over time and that CAN NOT change overnight (unless I set up some sort of contraption on my desk chair to sit me up properly!!  Of course, have I practiced what I preach here - NOT!!]).

Dr. Shahin Ravery usually spends on average at LEAST 45 minutes with his patients (how many other chiropractors you've been to in Costa Rica spend that kind of time or have those types of tools?  How many simply crack you and you're outta there [which I've heard often happens from MANY patients].  Hey - if that works for your body and you're making GOOD noticeable progress - FANTASTIC!!!  If not, perhaps it's time to try another option!!!!). 

(NOTE:  Contrary to the b.s. some people may tell you (and ya get to look at where THEY'RE coming from/who they're friends with [there's LOTS of "Lack Mentality" here - especially by people in the same profession]) - he IS a member of/certified by the Colegio de Profesionales en Quiropractica de Costa Rica)

(It's GOOD because he lived in the U.S. for 21 years and got his degree in chiropractic there)
(his mother tongue)
(VERY fluently)

Mon.-Fri. 9am-1pm, 3-7pm and Sat. 9-11am (by appointment)
(if you have a TRUE emergency and he's available, he can often come to you or meet you in the office off hours)

1st visit - 25,000-c.  Thereafter -18,000.
(fyi - I've never seen ANYONE in his office for less than 45 minutes.  I'm usually there 2-3 hours on the various electric stimulation/other machines)

SAN JOSE - Paseo Colon - NEW location
At the Toyota dealership that's on Paseo Colon - turn Left and go 50 meters North.  
You go Right ON the first street - 25 meters East - on your Left - 
BUT - if you're driving - that's a one-way street going the opposite/West-bound way, so you have to go around the block.  
Look for the sign.

Dr. Ravery can be available for off-hours and also house calls 
(though most do require you to go to his office for the best/maximum care.  He can help facilitate your transportation.  Of course there is a higher price for off hour emergencies)

See more pictures of his beautiful office FULL of equipment to help you heal:

(make sure you tell Dr Ravery that Vicki•the Sarong Goddess CONNECTED you and report back to me how your experience was!! 
[fyi - I make not one penny/colon from Dr. Ravery sharing this information - I just want the world to know when I find something I like!!


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Anonymous said...

Hello Vicki
I think you deserve a comment - I followed not one but two of your tips today: hair salon (Ady) and Dr Ravery the chiropractor. Both of them were excellent experiences. In fact, poor Ady accidentally cut off my sideburns when I had asked her not too - a small missunderstanding of language I think, but she gave me a wonderful and much needed haircut. When it came to paying, she refused to take any money from me - I was stunned. We had a pleasant mexican stand-off until I backed down so as not to offend. What a lovely lady. So thanks to you for the tips and keep posting!


orem chiropractor said...

Chiropractors provide natural, drugless, nonsurgical health treatments, relying on the body's inherent recuperative abilities. They also recognize that many factors affect health, including exercise, diet, rest, environment, and heredity.

Collin said...

I agree to the comments above. This is really an informative post about chiropractors. Thanks for sharing and keep posting!