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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TRANSLATORS / Interpreter • Translation Services in Costa Rica - English • Español • Hebrew

Maria Tomas
Maria is an "OFFICIAL English - Spanish Translator and Interpreter" by decree of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and she speaks IMPECCABLE English!  Her translations have legal binding and her signature has the same standing as a lawyer/notary's in matters of authenticating translated documents.  Validating documents for residency, business statements, titles, contracts+.  I've had MANY people use Maria and ALL RAVED about her!!She can also be available sometimes for last minute emergencies including on the weekends and Sundays.

RATELast I checked she was about 22-c/word (about 6¢).
LOCATION:  Escazu - Bello Horizonte (can come to you for an extra fee. Or by email.
(2-289-8814  •  8-354-7315  •  tradmet@yahoo.com)
(she's my AWESOME Mac computer repair guy David Zeledon's mom)


Laura Weisleder
Tica Laura is fluent in Español, English and Hebrew.  I knew quite a few people that have used her and been VERY HAPPY!
LOCATION:  Pavas•Rohrmoser
(8-850-9938 / LaPhi03@yahoo.com.mx)
(PLEASE make sure to tell her Vicki with the blog Connected you.  My bud Phil's Tica wife that speaks GOOD English and has lived in the U.S. for MANY years)

Paulina Chaverri
Interpreter and Translator. English/Spanish/English. Professional with advanced degree available for simultaneous translation and/or translation of documents, papers, presentations, educational material. Events, meetings, tours, field trips, casual events, business, conversation, lectures, workshops. Costa Rica native who has lived in US and traveled extensively. Prompt and professional.
LOCATION:  Escazu - San Antonio.
(2288-0784  •  pauchapo@gmail.com)
(PLEASE make sure to tell her Vicki with the blog Connected you) 

Marcela Gomez 
(TraduccionOficial.com/traduccion_ingles_espanol.html / 8-823-9492 / info@TraduccionOficial.com)

(PLEASE make sure to tell her Vicki with the blog Connected you)

Jose Barquero
Speaks GOOD English (and has a sexy voice). 
LOCATION:  Heredia
(Jose.Barquero@Avventa.co.cr / 8-837-5841)

(PLEASE make sure to tell her Vicki with the blog Connected you.  He had called me AGES ago to donate books) 

Ricky Jimenez
Translator, Interpreter, Language InstructorLOCATION:  Escazu
(8-926-9632 / RJCostaRica7@gmail.com)

(PLEASE make sure to tell her Vicki with the blog Connected you.  I connected with him because he's
taxi driver Luis’ son)


Don't have money to hire someone or just need something basic done quickly?
Check out the website:
I LOVE this site because you could be sitting there typing out what you want to say with the person you're trying to communicate next to you and AS you're typing - it's translating!!!

NOTE:  It is FAR from being proper in either language - but works to help you figure out basic things.



Do YOU Know anyone that does TRANSLATION Services or Interpreters?

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PLUS 10% 
on any business that comes in
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