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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is "PLAN SMS INTERNACIONAL" on the ICE bill??

Does anyone with an ICE cell phone bill know what this means:
PLAN SMS INTERNACIONAL  20   20     $2.80-U.S.•1,408.51-c
??? Does this mean I made 20 (or ANY) SMS/Text calls internationally?? 

Does it mean I have a plan that allows me to make international calls?  Because if it does,
I JUST tried calling a U.S. # and it said I didn't have permission to make the call and in OVER 8 years of having this cell, I don't recall ever making an international call - besides, why would I do that if I had Skype for MUCH cheaper???

Someone said perhaps I had used my cell after crossing the border into Nicaragua or Panama which I hadn't within the timeframe above - but that was good to know that MAYBE there was a separate fee if I cross over say 5 minutes into another country and still have a bit of a signal (I'll be looking into that also).

I can tell you that they're not showing up on my bills!!!

WOW - I JUST looked at a bunch of old bills and it's on ALL of them!!!

People -

HMMMMM - looks like a visit to ICE is in order!!   Once I find out what to do I'll be sharing it here as well as 

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mycostarican-puravida said...

I decided to switch to pay as you go, so I KNEW what I was paying for. Now KOBLI has a special, for $7 per month you can call your favorite for free. Also has good long distance rates and text messages too!! I've never been more happy with a pay as you go.