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Monday, October 8, 2012

MASON JARS • CANNING JARS • BIG GLASS JARS - Where to find Canning Jars • Mason Jars • Big Jars in Costa Rica

From what I’m discovering, finding Canning - or Mason Jars - is NOT easy to do in Costa Rica - especially at a cheap price let alone at bulk rates.

A few resources I’ve found:

THIS seems to be IT if you're seeking more quanitity at a better price!!  They say they're the only company in Costa Rica, with the complete distribution of Glass products for Restaurants, Bars and Sodas+.  They have everything from jars for Preserves (Mason Jars - at least 3 different sizes), restaurant grade Stemware (hence sturdier), brown Medicinal Bottles, LOTS of different shape bottles, Vases+++
NOTE:  I looked at their site on July 2013 and did not see Mason Jars so I'll check with them
LOCATION:  Guadalupe - in Del Centro Comercial de Guadalupe, 75 mts Oeste/West of Edificio De Vidrio. 
OR -
From San Pedro Mall:
Continue following the Cirunvalacion going past Mall San Pedro on your left. Keep going staight until you hit a Rotunda that has TGIFriday's on the right (about 700-800 meters). At the Rotunda, follow the sign for Calle Blancos and stay in the left lane. That lane will turn into a turning lane at WalMart on the right. Go left onto Calle Blancos and continue down about 500-600 meters. Just after the intersection with Enersol Gas Station, you will see Negocios Tropicales on your right hand side.
PARKING:  They have an elevated parking lot (meaning you have to drive up a ramp to get to their office but you can park directly outside. You have to order with the agents in the office, pay your invoice, and then pick up your goodies...
THANX Jasona!!

Munoz y Nanne
John said they they have the largest and LEAST expensive selection of mason jars, lids, and rings in Costa Rica (though I'm not sure if they're cheaper than Negocios Tropicales).  He said they are located all the way to the back and on the left side of the store - by the meat counter.
Munoz and Nanne is a U.S. True Value Hardware store•Ferreteria and are a FABULOUS all-in-one store as they have the Hardware stores • a Stationary Store•Libreria (I think they even have some ART SUPPLIES here) • Bakery•Panaderia • a SuperMercado•Grocery Store (and GREAT meat department where you can even often find prime cuts of meat and harder to find things like meats popular during the holidays like turkey and hams!!)  •  Cafe•Cafeteria and Pharmacy•Farmacia.  They even have a Veterinary•Veterinaria here (with Pet Supplies and Food)!!    I think the best way to describe them is they seem like a smaller version of WalMart (without the clothes).  It looks like on their site you can check to see what items they carry at - MunozYNanne.com/importadora
(2-253-4646 x219 [Yamileth speaks great English]  •  MunozYNanne.com)
LOCATION:  San Jose / San Pedro

AutoMercado's throughout Costa Rica carry Pint and sometimes Quart Size jars for around $3 or $5 each.

Though they're MOST EXPENSIVE at TIPS!!
I saw the BIG gallon size psuedo Mason Jars there - for NEARLY $20!!!!

Some people have reported they've found them at
Maxi Pali's 
around Costa Rica (so there's a good chance you'll find them at your local store - THANX Jessica!!).

I SWEAR I've seen them at times at PriceSmart on occasion.


ALL SIZES and SHAPES of MASON JARS • BOTTLES • JARS though from the U.S. but it's BEYOND CHEAP compared to in Costa Rica!!


Do YOU have ANY other leads on where to find 
Canning or Mason Jars in Costa Rica?
 Especially LIDS as well as where to buy them in bulk or cheaper!

Please e- me any details at


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