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Sunday, September 29, 2013

PRICESMART Costa Rica (the CostCo of Costa Rica)

THE large quantity•bulk Membership "Club" of Costa Rica (I believe they're owned by CostCo since they carry their Kirkland brand) so you need to join. Heavy with large quantity of popular American brand processed foods, meats (much of what I've noticed was USDA approved which is not necessarily good in MY book since U.S. standards allows for LOTS of hormones and things I don't believe are good for MY body - but considering how tough mean can be in Costa Rica . . . I would buy my meat here)•seafood, produce and packaged things as well as bulk on household cleaning products, etc.   Some things are REALLY GOOD prices and others you can get cheaper elsewhere.  Electronics, Computing, Home and Kitchen Appliances (often pretty good prices including including Stackable Washer/Dryer [around $1,000]), Tools•Hardware, Office Supplies, Toys and Baby items, Fruits and Vegetables, Bakery, Deli (the best cheeses and hams), Juices (MY FAV is the Pink Grapefruit juice), Wines (THE BEST price on 3 box wines) and Alcoholic drinks•Spirits, Food items, Frozen Goods (sometimes they have Corn Dogs!!), Rotisserie Chicken (I LOVE their Roasted Chicken out of ALL the stores and it's LOTS cheaper than most of the other stores - last I checked it was around 4,000-c/under $8).  Some clothes.  Bedding (they usually have 1/2 decent sheets for a GOOD price!!!).  Cleaning products.  Nuts - peanuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts+. 

Much of their items are their own CostCo/Kirkland brand products which are good quality
GREAT PRICES on RESTAURANT•PARTY SUPPLIES (plastic plates, flatware, cups, serving things/chafing dishes!!).  

Many people get their DOG FOOD or some real generic cleaning products in bulk for CHEAP!!  


•  PIZZA (MANY rave about their pizza and pick a whole 18" one up to take home for dinner) - 18" - 5,995-c.  Slice - 1,425-c.
•  HOT DOG (
I like their BIG 100% beef Hot Dogs) - 1,295-c.  Hot Dog Combo with fries & coke - 2,595-c. 
(very cheesy) - 2,195-c. 
•  FRENCH FRIES•Poppas Fritas - 1,095-c.  With Cheese•con Queso - 1,395-c. 
•  CESAR SALAD with chicken - 3,295
•  BERRY SMOOTHIE - 1,095-c.
•  SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM•Helado (Vanilla, chocolate, combo) (8 oz) - 1,095-c. 
•  BERRY SUNDAE - 1,425-c
•  TRES LECHES - 995-c


wide range of SEASONAL items!!!  Good for CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS decorations ($$$$$EXPENSIVE$$$$$ though!). They start with the Xmas stuff till September]). 

GREAT place for "SUMMER" items like tents, above ground pools, kayaks, pool and beach toys•things, + (example -

FURNITURE:  Sometimes they have a few selections of furniture (usually Patio Furniture), stuff of outdoors.  Electronics, Computers (they're now carrying Apple•Mac's!!!!).  GREAT place for Rechargeable Batteries for a decent price.  Good prices on phones and Home Security Systems. 

MY FAVS•basic staples/Gotta Haves when I go - #1 - Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil - around $16 for a Gallon. 1 pound of Almonds and Walnuts UNDER $10.

My FAV•FAV•FAV (and why I'm such a BIG HIT at parties and with workers and people) - their Ghiradelli TRIPLE CHOCOLATE Brownies!!  There are 6 packages in a box for UNDER $13 - making it a bit over $2.25 per BATCH!!  You can't make them for cheaper!!!  & they're SOOOOO Linguasmo/TongueGasmic!!!!  BIG jar of Peanut Butter is under $6!!!). 3 one liter "boxes" of Clos
Chilean Wine is WAYYYY cheaper at PS than anywhere.  1,000 ply Scott Toilet Paper lasts the LONGEST of ANY toilet paper I've tried!!  I got all my flatware for my guest house here for SOOO cheap!! 

They tend to have PayLess Shoes on sites also.

They have locations throughout South and Central America and the Caribbean. 

PHARMACY:  I’ve found their prices pretty high compared to other places THOUGH - OFTEN their most popular gringo main brands are often LOTS cheaper (you know - Prozac and the like) and often they’re not into selling you smaller quantities.  DISCOUNT:  5 or 10% off if you pay with cash (they never ask for your membership card in the pharmacy).

AUTO:  TIRES - their tire store (inside) I hear often has some GREAT PRICES!   CAR BATTERIES.  OIL CHANGES (GreenLubs).  Installation Center for Tires and Battery and Oil Changes (MOST people I know seem to go here as they're quite cheap!).

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS:  They also have additional discounts at some other businesses.
Join their Facebook page to get occasional discounts.

MEMBERSHIP:  Diamond (the standard one) $35/year gives you 1 additional card.  Business - $60 - gives you 4 additional cards (you MUST have some sort of PROOF you're a business or non-profit like business license. New Platinum price depends on which other card you have + up to $40 for Diamond and $45 for Business (depending on when you join).  Their website says "Your membership is valid at ALL PriceSmart™ locations worldwide" so that SHOULD mean in Nicaragua and Panama also!!!  Bring a photo id with you to join (passport or cedula)

HOURS (for all locations):  Monday-Friday•Lunes-Viernes - 10am-8:30pm.  Saturday•Sábado - 9:30am-8:30pm.  Sunday•Domingo - 10am-8pm
HOLIDAY HOURS:  Semana Santa•Easter - Holy Thursday•Jueves - 10am-6pm.  Good Friday•Viernes - Closed•Cerrado.  Saturday-Sunday•Sabado-Domingo - regular hours

LOCATIONS (PriceSmart.com/Local/Membership/Club-Locations.aspx):

LOCATION:  Barrio San Jose - in front of Mutual AlajuelaEscazu  (2-288-0008)

Escazu  (2-288-0008)
Westbound  -  Coming from San Jose on the Autopista Prospero Fernandez•Pista del Sol #27 –  after the Toll Plaza,
get off at the first exit (note there is NO exit sign!!) – go straight down to the end passing the gas station, Jazz Café-West, Plaza Itzkazu (with Hooters and Outback), it curves around and goes under the Pista cutting back.  Past the new bridge and Office Depot and it's the first street after OD.  If you hit CIMA Hospital – you’ve gone too far. EastBound  -  Again – no sign.  Get off the Pista and CAREFULLY veer to your LEFT (the Office Depot building is right in front of you) and Right at the first street (or their next exit which does not have as much traffic).

Heredia  (2-262-4848)
LOCATION:   300 m. north of Atlas Electrica 

Llorente  (2-297-2343)
LOCATION:  Llorente de Tibás in front of the Monseñor Anselmo LLorente School of Tibás

Tres Rios
LOCATION:  Adjacent to Terra Campus and TerraMall La Union, Cartago

Zapote  (2-283-4494 / 2-280-8359)
LOCATION:  SouthEast of Fuente de la Hispanidad – in front of the National Registery

Q Costa Rica did an article on it:
"Things You Didn’t Know About Pricesmart"


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Costco Tires said...

Much of their items are their own CostCo/Kirkland brand products which are good quality. ... icostcotires.blogspot.com

James Twomey said...

Vicki: I found your information about the Ox Cart Parade held Sunday, to be the most informative info about the parade. I would not have gone if I hadn't seen your post. Muchas Gracias! Jim Twomey, Bibi's B and B, Santo Domingo, Heredia