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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PHOTOGRAPHERS - List of Photographers in Costa Rica

I've started compiling leads from numerous friends and associates of English-Speaking Photographers in Costa Rica that specialize in everything from Destination Wedding Photography  •  Wedding Photography  •  Product  Photography  •  Business•Corporate Photography  •  Family Photography (coming on a vacation to Costa Rica?  Wouldn't a professional photo of your family on the beach or in the jungle make THE BEST Christmas Card picture??  [be the envy of all your friends!!!])  •  Property Photography  •  360 Degree Photography  •  Nature Photography  •  Tourism Photography  •  Portrait Photography  • Professional Pictures of your Home or Property to help you sell it!  •  Pictures of you Pregnant • Baby Bump Photography  •  Scenic Photography  •  Surf Photography  •  Food Photography  •  Fashion Photography  •  Event Photography  - whatEVER YOUR NEEDS!!!

If you use one, I'd LOVE to see pictures and get feedback (send it to LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com) and please tell them you found them on Vicki's Living Life in Costa Rica blog!

DONATIONS are welcome to keep these type of lists as detailed as they are and to keep them coming!

Iris Odio
SPECIALITY:  Iris is an AWESOME photographer that gives some unique/AMAZING Photos/Angles of Scenic, People, Business/Commercial, Hotels/Tourism, Weddings, Portraits. Nature and Fine Arts are her specialty!!!!
LANGUAGE:  Español and English

Melanie Wells Photography
(MelWells.com  •  8-753-8231  •  MelWells@gmail.com)
SPECIALTY:  Black and White.  She also teaches PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES (private and group classes so email her to learn about upcoming classes)
LANGUAGE:  Español and English (she's lived in the U.S.)

Isaac Martinez
(http://IsaacMartinez.com • Gallery.me.com/chaco  8-813-6060  2-241-0096 / info@IsaacMartinez.com)
Isaac specializes in 360 DEGREE PHOTOGRAPHY / Virtual photography, houses/real estate ($500-$800 ([depending on how many shots and the size of the house]. My friends Todd and Wally the manage property in Playa Grande have used him several times and SWEAR BY Isaac!!!), Fine Arts, Tourism, Interiors for Boats, Helicopters and Cars. Isaac did the 360º shots of the construction of the National Stadium. He speaks GREAT English!!! He's only in Costa Rica part time (around Aug. 1-15, 1st 3 weeks of Sept., and as of now, Oct.-Nov.)

LANGUAGE:  Español and English

“Ale” Alejandra Sura
(AleSuraPhoto.com  AleSura.com  8-825-7261  2-286-4285  Ale@AleSuraPhoto.com)
She is a FUN and VERY CREATIVE photographer doing weddings, Homes, Design, Editorial and Documentary.

LANGUAGE:  Español and English

Julian Trejos
Real Estate, Products, Hotels (I've been REAL IMPRESSED by his hotel shots on his blog!!!), Weddings, Food, Fashion.

Juan Carlos Villa Solano - El Velo Photography
Henry K said he is an excellent photographer, doing all types of photography from Weddings to incredible Wildlife photos (his website mainly shows weddings). He also does VIDEO

LANGUAGE:  Español and English (he lived for some time in States)

Mario Lacayo
SPECIALTY:  Weddings, Aircrafts/Aviation 

Marco Guiterrez - Mana Photography
(MGImageArt.com • 8-899-5377 • Marco@MGImageArt.com)
Marco did the Bare Naked Ladies Calendar charity benefit for SASY Spy and Neutering Clinics, surf, scenic, wildlife, commercial, portraits, construction, events and sports. He also does Photography Tours - Image MenTours
LOCATION:  Ojochal-Pacific Southern Zone 

John Skiffington
(JohnSkiffingtonPhotography.com  2-232-4929 • 8-385-7123  •  TKSkiff@gmail.com).
His work appears as photo murals that decorate the main hall in the Juan Santamaria International Airport. And it's no wonder. John has been the country's resident professional photographer for the past 34 years. It was on the front lines in Vietnam that John really learned his craft. As a two tour combat photographer for II Field Force, he began publishing his work for the US Army's Hurricane Magazine. After his degree from Southern Illinois University (SIU) in Cinema and Still Photography, John and his cameras settled in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was 1973. From his new home base, John traveled from Mexico to Argentina, lending his unique and discerning eye to clients with a mind for photography. He became the official photographer for ICT and AMCHAM for 18 years running. His work has appeared in Business Costa Rica, American Airlines In Flight Magazine, Newsweek, Marlin Magazine, Salt Water Sportsman and John Deere Corporate Monthly, just to name a few. Nearly 4 decades later, John is bi-lingual, bi-cultural and universally accepted everywhere. John's photography has been featured in prestigious magazines and tourism guides such as the National Geographic Traveler's Guide To Costa Rica. Companies from American Airlines, Intel and Marriot to McDonald's, Suzuki and Xerox have relied on John for their publicity in newspapers, on billboards and websites. His client list reads like a who's who of Latin America. Conquering new horizons and taming new experiences, is the lifeblood of this professional, as you will see from the wide range of categories and clients on his website.

Victor Castellanos
Advertising, Fashion, Glamour, Portrait, Wedding, Landscape Photography

Ronald Reyes

Gustavo Valle
(GustavoValle.com  8-831-8516  2-225-4497  Gustavo@GustavoValle.com)
Gustavo's done some WILD/unique things!!

Kerry Dressler
(Bio-Photo.com  2-591-3156  Kerry@Bio-Photo.com  kdressk@racsa.co.cr)
Diane met Kerry and her botanist hubby at their part time job at Lankester Gardens in Cartago and said Kerry's has taken thousands and thousands of photos from around the world.

Inirida Gomez-Castro Chirino
(Inirida.com  2-215-3345  8-815-5182  contacto@inirida.com • IniridaGC@gmail.com)
Inirida specializes in Life Style, Interiors, Landscape, Restoration of Photos, Portraits and YOGA

Coleman Heckart
(2-289-9446  CHFoto@gmail.com)
(details coming soon as soon as I get his website [and he'll be moving WAYYYYY UP the list as he's been shooting photos around CR for MANY YEARS!!!)

Karen Rubiano
(8-867-9412  KarenRubianoM@gmail.com)
She’s new to doing photography for a profit and is currently a student hence QUITE HAPPY to share her new fresh knowledge. She does Children, Babies, Maternity and Weddings

Blue - Out of the Blue Photography
(PhotosOutOfTheBlue.com  •  505-8-755-6475  •  blue@PhotosOutOfTheBlue.com)
Know anyone in Costa Rica or Nicaragua that's pregers (or coming for a last vacation as a solo couple before they give birth)????  This woman captures the BEAUTY of the mother/father/baby CONNECTION!!  IF I were pregnant (quit laughing), in a HEARTBEAT I'd hire this woman!!  She's INCREDIBLE with photographing pregnant women with Belly Bumps as well as love, weddings, romance and riding horses - plus you have an excuse for one last time away when you go to her horse ranch in San Juan del Sur!!!

Jennifer Harter
Tao say's Jennifer is EXCELLENT for Weddings and she also specializes in Surf Photography.
LOCATION: SantaTeresa-Mal Pais/San Jose

Jesus Zabala - DJE Surf Photos

Daniela Vesco
Fashion, Surfing

(2-233-0237 / Foto.Karolina@gmail.com)
EscazuNews Daniel has been using Ana for several years for studio photos of the family, 1st year baby party, 1st communion, family photos, etc. Ana is great and quick and very professional, and always with great ideas to make a studio photo special. Her daughter Karolina speaks pretty good English.
LOCATION: San Jose-Paseo Colon/Barrio DonBosco, Calle 34, between Avenida 4 
and 6

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