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Monday, October 15, 2012

Limón's Carnaval 2012 - THE HOTTEST Festival in Costa Rica!!!

Puerto Limón is home to the MOST FUN famous festival in Costa Rica


(proper spelling - vs the typical "Carnival" spelling) which happens usually from the weekend before till the weekend after Columbus Day (October 12).  It's all about a BIG parade with that HOT Brazilian-style Samba dancing often in skimpy colorful costumes (the last night - the 2nd Saturday night), the AWESOME Caribbean food (LOTS of coconut - YUMMMM!), music, dancing and INTENSE PARTYING - VERY different energy than the other festivals around Costa Rica, a concert in the Parque Vargas headlined by a major Latino or Caribbean music act. 

CostaRicaTraveler.com/english/article.php?id=100 describes it as
Colorful  •  Sultry  •  Flamboyant!!
(this sounds like the PERFECT summation!!)

Friday - October 12 till Sunday - October 21

THE BIG event is the PARADE - on Saturday October 20!!!!

They celebrate it in honor of Columbus' first landing off Limón's coast in 1502, on his 4th voyage.  The late Alfred King first brought Carnaval to Costa Rica in 1949, starting with a couple of friends and a common idea. The celebration became a symbol of unity in Costa Rica, where relations were at times strained between the mainly black peoples of Limón and the chiefly Spanish descendants in San José.

Today, King’s small celebration has become one of Central America’s most recognized civic parties. While most Latin American countries celebrate October 12 as Columbus Day or Day of America’s Discovery, Costa Rica celebrates not Europe’s arrival in the New World but rather “Day of the Cultures.” The Tico version of the holiday recognizes the contributions of the many different peoples who have contributed to Costa Rica’s varied culture today.

THURSDAY - OCTOBER 18 12/noon - Masquerades in the main streets and avenues!
6pm  -  Culture night at Carnaval
8pm  -  Fireworks from Barrio Cieneguita will light the sky

FRIDAY - OCTOBER 196pm  -  Open air concert in Parque Vargas
8pm  -  Fireworks from Barrio Sta. Eduviges will light the sky

SATURDAY - OCTOBER 201pm  -  THE BIG parade/day  - The parade leaves from Barrio Jamiaca Town and ends in Parque Vargas.
7pm  -  People's concert
10pm  -  Fireworks

SUNDAY - OCTOBER 21  -  2012 Limón carnaval ends
10am  -  Sports activity will start the day at 10 a.m. at Playa Bonita
12/noon  -  Masquerades in the city's main streets.
2pm  -  Concerts
12/midnight  -  Carnival ends with a BIG fireworks.

NOTICE!!!  There aren't a lot of hotels in the Limon area (and most are more "rusticy") so make your reservations as much in advance as you can - or look into accommodations in Cahuita or one of MY FAV towns - the COOL FUNKY beach town of Puerto Viejo

WARNING!!!  As AWESOME as this event is - Limon CAN be a VERY dangerous town [it's the drug capital of Costa Rica] so keep your guard up and don't get to wasted [or don't blame anyone else if something happens to you or your things if you're being foolish!])





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